Buffalo Creek, New York

The sun was going down on the city and the wilderness. A young woman standing at five foot six was hiking through the woods. She liked the quiet of the area this time of day. She was a petite young woman of Native American descent. Speciically, Onondowaga. The Onondowaga were the keepers of the Western Door of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy known to most as Iroquois and the Onondowaga were known to most as the Seneca, a name they had never called themselves. She had light brown skin but it got darker in the summer. As of right now it was late January. Though the gregorian calendar said that New Year's was January First, for all Haudenosaunee people, the Senea, the Cayuga, the Onondaga, the Oneida, the Mohawk and the Tuscarora, the new year would not be until the Midwinter Festival was over. The Midwinter festival was in late January and early Febuary so much like Chinese New Year, it was close enough to the Roman calender but not quite.

She had dark brown hair and wore a robin egg blue blouse and black jeans. Around her neck was a turquoise choker. She was somewhat curvy with wide hips and a butt of average size all though her breasts were not that busty, she had gotten plenty of attention in college. Her name was Alliquippa Thunderhawk. She was getting ready for the Midwinter Festival herself. This year the Festival would be from Febuary 19 to the 26th.

She made her way to the south through the forest. She spotted an Eagle up above flying and heard its distinctive sound. There was a peacefulness to it. She smiled. In traditional times and even during the Revolutionary War, they had been the eyes of the Confederacy keeping a watch out for dangers be they rival tribes or colonial soldiers. The traditional symbol of the Tree Of Peace in the heart of their land at Onondaga, an eagle would be shown to be in the top of it. They were the reason the United States had chosen an eagle as the national bird instead of a turkey. Alliquippa's namesake was "Queen" Alliquippa, a Seneca female leader in the 18th Pennsylvania was also named after her.

She closed her eyes and kept the same smile feeling the cold breeze of the air. Despite taking this hike, she was still careful. Mising & Mudered Indigenous Women was an epedemic in the United States and Canada. So much so that MMIW had now become a semi well known acronym when it came to Indian county. She had a Rifle in her car and just in case, she also had a Hunting Knife for self defense but it did not seem as though anybody else was here.

She made her way past the camp grounds that would normally have campers there but today they didn't. She spotted a man staring at her. He was dark brown. Much darker than she. He looked full blooded. Aliquippa herself was around 75% Indigenous and the rest European. The man wore an all black suit and he had short hair. "Niyáwë skênö," She greeted him in the old language. (Hello, how are you?" He did not answer. He was Indigenous but she was not sure he understood her. Maybe he's not Seneca...She thought. Maybe Cayuga or Onondaga?

"Are you here for Hadidji'yontwûs?" The Hadidji'yontwûs was their word for the New Year festival. He still did not answer. He looked to be in his sixties despite his jet black hair having not a strand of gray. Indigenous people did age well but only when they took care of themselves. He had wrinkles and while she did suspect him to be at least that age, there was something about his energy that felt both older and younger.

"Are you okay...?" She asked. "Do you need anything? I have water..."

He still didn't answer.

"Ho I'wi Yos'Dos Hah Neh Cha

He began to walk away. "The lord's prayer...so you are onondowaga! What did you mean by all that?"

He just turned towards her and opened his mouth again. A glowing red light shined from it causing her heart to start beating fast as the red light shined through the dusk night. His brown eyes were red as well due to the reflection of the light from his mouth. "Gat'go..." She said in a low tone. Witchcraft...He walked away. She was frozen where she stood in fear as he went away. Finally, her legs worked again.

She ran away to get back to her car in a panic. As she looked back in the direction she had run from, she saw the red light shining in the distance of the tree line. She tripped on a rock and fell over and she cried out. "Fuck...!" She got to her feet. She had twisted her left ankle. She got to her car, a 1995 Impala, SS maroon in color. Old but reliable. She got in and began to drive out of there. "This isn't happening..." She said aloud to herself. She had to get back home and talk to her Grandma. She knew all about these things. She recalled the old stories told. She had always told them to her as a child but the twenty four year old woman had forgotten a lot of them.

She got back to her childhood home. Her older brother Jake lived there and he took care of his own children but also lived with their parents and grandma on their moms side and their grandpa on their dads side who was still alive. Her brother was a tall man, six foot four and had copper colored skin. He wore his black hair short and had almond shaped eyes and he often wore a black bandanna or a blue bandanna tied around his head and today it was a Navy blue bandanna and he wore a black t shirt advertising the band Danzig. "Hey sis, how's it going?"

"Where's grandma? I need to talk to her..."

"She's telling Sadie and Ida a story. Why? Why do you look so freaked out? And what the hell happened to your ankle? It looks all fat..."

"I saw... a Ga'hai..." He rolled his eyes. "Ya hey. You always had an overactive imagination, enit? There's no such thing as witches. Aint no such thing as Jesus either."

Her older brother was agnostic while Alliquippa was Christian. "I'm fucking serious, eh! I saw it!" He looked at her with a smirk and said, "I don't think Segan'hedûs would appreciate you talking that way..." Stated Jacob with a grin. He had used the Seneca name for Jesus which took on two meanings. There were two names for Jesus that she knew of. One was He Ressurects which was what Segan'hedûs meant while another translation of his name meant they pierced his side.

"He wouldn't care. That's an English cuss word. Are you gonna get her for me or not?"

"Jeez, whatever it is they really got you spooked."

"So you believe me?" She asked. "I believe you believe you saw something. She came inside with him and she greeted mom and dad with hugs. Ruth Thunder Hawk was a slightly chubby light brown woman Pennsylvania originally on the Seneca rez down there. She was still pretty and high but pudgy cheeks and eyes that seemed to light up when she laughed or smiled. She had a little bit of gray in her black hair but not much. She wore a purple and black striped blouse. "Ali! I've missed ya! How's school?" She kissed her and she said, "It's good, mama. Listen, I can't stay long. Is grandma still awake? Jacob said she was telling stories."

Dad nodded with a grin, "She is. Even I get mesmorized by her stories sometimes."

Dad was a man with medium reddish brown skin and long black hair with more gray than Ruth had and he had his tied back in a ponytail. He wore a blue denim jacket and blue denim jeans. His name was Harlan Thunder Hawk. Ruth told her, "We haven't seen ya in a while! Stay the night! You're on break, yeah? Angie made fish and brown rice. Sedékonî..."

(You come eat now)

She did. Angela was a pretty and petite woman of Seneca descent as well with wavy hair and light brown skin. She and Jacob had been together for five years and had been married two. They had two daughters. Sadie and Ida were happy to see her as well and she saw an elderly man in his Thunderhawk He had dark brown skin and gray hair and wore a red flannel and black shirt and blue jeans with sad almond shaped eyes yet they always seemed to have a twinkle to them. He was Harlan's father. He hugged Ali and she said, "Ti'so:t! I missed you."

"i missed you too, Ali cat. You getting in trouble? Still running marathons?"

"Not for a while..." He looked at her ankle. "How did that happen? You better put some ice on that before it gets really bad..."

Finally grandma came in. She was seventy five years old. She had light brown skin and gray hair and a kind face. She wore a white sweater and gray pants. She hugged and kissed her. "My little queen!' She said. All though there had never been Queens amongst the Seneca, her namesake had been called Queen because the British colonials didn't seem to understand this which also explained how they called four Mohawk chiefs that visited England, the "Four Mohawk Kings" But she thought that she looked enough like what historical record and paintings of the Seneca female leader had that she called her Little Queen. Grandma was known as Mary.

"I heard you're here to see me? Come to keep an old woman company, eh?"

"I've always got time for you, grammy."

They sat down at the table to eat. "So...how's work...?" Asked Alliquippa. "You know how it is...another day another house," Stated Jake. He had built many houses including the one they lived in now. He always tried to build up more homes on this reservation and in his spare time had even done so on reservations for non Iroquois tribes. "It's tough but I never sleep better than after building a house."

"It's funny, I got the boy into the family trade..." Stated Harlan "But can't get you to church..." Ruth stated, "Or ceremony!" She was a member of the Gaiwiio faith like her mother.

"I don't have time...my two little warrior women keep me busy!" He said with a grin at Sadie, a six year old who resembled him more and had short hair and wore a Dora the exploror shirt. Ida was four and looked more like Angie. "Hey, they're gonna be particiating at the Midwinter Festival. You want to come with us?" Asked Angela. "Yeah, I just might take you up on that," Ali replied.

"I'm learning how to dance the Pigeon dance and all the other dances...and mama's gonna let me plant the green corn..." Sadie said. Harlan chuckled and said, "Yeah but you gotta be good at school. Eat your food, dear..."

He then chuckled and said, "Ya know...Alliquippa thought she saw a Ga'hai today..."

The adult conversation fell silent. "What's a Ga'hai...?" Asked Ida. Angela stated, "Hey who wants ice cream?" The two gil squealed, "I do! i do!"

The mother got up to help get them ice cream. Grandma looked at her with a serious look.

They kept the conversation light for the sake of the kids but a few hours later, they found themselves in front of the fireplace. Everybody else but the two of them were asleep. "These clothes you say this man wore... a suit?"

"Yeah but not like today. Nothing you'd find at Men's Warehouse. It was like prohibition era..."

"Oh boy...well...I guess i better tell you what you forgot. You remember what Orenda is right?"

"It's like...spirits, right?"

"Think of it like the Force in that Star Wars movie you like. It's a titanic of universal inexaustible power that can be channeled to do almost anuthing. It was also carried around aa part of a beings life package. By their nature, gods and supernatural critters hadbig batteries of orenda. One supernatural could spot it in another by sight through any disguise. Humans could enhance their own orenda through virtue, training, and life experience. Heroes, chiefs and medicine men and women packed plenty of it.. Someone who could master the use of orenda or gain the aid of spirits who weilded it could do almost anything. But Orenda..the force could be turned. It could be refocused into a weapon."

The young woman leaned in. "Okton is a broad term for negative thing, beings, energy or forces. It was thoughh that okton, the other side of orenda could be launched like a fateful laser beam at human targets. It could be projected into objects like dolls or trinkets turning them into psychically radioactive land lines that work to the grief of all who come near them. The witch and any other wielder of okton was thought to hold the power to cause death, drought, sickness, blight storms and almost any other calamity. The Hon'io have seen the witch lights too. But they never could explain it. They judged our traditions but they proved that it's real."

"Aside from the red light...do you know how to spot one? How to kill one?"


"Traditional witches can commit their evil safely and effectivley as long as they stay hidden. Sometimes just finding a witch s enough to back him or her off. Does that surprise you? Let it not. Some witches aren't really evil. Some have een driven to the practice by poverty, despair or even jealousy. Some of them havent even thought about what they are doing. Practicing okto is a guilty little power game. Discovering them, calling them out and getting them to realize what they've done to others can make hem break into tears and give it all up. These are usually the new witches. Many witches are shy. Neither personally or socially powerful. Many are afraid of theirvictims so they choose witchcraft. A way to strike from hiding. From long range."

"Grandma...why do their mouths glow red? When I saw it...it scared me to death. You believe me, right? Jake doesn't."

"The boy lacks faith. You don't lack faith but...you're a Christian. I know you were warned against all medicine good or bad but I have to be honest. The white man's faith can't fight this. They don't know what they're dealing with. They think they're dealing with Satan. But some of these evil spirits are older than that. Older than the bible. As old as time itself. Witches are thought to travel as witch lights. That's what Ga'hai is. It should be considered their astral bodies. Sometimes their faces are even visible in these fuzzy light spheres. You can't hurt witches in this form.. We call this the witches torch. They come back to their physical body sooner or later. If you see one of these witch lights entering your neighbor's chimney it means a witch lives there. It's an ad for okton the way a neon Bud Lite sign advertises for a bar. A witch like that has to either be a rookie or an old one. Either absent minded enough to be careless...or too powerful to care."


"But his mouth was what glowed...and I saw him..." Replied Alliquippa. "Another light is inside the witch," Said Mary. "They say when Iroquois witches are outdoors at niht a red light shines through the mouths and nose as the breah. As if forge fires burn inside them and their lungs work like bellows. The only way to recognize an Iroquois witch is to see this fire glowing inside them. It's like a flashliht beng turned on and off. This sight...it's atmospheric...on those wooded trails between villages in the Alleghenies where i'm from, the Finger Lakes and the Mohawk Valley. One of the distinctive powers of a witch is shape shifting. To shift into a bird or animal and still think like a human...I will teach you how to fight them, hoow to recognize them but you have to devote yourself to it. There is still a lot you don't understand Little Queen. What you saw today was as dangerous as a man with a gun."

"I...Iwant to learn..." She said.

Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church

Inside, the worshippers were having their mass. The priest was handing out the eucharist. The parish walked up. "Body of Christ...Body of Christ..." None noticed the well dressed Native American man. He opened his mouth and his nose and mouth glowed red. He began to chant in Seneca. The parishoners noticed this and one of them, a blonde Caucasian lady with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a yellow blouse and a white skirt crossed herself. "It's...he's posessed!" He looked at them and the group of Catholics turned on each other. One of the men grabbed one of the heavy candles and began to bludgeon a male parishiner of Mexican American descent. Another grabbed a candle and poured the wax into the blonde lady's face and she screamed in agony as this happened and the man brought the flame down to her face burning her and she screamed even louder. One man, who was a carpenter of Caucasian descent with curly brown hair and brown eyes pulled out a swiss army knie and plunged it into the heart of the priest.

The man watched with glee as the church members slaughtered each other. "The children shall also be dashed to pieces before their eyes their houses spoiled and their houses ravished..." He walked up to the blonde who had thought he was posessed. She had just been stabbed by the man who did this. He then proceeded to slash his own throat. The elderly man dipped his finger in the blood on the woman's chest wound and he began to paint his own lips with her blood. He then used her blood to make a cross on his own forehead. "Amen..." He said.

I know this is a short first chapter but arent they usually anyway with stories just starting? Anyway this story is set in the same universe as The Alchemist's Labrynth. Ga'hai is pretty much what that means Witch Light and I figured since that would be a creepy enough thing to see, it would be a good name for this story as well. If the lore on Skinwalkers which is the Navajo witch (All though arguably a mix of witch and serial kille) the lore on our own history of witchcraft is big too. All though all six nations have stories on it, the Senecas are the strongest regarding it and they have the information on how to kill one. Let's just say it's nothing like how you kill a Skinwalker and it's a bit more complicated actualy.

Anyway, so I have had many Haudenosaunee protagonists before and Alliquippa is nt the only protagonist of this story but she is the main one and this time it's a Seneca rather tha a Mohawk. You could cite Naiomi from my walking dead story but shes more like a dueterogonist than protagonist.

Not only will I reveal how we kill witches i will also later on have many stories we have on witch incidets many of them happening in the 20th century. Anyway until next time ill try and update soon.