A loud gong went through the Meeting Hall and everyone came to a lull.

"Silence!" Shouted Ryushin, the Head Commander and master of Eon Sayer in the Sayer World. "This is not up for discussion!"

"But Head Commander Ryushin Elemento, they know nothing about The Sayer World, Neither were they born here! Please reconsider!" murmured Yugi, the vice commander of the Second Sector of Eon Sayer.

"My mind has been made up Yugi"


Lea, Yugi's commander stepped forward."Yugi! That's enough! Know your place!"

Vice Commander Yugi bowed his head down in respect."Yes... My deepest apologies Head Commander"

" No harm done" replied Ryushin. "First Sector Commander Cayrin Rage, send two of your subordinates to retrieve the Shi kids"

"Understood sir. I will do so as soon as possible." Came Cayrin.

"Any questions?" continued Ryushin.

Vice commander Kendo's hand shot into the air. "Yeah, I gotta Question... Will those kidz be joining any of the four Sectors?"

"They will be monitored to see who is worthy to stay, one will stay and one will return, they are half bloods after all."

"Good t'know."

"Any other questions?" Ryushin asked but only silence came from the small crowd. "Then this elite meeting is adjourned."

The loud gong broke silence yet again, signaling everybody to leave.

"Think old age is getting to him." Whispered Sporin, commander of the Fourth Sector, to his vice commander, Ichima. "Y'know Commander, I was thinkin' the same thing." He Replied

The Shi kids: a brother and a sister living on Earth. A girl named Asami Shi and a boy named Mason Shi. Asami was 16 years old and had long black hair, usually tied in a high pony tail that veers to the right side of her head. She had deep blue eyes and her complexion was quite pale. Her older brother Mason, was 18. His hair was partially in his face and straight up at the back, also black. His eyes were an even deeper shade of blue than his sister's. They live in Gika City. They had never known their father because he had been a commander in Eon Sayer in the Sayer World, although Asami regularly dreamt about their father and prayed and wished to meet him one day, she never did get the opportunity. She was always jealous of other kids with dads and believed that one day, their own dad would return and she could also experience what it was like to have a father. The Shi kids knew nothing about the Sayer World's existence. Their mother, Lucinda, made sure to never tell them about the Sayer World or about their Father being what he was. Lucinda told her kids that their father was overseas, working. In reality their Father, Denderac Shi was assigned to protect and maintain peace in the Sayer world all his life. Lucinda was a human so their children were half human, and half Sayer. It was against Sayer laws for a Sayer to live in the human world, but because they were only half Sayer, Eon Sayer granted Lucinda the exception of keeping her children until they were old enough and the time was right for the Shi kids to be transferred to where they belonged, The Sayer world, but only one would stay...

On another note, their father, Denderac Shi died recently on an unknown mission.