A punch echoed throughout the room. And another. A third punch was thrown. Blood was strewn against the walls from the repeated beating. A lone lamp from above illuminated the room: a person, sitting in a chair, bloodied and beaten, and their torturer.

The torturer turned from the victim and walked to a table, where tools laid; ready to inflict more damage to an already torn body. The victim sat, grunting with pain and behind his eyes laid a small glimmer of hope; an anticipation that was being slowly but surely distinguished.

"We've been at this for hours already," the voice of a woman said, echoing off the barren walls. Her blonde hair glowed as if she was an angel of death. She threw her hands into a bucket of red water. "Why won't you tell us what we want to know?"

"I told you," the victim said through shallowed breaths. "The Chaos Brigade will never find its way into Oan. We don't have a portal for you. We don't have the technology to travel across deep space."

"However," the woman interrupted. "You do have the ability to travel in space. The inhabitants of Oania is a space-faring species. Surely, you've found a way to occupy multiple planets. Tell me – Ogarth. You know how to fire a ship into deep space. You are the Lead Scientist in the Oania Deep Space Project."

Ogarth struggled to catch his breath, his face discoloring. He stared up at his captor. He straightened up as best he could, holding what little pride he had left, together.

"Sure, we've tried," Ogarth said, sitting straight, with the sound of water sloshing quietly about. "But, Beliz. You know just as well as I do, that you guys can't get back to this planet you call Earth. It's not even in the same galaxy as us. I don't know how you guys ended up here, but, I assure you: we can't send you back."

Ogarth grunted as another punch landed, heavier than last time. Ogarth glanced at Beliz, whose green eyes were glinting with fury. Multiple punches landed as Beliz's fists connected with Ogarth's face. His face – that of a human's, but not human – was bloodied and bruised almost beyond recognition. His orange eyes were being covered with green blood, and his pale skin, was growing purple with lumps where blood was concentrating. His long black hair was beginning to turn green from the blood from his body laying on it. Beliz let out a low growl and gave him an uppercut, sending the chair – and Ogarth – flying into a wall. His body hit the ground with a thud, lifeless.

Beliz, after catching her breath, stood up straight. She walked to a door and knocked. On the other side, she could hear a key being inserted and the turning of a lock. On the other side, a male, about her same height, stood in disapproval.

"You killed the main scientist," he said with a rough voice. "Did he at least say anything useful? Beliz looked at him and gave a sigh. She walked past him.

"He said that there's no way to get back," she said. "We can't get back to Earth." The two stood in silence for a couple moments until her partner threw his arms behind his head.

"Well, if we can't, then we might as well make Oania our home," he said with a small smirk. "This warring planet, where the rich live a luxurious life, on top of the poor. A supposed utopia, to all that visit it. But rather – citizens and visitors alike – turn a blind eye to those that don't have prosperity. All this ignorance ended up creating a rebellion against the rich; Oni as they're called." The sound of explosions rung in the distance.

"But they're disorganized, Theros," Beliz commented, as the small shack shook. "We've only been able to make it by ourselves because Zeke was able to stay calm and provide leadership, even during his…episodes. By his leadership, and our assistance, the Oni were able to take enough ground to give us a small moment to capture even Ogarth himself. However…"

The two walked toward the door of the shack, and heard shouting, and footsteps on the other side. Theros picked up his bow. Beliz clenched her fists. Everything went silent.

"We're now behind enemy lines," Beliz said, unnaturally calm.

The door blew, splinters flying everywhere inside the shack. The pair bounced back, as light poured into the shack. They were smacked against a wall and soldiers began flooding the shack's interior. Bullets and arrows were flying everywhere as the pair began defending their ground. Theros avoided their bullets, as the soldiers were spraying the inside, seemingly determined to riddle everything with their ammo.

"You can't hit me with my muscle control, you silly Nia," Theros yelled, contorting his body to avoid the shots. He readied three arrows and shot them at the same time. Three soldiers fell as one was punched through a window.

Beliz worked her way through the soldiers without guns. Her hand-to-hand combat was unmatched as she tore a path through multiple soldiers. Her green eyes glimmered with chaos. She started to chuckle as she devastated soldiers on her way to the broken window.

"You lot are as bad as Amber Rose, when it comes to fighting," Beliz said as she slammed a soldier into the wall, cracking it. She looked at the soldier, whose eyes showed fear, and said one word. "Crush." Her hand broke the rib cage of the soldier as he screamed in pain and blasted his body through a pillar of the shack. The shack ended up buckled under the lack of support and started to fall apart. Falling to one side, the shack slid into the ground, burying everyone underneath.

Outside the now destroyed shack, a couple of Nia soldiers stood. The sounds of explosions grew ever louder as the fighting neared their location. A man, glimmering in gold armor, almost like a gladiator, waited behind his men. He smirked as the air started to pulsate around them. First the rubble started to move, then the ground started to shake.

"Weapons ready," he commanded, as his small squad pointed their weapons at the rubble. The screaming of Beliz was heard underneath it, and the rubble was then shot upward. Beliz stood as the rubble exploded around her. Clad in a red aura, and blood red hair replacing her blonde hair, she started to walk toward the small squad.

"That's what I wanted to see," the Nia captain bellowed with approval. "The rumored Chaos Mode of the Chaos Brigade!" He pointed at Beliz, his face twisted in an insane smile. "Now, I get to kill you myself. Men! Light her up." Echoes rang throughout the small district of the deserted city as the Nia soldiers shot Beliz.

Her body was riddled with bullets as the weapons of the Nia heated up from continuous fire. All their ammo, a seemingly endless barrage of bullets, tore through her, throwing blood everywhere. The ground started to shake as the continued soundwaves started piercing everything it touched. The sound of the bullets even started to drown out the ever-louder sound of the greater battle. As Beliz's body started to fall from the endless bombardment, her red aura started flickering. She eventually collapsed to the ground, the bullets pushing her body backward.

As this point, the captain commanded them to stop. Soldiers let their fingers off the triggers and allowed themselves to rest from their arms going numb. As their bullets stopped echoing off the walls, the sound of the greater battle seemed to be a couple blocks from their location.

The captain walked up to Beliz's riddled corpse and pulled out his pistol. He shot off three decisive bullets to make sure she was dead. Her blood soaked the pavement and dirt around her, as he gave out a sickening laugh. His mission was complete: kill Beliz, the Torturer. He turned around and started walking toward his men. He started pondering all the ways he'd get promoted from carrying out his deed. The Nia Overseer would be greatly pleased to hear that he single-handedly destroyed the Torturer of the Chaos Brigade.

"Let's go men," he said as he stood amongst his troops. As everyone started to walk away, the building next to them exploded from the ground up. The high-rise building started to crumble as they were all blown away from the epicenter. As the whole thing fell, the troops tried to catch their breaths to see what the cause was, all the buildings around them started to collapse.

The Nia captain surveyed his surroundings. He saw nothing…except Beliz…standing. Her partner pulled himself out of the rubble as well, with his hair red as well. He stared with disbelief. He knows that they absolutely killed her. The three bullets from his gun signified that. No one survives his three bullets. But somehow…she did. He heard gasping from his men, which made him turn his attention toward the ruins of the first collapsed building.

The outline of a man became more solid as he walked through the entrance of the ruin. He wore a black overcoat, that was lined with blood red trim. His black afro waved in the wind and he walked toward the Nia soldiers. The soldiers stood as he walked up to them, towering above them all.

His red eyes paralyzed them with fright, his darkened skin making him look like a monster out of their folk tales. He glanced at one of the soldiers, who wet himself from shock. The hulking man reached out and held a palm in front of the soldier's head. The soldier saw a small red ball appear in the man's palm.

The captain saw his soldier get blasted in the face with red energy. The beheaded corpse slumped to the ground. This prompted the soldiers to start scattering like flies from a flame. They ran in every direction. They all attempted to escape what they just saw, hoping that it wouldn't happen to them. Nia soldiers even threw each other back to try to better their chances of survival.

Suddenly, arrows were flying everywhere. The arrows that didn't pierce Nia soldiers were met with shockwave punches. Theros' arrows littered the battleground as Beliz punched her way through the chests of the surviving Nia. The two mowed down any opposition standing in their way until only one remained.

The Nia captain weakly stood up, after seeing his forces absolutely decimated under the might of the three. He wanted to survive this ordeal with his life intact.

He straightened up to the three, who now surrounded him. The red eyes of the towering man who stood before him pierced into his very soul. He felt a chill go down his spine as he knew what would happen if he tried to attack. He clenched his fist in anger. Then, he kneeled before him.

"Please," he requested. "Allow me to serve you, Leader of the Chaos Brigade: Zeke Smith. Allow me to give you all the info on the Nia, if you spare my life." Beads of sweat rolled down his cheek and mixed with the blood.

He worked his way to into the rank of Captain, under his desperate need for survival. He did everything that was told of him, and he even started to relish some of the tasks that he was given by his superiors. Eventually, war started to take its toll on his mentality and he started to lose his sanity. After years of battling, he submitted to the Nia War Machine, and gave what little of his soul was left to them. Now, after wishing for death, and seeing it first hand from the death of his soldiers, he wanted to live.

The Nia captain rose his head to Zeke, whose skin had darkened even more. The sky blackened as he started to grow in front of the captain. Zeke let out a deep growl, as he started to sprout wings from his back. His pupils sharpened as they turned into slits, and his body's muscularity rapidly increased. His midsection hardened even more, and it started to lengthen. He threw himself onto all fours as he screamed, echoing throughout the district, the mere shockwave ruining even more buildings. Scales started forming all around his body as he grew five times bigger.

The captain, now on his knees, uncovered his ears as he started into the eyes of a dragon. The color flushed from the captain's face as he was paralyzed with fear. He was shaking from it. Tears started to flood down his face as he stared into the personification of chaos. He was speechless.

"Meet our leader," Beliz spoke up under the darkened sky. It is Ezekiel Smith: The Dragon of Chaos!" Hearing her scream snapped him back into reality. He threw his head down in respect as he was sure he was headed for certain doom. Was he really to go like this? Eaten alive, by a dragon of legend? He waited for death to come. But…it didn't.

He looked up, and saw the dragon staring at him intently. The Nia captain, having dropped his weapon, gave it a quick glance. This action caused the dragon to flash anger at him. He took a few deep breaths and slowed his breathing, controlling his adrenaline.

He slowly started to stand and remembering what he did to the Nia Overseer the first time he met her, started to bow. The threes' eyes widened as he gave Zeke a respectful bow. A respect for the terror that is the Dragon of Chaos. After several quiet moments of bowing, the dragon let out a grunt, with steam rising from its mouth.

Steam enveloped the dragon at it quickly shrunk in size. The two, excluding the captain, looked at Zeke, who was now human again. He reached out and put a hand on the shoulder of the captain.

"Raise your head, Nia," Zeke said in a powerful, yet kind voice. As Nia raised his head, he saw Zeke smiling. "I allow you to join the Chaos Brigade. But, we will be comrades, as we destabilize this world of Oania. I'm trying to get home, and I think that our way in will be in the capital island of Oan. Will you please help us?"

Nia looked at him in disbelief. He was surprised such a powerful man spoke with such benevolence. His superiors never treated him the way that Zeke just spoke to him. It was as if he was a tortured soul with a small glimmer of hope for the future. Perhaps Zeke could be the way to destabilize this dystopian world. Bring balance back to a society that's hanging by a few threads of morality. This world, that Nia had to kill every day to keep stabile.

Nia put his hand on Zeke's, which caused Beliz and Theros to tense slightly. He gave them a smile, which caused them to ease themselves.

"You've got it, Zeke," Nia said in acceptance to the proposal. "We'll take down the Bronze City, and we'll put power back in the people." Hearing his resolve, Zeke broke out in a full smile. He turned around and stared up into the clouds where the Bronze City of Oan floated in silent rule.

You see, Galzra? I'm certain we'll make it back to Earth. We just have to be on the same page, and with you as the Chaos Dragon, I'm determined to right my wrongs, and see my brother, Luke Smith, again. I will control your power, and with my friends and comrades, we absolutely will make it back! And we'll bring peace to this dystopian world while doing it!

Let's see it then, Ezekiel.

"Let's go guys."

The growing Chaos Brigade starts walking toward their destiny, unaltered, unfazed, by the war to come. Oania will know chaos. Not just any chaos.

The Dragon's Chaos.