Chapter 7

Marilyn remembered where the apartment was.

Carrying the wrapped painting, she found the right apartment door in the run down former tenement building not too far from the college campus. She had to knock several times before the door finally opened and a disheveled Alex opened the door, still half-asleep. He was wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt.

"What the….?"

"Hello, Harmonica Man."

"Is Annie here?" He asked, looking past her.

"No," Marilyn assured him. "She's temporarily staying with Beth but that doesn't sound like a convenient situation."

"What's that?" Alex asked, gesturing with his chin toward the large wrapped painting she was holding.

"Maybe I'll tell you later," Marilyn replied.

"What are you doing here, Professor?" Alex asked with confusion.

"May I come in?" Marilyn asked pleasantly.


"Let me in and you'll find out," Marilyn let him know.

Alex hesitated for a moment then stepped back, allowing her to enter the apartment.

She set the drawing down against the wall and glanced around. The apartment didn't look as clean and organized as she recalled the last time she was there. There were empty pizza cartons and beer cans, newspapers on the floor, clothes strewn about. Alex didn't look too great either. He hadn't shaved in a few days and his hair was a bit stringy.

"Do you miss her?" Marilyn asked.

"Who?" Alex foolishly asked as he closed the door.

"Seriously?" Marilyn laughed, rolling her eyes as she glanced around. "You seem to be doing well," she said sarcastically.

"This wasn't the way it was supposed to be," Alex admitted.

"I know," Marilyn said with sympathy.

Alex stared at her with a quizzical look on his face.

"Does my face show my age?" Marilyn wondered. "Do you notice my wrinkles?"

"You're attractive," Alex assured her.

"Thank you," she smiled. "You're sweet."

Alex averted her eyes. Marilyn took a seat on the couch.

"Annie misses you," Marilyn let him know.

Alex let out a loud sigh as he took a seat on the other end of the couch and hung his head in despair. "She hurt me bad."

"I know," Marilyn said calmly. "But she honestly does love you like no other."

"It doesn't matter anymore," Alex said with defeat.

"Sure it does," Marilyn said with understanding. "The other man took advantage of her. It's what he does."

"This is on her, not him," Alex growled.

"Perhaps," Marilyn replied, moving closer to him on the couch and rubbing her hand through his hair. "I know it hurts."

"I thought she was the one," he whispered, embarrassed to be so vulnerable in front of his former College Professor.

"She still is," Marilyn told him. "You know that deep down."

"I could never take her back," Alex vowed.

"Would you like me to help you?" Marilyn wanted to know.

"I don't think you can," Alex said.

"Are you sure about that?" Marilyn asked, dropping her hand to his lap.

"Jesus," Alex said with surprise.

"Would you like me to help you?" Marilyn smiled as she stroked her fingers over his sudden bulge.


Marilyn leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. "I bet you're feeling pretty lonely and hurt," she said as she began to rub him through his shorts.

Alex looked dumbfounded as he stared at her. "You shouldn't be doing this," he said.

She slipped her hand inside his shorts and gently squeezed his stiff member and then she slid her fingers along his shaft.

"I shouldn't?" She asked.

Alex looked like he wanted to cry. Marilyn patted the side of his face with her free hand and then she stroked his hair while leaning in and kissing him again.

"Don't be shy," she whispered. "Let me help you."

Looking into her eyes open mouthed, Alex looked conflicted and uncertain, desperate yet hesitant, lonely yet guarded. "Why are you doing this?"

"Are you tempted?" Marilyn asked. "Doesn't it feel good?"

"Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Of course not," Marilyn replied as she tugged his shorts and underwear down his thighs, allowing his stiff member to stand at attention in front of her. Marilyn held the base of his member in her hand and then moved to clap his balls, maneuvering back and forth between the shaft and his sack.

"Oh, God," Alex moaned.

Marilyn pulled her panties down her legs from beneath her dress, kicking them off her legs. They flew up in the air and landed on Alex's head. In response, Alex slipped off the couch onto his knees, used his hands to spread open her legs and then stuck his head up under her dress, tonguing and licking her with energy.

"Play my harmonica," Marilyn mumbled as she moved her hips and began to moan delightfully, dropping her arms to grab his hair and pulling him tighter into her love spot.

It didn't take her long to shudder with delight and she fell back on the couch to catch her breath. Alex lifted himself off the floor, sat close to her on the couch, and kissed her on the cheek. She could smell herself on his breath.

"You sure do know how to play my harmonica," she said with satisfaction. Then she looked at him. "I wanted to paint you," she admitted. "Nude."

Alex looked at her with surprise.

Marilyn stood and removed her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra so she was standing naked before him. Alex stood and peeled off his tee shirt so he too was naked. He placed his hand on her breast and gave it a squeeze while kissing her on the mouth. His member slipped into her rather easily and he began to pump her, holding her ass in his hand to press her against him. She pushed against him and he stumbled back on the couch and Marilyn went with him, his dick still inside of her as they lay sprawled on the couch and he kept pumping as her moans and panting became heavier and she ground her hips into his as she kissed him.

She climaxed and he came and then they lay together with her sprawled on top of him, his arms wrapped around her in a tight embrace. They kissed passionately and then she turned her head and rested it on his chest.

"Thanks for that," she said with satisfaction.

"Why me?" Alex wanted to know.

"See how it easy it can be?" Marilyn asked. "To feel tempted? To feel special? To feel wanted? To feel needed? To want? To need?"

"Wait, you fucked me to teach me a lesson?" Alex asked with disbelief.

"Don't get mad," Marilyn said, lifting her head up and staring into his eyes. "And don't ask questions. Just listen to me."

Alex looked at her doubtfully.

"You're young. Annie's young," Marilyn told him. "You think you know it all but you don't. Annie made a mistake. No doubt about it. And you have every right to be upset and angry and resentful. But she is remorseful and she does love you."

"How can I ever trust her again?" Alex sighed.

"How would she be able to trust you if she knew this just happened?" Marilyn asked.

"Are you blackmailing me?" Alex frowned.

"Of course not," Marilyn laughed. "I would never tell her. But do know that she was swept away by a serial seducer. He took advantage of her. He schmoozed her and made her feel like she was special to him. That doesn't excuse her behavior but it does explain it."

"So, you did seduce me," Alex realized.

"I'm hoping you'll come to your senses," Marilyn said as she finally climbed off of him. "Don't let Annie get away. Don't let your pride and ego ruin something special between the two of you. She loves you. You know it and I know it. Give her a second chance. Give yourself a second chance. Go Profess your love for her."

Marilyn found her panties and pulled them back on before doing the same with her dress. She gestured toward the wrapped painting resting against the wall.

"Give her that," Marilyn said. "Tell her it's a gift. Let her open it. And when she asks where you got it, tell her you bought it for a lot of money. Tell her you came looking for her and I sold you that."

"This feels like blackmail," Alex complained as he stood from the couch and pulled his underwear and shorts back on.

"Go profess your love for her," Marilyn said again. "Remember how vulnerable and susceptible we can be. You didn't resist very much just now, did you? Work together to rebuild trust based on love and respect. Learn from your mistakes. Put love first."

"Why would you do this?" Alex asked.

"I was complicit, you see," Marilyn explained. "I didn't stop the serial womanizer so don't let him ruin your relationship with Annie. It really is on him, not her. He had the position. He had the power. He took advantage of her. Take back what was taken from you."

"Why do you care?" Alex needed to know.

"Annie reminds me of me when I was that age," Marilyn replied. "That's all you need to know. The rest is up to you. You can go profess your love for her and get a do over or you can throw it all away and live like this." She glanced around the apartment. "It really is missing her touch."

"She's supposed to be here," Alex admitted.

"So go get her," Marilyn dared.

"Just like that?" Alex frowned.

"Just like that," she smiled. "It's easy once you remove your ego and pride from the equation."

"It's not that easy," He protested.

"You think it was easy for me to come here?" Marilyn asked bluntly. "You think I do this all the time? You think I'd risk my reputation and status for a quick fuck?"

"Am I supposed to be flattered?" Alex asked with a slight grin.

Marilyn laughed with delight. "Well, yes, actually," she said. "Annie reminded me that I hadn't taken a risk in a very long time. So today I took a risk. Don't let me down."

She headed for the door and she looked back at him as she opened it. "It's time for you to take a risk too, Harmonica Man," she said. "I just professed my love for Annie and I expect you to do the same. Be a man instead of worrying about your honor."

He didn't say anything as he stared at her until she closed the door and left him to ponder if taking a risk was worth the risk.

A/N: The love/sex scene was originally between Annie and Marilyn - with Annie seducing the older woman (I thought I'd go with a FXF story for a change) - but it just didn't feel right (It seemed contrived - why would Marilyn wait this long to experiment with a younger female student? - so I rewrote the story into this version (giving Alex the big scene!).