Ali and Jacob listened to their father as did the children and Angela.

"In western culture the passing of October into November has long been regarded as a spooky time. Insufficiently tempered with the Christian commemoration of saints, Halloween was thought of as a time when a door opens between this world and the one where ghosts and malevolent spirits linger. In the ancient Irish calendar, November 1 was the first day of winter, and in historic times Europeans found the winter a good time to tell ghost stories. For Iroquois people, especially here in Upstate New York, this late fall-early winter period was a time for harvesting deer from the forest, and then retreating to the longhouse for warmth, food, family, friendship, and story-telling."

Aliquippa shifted a bit.

"A long time ago, when the world was a very different place, the Iroquois of the Seneca tribe lived in great clearings that they made in the forests south of Lake Ontario. Their longhouses were clustered in villages protected by strong stockades built to keep out any evil that might emerge from the woods. In the summer the sun smiled upon the fields of corn, beans and squash that the women grew in the clearing between the stockade wall and the forest's edge. In the fall people told the story of the hunters who pursued the great bear in the sky, and how when the hunters killed the sky bear, his blood flowing to earth, colored the leaves of the trees red. As winter came on, people ventured into the forest to hunt deer for food, hides, and the bones they made into tools when the snow was deep and people stayed by the fires in the longhouses."

Angela smiled as she loved this story herself. "But going into the forest to hunt was dangerous. Bears and panthers lived in the woods, and when meeting a man or woman in the forest, it was difficult to know whether this was a human being or an evil spirit in a person's form. Despite this, people went into the forest to hunt every fall when it got cold and the snow threatened to fall. A few people even lived in lodges in the woods. However, one problem with people who lived in the woods was that the world was beset by evil caused by witches and wizards, even cannibals. Dwellings in the woods were good places for them to work their dark acts without detection.

Ali took a sip of hot tea as she listened. "For example, the great Hiawatha, who later helped the Peacemaker convey the word of the Great Peace of the Longhouse, once was a horrid, ill-kempt cannibal who lived alone in a lodge in the woods. Finding him there, the Peacemaker climbed the roof and peered through the smoke-hole. At that moment, Hiawatha put a pot of water on the hearth to cook a meal. Looking into the pot, Hiawatha saw the Peacemaker's reflection in the water and thought it was his own. It was the image of a good man with a rational mind: a man who could think straight, listen well, communicate, and find agreement with others. Thinking this was how he now was, Hiawatha was converted from his evil ways and became the Peacemaker's companion and spokesman. But that is a different story."

Their father paused and then started again.

"One year late in the fall, when the leaves were mostly down, a man and woman put their young daughter into her cradleboard and packing food and blankets, went into the woods to hunt. They journeyed to the hunting ground where a friendly, helpful old man lived, hosting hunters and other visitors. However, there was a problem at the old man's lodge because some of the visitors disappeared or mysteriously died. Nonetheless, it was a warm, welcoming place to stay in this hunting ground. And so the couple and child went there."

The children were shifting a bit in their beds but they listened. "The snow fell early during their trip, and the swirling wind piled it up. The couple and child arrived at the old man's lodge at night after struggling through drifts in the moonlight. The husband called for the old man, but there was no answer. Entering the lodge, they left the door open so the moon would light the interior. Their eyes became accustomed to the dim light and then they noticed a platform against the opposite wall. It had a long bark box on it. Crossing the floor and peering into the bark box, they found the old man. He apparently had built the box to crawl into and die. Now he reposed like a man sleeping, but he had turned into a frightening skeleton!"

They had seen skeletons and Angela had explained to them once that was what all humans had beneath their skin.

"The man and woman were cold and hungry, and decided to build a fire in the lodge, eat, and sleep before leaving in the morning. After supper the fire died low while the man and woman slept on two sides of the fire place. The baby cuddled with her mother. In this haunted atmosphere the woman dreamed of ghosts, wizards, and witches. Waking from her troubled sleep, the woman thought she heard a sound, like an owl crunching a mouse. She looked around. The firelight was low, but she could see a figure crouched near her husband. It was the old man's skeleton chewing her husband's neck and face!"

The kids freaked out as the grandfather's voice changed with the tone of the story. Ida trembled, "I don't like this story! It's scary..."

"Be quiet!" Sadie said. "I wanna know what happens!"

"The woman was terrified, but quickly planned her escape. Pretending to speak to her husband she said 'Our daughter is thirsty. I will take her down to the stream and get her a little drink.' And she gathered the girl in a blanket and quickly went out the door."

Harlan grinned. "Now the woman fled through the woods, holding the little girl close. Soon she heard a loud howl from the lodge. The vampire skeleton cried 'The woman has deceived me!' and she could hear its running feet stomping through the snow and cracking dead wood. The vampire skeleton yelled "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" and the woman could hear it getting closer. She wrapped the blanket on a broken tree trunk so that it looked like a person. This slowed the vampire skeleton down. It ripped through the blanket. It tore the blanket to pieces, looking for blood. It looked for the woman's body, but didn't find it. Then the woman heard the vampire skeleton yell "The woman has deceived me!" followed by the sound of the monster crashing through the woods."

Even though Aliquippa was an adult and she knew it was just a story she remembered how spooked she'd been when dad had told this to her and Jake when the were young.

" Again,the vampire skeleton shouted "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo" and closed the distance. The woman was terrified but still fought to escape. She tore off her robe and hung it to look like a person. And then she ran on as fast as she could. Again, the vampire skeleton stopped, tore up the garment looking for blood, searched for the bodies, and cried "The woman has deceived me!" She heard it call "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" and break branches as it ran through the woods."

The story was almost over. "The woman and daughter were almost caught, but dawn lightened the sky and the woman saw that there was a village stockade straight ahead. She burst into the clearing calling loudly for help. The men of the village came out of the stockade with their clubs, saved the woman and baby, wrapped them in warm blankets, and told them that they were brave. The vampire skeleton, blood on its teeth, glowered from the forest's edge with burning-red eye sockets. Then it turned and left, following its bony footprints through the snow."

As he told the story, Ruth was putting some clothes away that she had folded throughout the day. "After hearing the woman's story, the chief said that people were wrong about the helpful old man in the forest lodge. He had been an evil wizard, and dying, had become the vampire skeleton. This was a great threat that they needed to end. The chief instructed the men to dance in order to keep evil away, so they danced from morning until dusk. When night fell they gathered their clubs and followed the winding, moonlit forest path to the house of the vampire skeleton."

"Then what happened, grandpa?" Asked Sadie.

"They entered the lodge and found the vampire skeleton asleep in the bark box. They lit a fire in the hearth. Then the chief addressed the vampire skeleton formally: 'We have come to discuss with you the problem that evil is overcoming good in this world. We need to act to restore the proper balance.' Then some of the men closed the box with a great sheet of bark and tied it shut."

"The men piled firewood around the bark box and set it afire. They stood outside the lodge while the fire blazed, soon inflaming the entire structure. The fire and smoke grew higher. The men could hear the vampire skeleton crash the box to the floor and shout in excitement Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!, Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! The flames roared and towered."

Harlan paused again. "After a while, the lodge began to collapse as the fire died down. The men felt joy that they had stopped the threat of the vampire skeleton. Then, as the timbers and bark of the lodge parted with a loud whoosh!, a great owl flew out and disappeared into the night. After this the Seneca refused to put the dead in boxes above ground, but buried them in the earth to keep them from rising and bothering the living."

"So not only are there really witches out there..." Aliquippa began. "There's also vampires? This is all starting to feel like the Grim Brothers...or Bram Stoker..."

Jacob chuckled. "I'm more partial to Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Alvin Schwartz and Stephen know grandma and grandpa can tell them their little bedtime stories sometimes scary sometimes not but i aint letting em read those till they're at least twelve. Just the art alone in those books will give you nightmares more than the story will."

Her father shook his head. "It's more real than any of that."

"They're not gonna get me are they?" Whimpered Ida. Harlan smiled. "No. You still have warriors here to protect you. And we'll light any vampires we see on fire. Roast marshmellows on their bones."

"Can we do that tommorow?!" Squeaked Sadie. "I love Smores!"

Aliquippa had to laugh at that. Jacob also promised, "No vampire skeletons will eat your face...but I MIGHT!" He made a chomping sound near their face and this earned laughter and squeals from the girls as he tickled them and he and Angela tucked them in.

The kids were soon put to bed. Jacob's wife sighed. "Do we have to always scare them with the bedtime stories? It wouldn't hurt them to tell them a Disney story. Or at least a less scary story."

"The mandelas are there to keep the nightmares away..." Stated Jacob. "Besides...they need to know what's out there. There's already a lot of bad people in the world. And that's just people. That's not counting the things that aren't exactly...natural."

"As far as they know it's just a story. They don't need to know you believe in it..." Stated Ruth.

"When the time is right they will need to know..." He warned.

"Harlan, how is it you can be a Christian and still believe in Vampire Skeletons? That's a traditional story..." Ruth reminded him.

"The bible still says that there are demons out there. Unnatural things. Our people dealt with them in our own was..." He then said to her, "How can you believe in the Longhouse was and NOT believe in it?"

"Still, the Little Mermaid wouldn't hurt..." Insisted Angela. Jacob smirked. "Sure. I'll tell her about the fact that it's a story about a guy who fell in love with a man who was engaged to a woman. He wrote him a love letter and the guy turned him down. So the guy wrote the story to symbolize how he can't be with him just like a mermaid can't be with a human."

"What? That's not what it's about..." Angela said.

"Yeah it is. The story of Hercules is just as dark...and we enjoyed that when were that age but Hercules killed Meg. And as for Ariel she gets tortured by oysters, her sisters sing about the joys of drowning sailors. Plus the mermaids live to be 300 but they don't have souls and Anderson the guy that wrote that said as much that humans do. Ariel wanted a soul. And once she's human she has to get married or die. Plus walking on feet feels like she's getting stabbed with knives, plus the prince is a fuckin asshole that treats her like a pet and then she doesn't get him anyway yet still has to dance at his and in order to not die, she has to stab said man which...frankly I think she should have done it. So you'd expect our heroine to be saved because she chose to save her true love, right? Nope. She doesn't dissolve, but she's only rescued by things called "daughters of the air," who tell her that she's now one of them — congratulations! — and that, if she flies around the world doing good deeds for 300 years, she might get a soul after all. This story should just be called The Little Mermaid Gets A Series Of Really Raw Deals."

"You are one sad straneg little man..." Angela shot back. "I'm tall. And I aint sad I'm an angry man at heart but I keep[ it at bay for them. Strange though you got me. Why do you gotta insult me? I didn't say you were naieve for believing the Disney story of the Little Mermaid."

"I was quoting Buzz Lightyear..." She shot back with a sneer. "Cause Disney is evil but damn if their movies aren't still great and their songs are still ear worms."

Aliquippa chuckled. "At least Toy Story didn't overdo it with the music."


Their grandfather called them out to the front room. "Aliquippa...what's the matter with you? You've been acting strange. Very silent lately."

"I think...I may be going crazy."

"Crazy, huh? The news would be you going sane..." Chided Jacob.

"Shut up..." She snapped back.

"Both of you stop fighting! You're at each other's throats like you're enemies instead of siblings!" Angela growled.

"All right..." She sighed. "You're not gonna believe me but a moose talked to me."

Jake laughed. Angela smiled too.

The grandfather did not smile. "This isn't the first time that's happened."

"That's what John Abeel said. He's an Elder I met in the woods not far from here."

"John Abeel?"

"Yeah. The third. You how Hon'io's name their sons after their dads?" She asked using the Seneca word for white people which meant little brother not as if to say Senecas and whites were brothers socially but as if to think of each race like a child in a family and saying that white people were the youngest.

Grandfather again was silent as was Jacob in fact they looked uncomfortable but mother and father wondered about him. Ali looked at him. "Do you know who that is?"

"No..." He said.

"Jake, is that true?" Demanded Ali. "You look like you know him."

"I said I don't fuckin know him, all right?!" He barked in a sudden rage.

"Watch your mouth!" Their father warned.

"Dad, I'm a grown man..."

"Being an adult doesn't absolve you from respect. She is still your sister. You need to learn to forgive each other."

"I'll think about it...right now Ali should get out...she aint from around here no more."

He walked her out. "We used to be so close. You know what, Jake? We're a matriarchal tribe and it is my body my choice..."

"You know something, 'Alley Cat'? You wouldn't remember this cause you're a Catholic but in the creation story there was a trere of life/. They were dying when the tree of life was uprooted. And they were uprooted but the Old Mage who impregnated Sky Woman never wanted that to fall to Earth with her.

"What does that have to do with anything?!" She demanded. His eyes flashed in anger. "Everything! The design on our women's dresses has the celrestrial trees of light. They say around that tree in the Sky World there are these plants called Yellow Dog Tooth Lily. Calvin called it Onawi:ra. It is the Yellow Dog Tooth Violet. When Sky Woman was falling she grasped at the hole and it was believed some of these plants were blown into her hands. Sky World's light was starting to die and there was the cycle beginning of perpetual regeneration."

"Look women's rights is one thing we are the matriarchy that inspired the white feminists but abortion is only an issue because those cracker sluts want it to be. Native feminists can talk about how their brand of feminism is inclusive and infallible You can make the same argument for Socialism."

"Okay you can't talk about matriarchy and female empowerment and then call a woman a slut in the next."

"You're right. Those crackers...there...that's gender neutral...they are the reason abortion is a women's issues. They can pretend and you can pretend that it's international women's issues but that's a lie..." He then added, "Besides...white women ARE promiscuous and their men ARE rapists. In bigger numbers than we ever were."

"Then why did you serve in the military with them, Jake?" She asked, her eyes getting big with anger herself.

"Because that was revenge Unfiortunatley we're under the Hon:io's law and that was the best revenge against those fuckin ragheads."

"Great...more bigotry..."

"You weren't there Ali...I saw guys from other rez's with their legs blown off. They took the gloves off. I'm not saying I love America. I love the land. Hanunah. But 9/11 was our Pearl Harbor. Nobody ever calls Code Talkers sellouts for killing Nazis. Nobody even calls somebody that fought the Japanese that!"

"And look how you came back! Angry at the world!"

"It is MY BODY my rules..."

"Yeah...and that's the thing. If women can get abortions, leave babies on doorsteps of firehouse, all this shit then shouldn't men be able to sign away rights? Without getting a vasectomy? I love it when you feminists sit there and say how it's a bunch of men in Congress deciding what you do with your bodies. There are mothers, like Angela who are against it."

"That's Angela's CHOICE, Jake!"

"I know...and maybe it is your choice. I still don't gotta like it. You have every right to make your choice but that dowsn't make it right. You can't PROVE that our way was right."

"Women don't owe men anything. Not a baby, not sex, not our time of day. Anything they want they have to earn and we have to agree on it. You're acting like a chauvinist pig."

"I'm acting like somebody that's a traditional. But for the rest of it? You're right. You also aren't owed anything. Not dinner dates, not our protection, or our help carrying groceries. I know strong independent women can exist but they're the ones who would never ask us for any help. It's you feminist bitches that ask us for help when the going gets tough. You should have to pay for your own abortions. My taxes shouldn't have to go towards that. You should pay for your own birth control. We have to buy condoms."

"They give out condoms free at clinics! And at other places!"

"Yeah, the cheap kind not the Trojan Magnums. They also give out free birth control at some places..." Jacob insisted. "Besides, we also have to pay for our vasectomy's. You think a vasectomy is covered by health insurance? It's not."

"Look can we ever just not fight? We were normal when I first came backhere. I want to go back to that..."

"Seriousl? You want to tell me that what you did was right in the Middle East? Even if you didn't kill innocents and I know you well enough to know you wouldn't that was still somebody else's land."

"At least I don't worship a white man's God..." He shot back.'

"You don't worship any God. So why do you care about the Handsome Lake cult?"

"You don't know shit, Ali! You know what? Your name makes sense. Cause you would have gotten back alley abortions. That's what you are. A stray alley cat with no real home. You live out in Buffalo."

"I wasn't ready, you goddamn idiot! You know what prevents abortion? Education and birth control! You should be for that! Whether the creator or whoever i t was in the Sky World wanted that or not it is in our world."

"You can rationalize and tell yourself you didn't do wrong by our culture folr doing that but you can't explain it away by your Christian faith! ou sinned according to your own religion!" He growled.

"Look, Angela is against abortion and her opinion is totally valid..."

"But only cause she's a woman right? I have to otherwise be a woman for me to have any say right?"

"Hey, no woman shold have a say in my body but me too."

"Well if it really is only women's choice and you can terminate our seeds from your womb, then you should all vote it into bills in Congress. Don;t ask men to vote for your causes. After all, if we do it defeats the purpose right? Don't be like 'my body my choice' on one hand but then ask us to help you on the other..." He sighed and said, "Even though in our culture we never had a say in stopping women from doing that, the clan mothers WOULD do everything in their power to talk a sister out of it and then only then would the not interfere. Just cause you can do something doesn't mean you should."

He paused in anger. He then said, "You know...I know the role of an Auntie is important. But if you want kids bad enough have some of your own. You can be in their lives but don't think that by giving them extra love you can change what you did."

"OH MY GOD it is not your call!"

"Again, it's not but I can say whatever I want about it I can't change what happened but I'm never gonna do it. What if mom had aborted us?"

"She didn't...and she gave me just as much grief as you did at the start. So did Angela. But it was my choice to make."

"Ali...go back to the city. You want kids, get some of your own. It could be a while before you're welcome here again..."

Her eyes started to tear up. "You can't be serious!" He walked away. "I built that fuckin house with my bare hands. Me and dad. I'm serious as a heart attack. Mom and dad won't like it. But it's my choice too. Not yours."

"All this over an abortion I had years ago?"

Jacob lowered his tone. "Look...Calvin was my friend. He already had depression. And he killed himself. Because you did what you did..." He snarled.

"I wasn't ready..." She sobbed.

"Then you shouldn't have fucked him!" He growled. "You know they say that to guys you know. If you don't wanna be a dad don't fuck her or wrap it up. Either you want equality or you don't."

"HEY!" She growled at him. "I don't have to explain myself or the choice I made to anybody but if you think I don't blame myself every day for what I did, you're wrong! I do. I miss Calvin every day...he felt like I betrayed him...I'd do anything to bring him back. Even keep the baby..." She sobbed.

She then sniffed. "Jacob...I thought when you went off to war I'd never see you again. I don't want to lose my brother too..." She asked, "Over there some of you had kids shooting at you. You never talk about that part of it. But what's the difference between that and what I did? That was a breathing child. My baby wasn't even to term yet."

"The difference is that wasn't my flesh and blood and those kids were shooting at soldiers."

He had a soft look in his eyes like he wanted to hug her and calm her down but he then glared all though she could tell he forced himself to glare at her. "Fuck you and your tears."

She collapsed on the ground sobbing. Angela saw this and came outside. Harlan also saw this and now it seemed their father and he were arguing. Angela hugged Ali and told her, "He still has PTSD...he's tried talking to shrinks and it hasn't helped. I don't know what he needs...but I will talk to him...I don't know what he said to you but it's not right he made you cry."

"I'll be okay, sis..." Ali said hugging Angela. "I just need some time to heal. We all do."


Father Sanyu Masane was lighting candles outside the vigil. It had been two weeks since the slaughter of all those people at the church, his parish. Even though he had survived the purges of the dictatorship of Idi Amin in his own motherland, he regarded this as somehow worse Or perhaps not worse but since he was much older now it held the same pain despite not nearly as many people dying here as had they in Uganda. Now there had been the Lord's Resistance Arm and he had survived this as well.

He had continued services as usual but he did so with a heavy heart. He felt like a zombie a dead man walking. He knew that his parishioners who were also grieving the loss of their fallen parishioners got comfort from his spiritual counsel and he was grateful to do for others what he could not do for himself but he also felt that it was like a lie. He felt no sense of spiritual balance or justice taking place.

Back in Africa, he had been Catholic but he had never seen non Africans as exactly like himself and they were certainly not his community but having lived abroad and joined the church after the disaster in his motherland, he had gotten to know people from outside Africa and how similar they were as well as different. It was there that he discovered their thing they had most in common. Their faith and when he had lost members of his family to the infamous dictator, he also knew that many of the people of Buffalo NY had family members who had lost relatives in the tragedy of 9/11 and so this he was able to bond with them over as well.

He stopped by the Thunderhawk home on the reservation. Jacob was out front. "Can I help you?"

"I am looking for Alison Thunderhawk? My name is Sanyu Holy Cross."

"Allison? There is no Alison here. If you're talking about Aliquippa that's my sister. What do you want?"

"She attended our church. Regularly. I'm sure you know about the murders that happened in our church. She is a dedicated believer. I was surprised to see she did not attend services since then."

"I don't know..." Jacob stated. "She's been busy here. Making my life miserable. Then again maybe she saw that Christianity is bullshit. Though I doubt it..."

"I must say..." Father Sanyu stated. "Aliquippa mentioned you were a republican. It is odd that you do not believe in God. A lot of military men are conservative in this country and also Christian."

"I voted Republican before, all right? Two times but it doesn't mean I am one. I voted for Bush in '04 when I went out to fight. I should have voted for Kerry or not at all since he fought and Bush didn't. But I knew Bush wanted us to accomplish the mission. I know Kerry did too. I had a lapse in judgement I guess. I voted for Obama in '08 and I voted for Ron Paul in 2012. Aint my fault he couldn't get elected."

"And this last election?" Asked Sanyu. Jake blew smoke. "Sat this one out, Padre. Torn between a conservative reality TV host and a robot. The asshole won..." He then added, "It's funny how a lot of Christians thought Obama was the Anti Christ. I don't believe in that but if anything wouldn't Donald Trump be a better example of that?"

"You are preaching to the black choir, my friend. But even with that in mind there are some who think this, yes. I should clarify in case it has been many years since you were pasrt of a church. Most Catholics vote democrat. The same is true with Jewish Americans. The conservatives are usually more on the Protestant side."

"And then you got Muslims..." Jake said raising his eyebrows as he took a drag. "The left like them here. They usually vote that way too cause that's who defends them. In their own country though they're right wingers. They oppose women's rights, gay rights, all that. They're similar to rednecks from Kentucky. Old clans run by religious bearded sociopaths with then the left is willing to throw women under the bus. And gays in the name of defending Islam since that group has open discrimination against women. See me I may talk some shit about women occasionally but I don't mean em no harm and really it's my sister I hate the most. I love my wife, my mom. But those fuckers over there? They make women cover up. They throw acid in their face if they don't. I'm no Republican and I don't like Trump but I'd never join a party again that sticks up for them. They have a practice over there called Bacha Bazi. You know what that is?"

The African priest nodded. "I am afraid so, yes. The molesting of children. Young boys..."

" know we were told to ignore that shit...and we ...I couldn't...let's just say there's some orders you gotta go against"

"You sympathized with these children?"

"All children! No matter how fucked up we are as adults a kid is a kid," He clarified. "But a few of them were used against us in combat, man. I..."

"What is it?" Asked the Ugandan priest. Jacob had a haunted look in his eyes. "You'd just be surprised how loyal even the most abused people are to their captors. Not just their children. But their women. They got a word for that. Stockholm Syndrome."

"Regardless of how you feel about Christianity...or about witchcraft I can only tell you what I know of it from my own country, Jacob. And in my country witch doctors can and they have sacrificed children. In Uganda it is believed that if you sacrifice a child, you get wealth You get protection. It is a country that has religious freedom so people worship their ancestors spirits. But when children start to get involved, this becomes a human rights issue."

"They abuse kids over there like Al Quieda did, huh?" Asked Jacob with a look of anger in his eyes.

"Witchcraft has long been practiced throughout Uganda, and traditionally involves the sacrificing of animals like goats or witch doctors now claim their work is more powerful when you sacrifice the blood of a child. The witch doctors believe that when you sacrifice a child, you get wealth, you get protection, you get some sort of blessing It's a form of desperation that people have because of poverty and disease. They cut their body parts and most often facial features — it could be ears, it could be eyes poked out, nose, tongues and more often genitals are cut off for ritual practices."

Jacob had known bad shit happened in Africa just like it did in the Middle East but he thought the witchcraft aspect of it was just white people lying about a continent most of them had never been to. He looked down. "That could be Afghanistan...everything you just described...other than the witchcraft. Hajis hate anything that aint their religion. But the mutilation and child murder? That you got right...and it's fucked up. Cause where can they go? It aint our place to bring em to the states that ain't their homeland. And they'd just end up with some white family that would raise them Christian or something. They'd forget their culture and home it can't all be bad but then...that religion...maybe some things should stay in the past...but then if they all run away how do they ever get their country to get better? But they can't stay with predators...that's what fucks me up, Father. That's the paradox..."

The African immigrant priest sighed with a heavy heart. "The children are then left for dead. Few survive, and those who do are left with horrific know...I never wanted to leave m homeland just like I'm sure you never wanted to leave here. But you did. When duty called, you answered. You fought abroad to protect those at home...I do not approve of war but between Afghanistan and Iraq, at least Al Quieda had a hand in attacking this country. Saddam Hussein was a bad man but he was not America's problem."

"You never went home?" Asked Jacob.

"I have. But for now I am needed here. I tr to bring God back home as much as I can. There are more people who are not of the faith back home than here but for the time being...especially with what happened in the church I am needed to offer guidance for those in grief. I cannot abandon them. And as for back home...I will always call Uganda home and I will go there whenever I can. But at the same time I belong to the world. Doing good works wherever I can..."

"Well...I gotta get ready to go. Got work..." Stated Jake putting the cigarette out on the side of the van. He then got a mischievous look on his face. "Tell me something father/..I aint saying I believe all Catholics are pedophiles...I know that most priests probably live celibate lives. But still..even if you live among men, you're still lonely, right? Didn't the early church have it as a rule that priests could actually marry?"

"Yes, but the bible says that it is less preferable to marry. We are following St. Paul's example."

"So you live together, eat together, right?"

"Yes. We are a community in Christ."

"You probably shower together too. Just like prison. Ever check out another guy's cock?!" He saw the Ugandan priests's expression showed offense. "Don't worry, Father..." Jacob stated with a disturbed laugh. He did the sign of the cross and said, "What you tell me in confessional is between you and God."

2 Days Later

Aliquippa spotted John again. "Hey John..." She said.

"You've had a hard day the last couple of days, huh?" The Elder asked.

"How could you know that?" She asked.

"I just do...your aura..."

"My aura?" She paused. "How do you see somebody's aura? I always hear people talk about that and I never see it."

"Try looking at somebody sometime but not really looking at them. Look in their general direction but not directly at them. Then focus. With practice, you'll be able to see it."

" I call you John or Horse With No Name? Which do you prefer?"

"It's really up to you..." He stated. "My name is Kaiiontwa'kon though my Indian name if you were curious about that..."

"I was..." She stated.

He noticed her carrying something. "What's in the bag, kid?"

Aliuquippa noticed that about Elders. They always called you a kid no matter how old you were. She noticed they were that way with the men as well. Even Elders in their 60's would still be called "Sonny" by Elders in their 80's.

"Um...V8 juice...actually..." She said with a chuckle. She then added, "Just in case I see that moose again. That was crazy but's been a crazy few weeks."

"He'll appreciate that. Sometimes his blood sugar gets low. That's why he acts like a fool."

"This is..crazy...I never ..."

John smiled. "I know. It gets easier. With colonization a lot of us stopped knowing that there was real magic and power in the world."

"Grandfather..." She said addressing him with respect. "If we had all this power...and white people didn' did we lose the Indian Wars?"

This question caught the Elder off guard but finally he answered after about ten seconds. "I used to ask myself that when I was your age. And I had a white father. He was John Abeel the second obviously. I felt that maybe I was already defeated because I had a white man's blood in my veins even if I had my mother's clan. He wasn't a bad man but I just thought that way sometimes. theory is...that even though white people lost their ways when they became that there were still traitorous Indians. Who sided with the United States. Those Indians had power. You know..I didn't know about it in my youth..but there was people like Hernan Cortez who killed the Indians in Mexico hundreds of years before I was born. He didn't do most of the fighting. The Tlaxcala did. Even I served in the Army though and my people saw me as a traitor for it because in my youth I had been against the United States army. But then in my middle aged years I went and served."

"You never did tell me what war it was..." She stated. "I don't mean to be disrespectful I know we shouldn't press Elders but I'm curious."

"I know...and having lived in both worlds I understand our need to be respectful and let Elders tell us things in their time but my father's blood also makes me understand the need to know as much as you can and ask questions..." John stated. He then added, "But I don't think it's easy for your brother to talk about the war. It's not easy for me either. As I get to know you, I will."

He held his hand out for the juice. "I'll see that Jim gets that. His mood is a bit volatile so I think I should be the one to give it to him."

She trusted him and handed it to him. It was getting dark. She bid the old man farewell and he said, "Your brother will come around. Just give him time. But you know when he works. If you can visit your nieces and sister in law and parents during the day, I would do that while he an old man can always use company too..."

"I still don't understand you..." Ali stated.

"I'm not sure I do either..." Admitted the Elder. "But I would like to have good conversations before I'm gone."

"I thought you believed in spirits? In the afterlife?"

"I do. But for me when I'm gone I'll just be gone. I won't join my family in the afterlife."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because my time is up. Or nearly almost up. I was supposed to die a long time ago."

He sighed and said, "I'd really like to be alone now. I mean no offense. I would like to see you again soon. Tomorrow if you're not busy? I just...thinking of my family has made me sad. I need some time to think..." She nodded.

"I understand."

She got in her car and as she drove she noticed a horse alongside her. He was a brown mustang. He locked eyes with her. "Sadögweta?"

(How are you doing?)

Oh God not another crazy animal! Horses aren't even Indigenous to North America why is he speaking Seneca?!

"Hello..." She gulped.

"'s kinda cold out here tonight..." He said. "Mind if I crash at your place?" He asked.

"Wha..what?! I..I have a room mate."

"Hey that's cool. I don't mind if she doesn't..."

"I'm" She started to drive off and the horse galloped alongside her. "You don't REALLY think you're gonna outride me in that thing do you?!" He called out.

"I'm gonna TRY!" She bellowed speeding up and he began to accelerate his own speed. "Come on!" He shouted. "It's called HORSE power! That means ME!"

She sped up. "No! Don't...goddamn it why do they always speed up and call my bluff?! Fuckin shit!"

Buffalo, NY

Forest Lawn Cemetery

1 Day Later

Aliquippa laid some roses at the grave of her deceased ex boyfriend. The headstone had a picture of a light brown skinned man with a crew cut and glasses. He'd been about five ten and had the cutest dimples.

Calvin Emerson

June 17, 1991- February 3, 2016

Beloved Son & Brother

Höhe'Hëgadaje' Géóyah'geh Koh I' Könuöhkwaʼ I:is Hëgadaje'

The Seneca words on the bottom of the tombstone meant, Alive forever in heaven and we love you forever

Tears slid down Aliquippa's cheeks. "I miss you every day...I'm so sorry..." She whimpered talking to him. "I fuckin love you so much...why did you have to leave me?" She wept looking down. "I wish you were here...none of us are the same without you. Jake is always angry. And me...I just...there's a hole in my heart..."

"You don't have a heart..." A female voice growled. Ali sniffed and stood up to see an older Native American lady with gray hair and yellowish brown skin and big brown eyes glaring at her. It was Calvin's grandmother, Nadia Emerson. She was in her mid seventies and when Ali and Calvin had gone out, she had seen her as like a granddaughter of her own and she'd usually had a warm smile for her. Now, she glared back with nothing but hate.

With her was Calvin's two brothers, Bernie and Samuel Emerson. Bernie was a Seneca man who stood six feet tall and had an angry face, light brown skin and hazel eyes with a nose that had been broken in a fight. He wore a black t shirt and blue jeans. Next to him was Samuel. Samuel had more of a baby face and looked similar to Bernie but was also angry. "You fuckin cunt..." Growled Bernie. "What are you doing at my brother's grave?"

"I miss him. I lost him too..." She insisted.

Samuel shook his head. "No. You have no right to be here!" He didn't curse her out. He simply told it how he saw it. "You killed him. You may not have done it yourself but you might as well have. When we said we didn't want you at the funeral or to see you again that also meant don't come to his grave."

"I feel sorry for your brother, Jacob. ..." Stated Nadia. "Having you as a sister. I know he wishes he could come around more. But he doesn't. He can't...he's a victim of your treachery too..."

"You think I don't live with this every day? I do!" Stated Aliquippa.

"That's the problem, isn't it? You live while my grandson rots in the ground..."

"He dumped ME after that..." She pointed out.

"And why wouldn't he?!" Growled Nadia. "You murdered a child..." She looked into the young Seneca woman's eyes. "It may have been a part of our culture where the women decided what we did with our own bodies but we also tried to talk young women out of it. In the old days that was only for the most dire of circumstances...and you didn't even use the dog tooth lily. You got it done the white man's way. Our ancestors they understood life is sacred..."

"You and every pro choice idiot say the same thing. Only they say that we should only do it if we get raped. So we have to be violated in order to have soverighty over our own womb? No. No man should have to have a vasectomy, and we shouldn't have to have a baby. I don't like that I did that. I felt horrible after I did it so yeah it was the wrong choice but it was mine to make. It felt right at the time and it was wrong of YOU or my mom or my brother or my father or my grandparents to try and tell me what to do!"

"Only little whores feel the need to get an abortion because they were too lazy to use protection..." The grandmother said with an evil look in her eyes. "You know...I lost my daughter on 9/11 and her husband. So I raised them. I was heartbroken and had my own pain. But I still did my duties as a mother and a grandmother. You? You just ran off to go live in the city. Learning the Hon:io's ways and worshiping their God. These grandbabies were all I had left of my daughter. And you took one of them from me."

She pointed a bony finger at her. "It's too bad you don't have a child...maybe with another man...because I would love to take that from you. One day you'll know my pain, Aliquippa Thunderhawk. And you'll wish it was you who was in that grave instead of Calvin..."

"I already do. And WOW! You're actually more psychotic than your grandsons!"

" don't...but you will..." She warned.

"You don't know the half if it, bitch..." Bernie growled.

Samuel on the other hand stated, "No, I aint makimng any threats against you. Grandma...Bernie...please..." He said. He then addressed her again. "But I don't want you going near my brother's grave again or any of us. I will get a fucking restraining order on you to make suure you don't./"

"Sam...I didn't leave your brother he left me and he committed suicide! I know he had depression I wanted to get back together! He did this to me I didn't do that to him. Plenty of men have had no say in an abortion and they didn't kill themselves...are you really going to be so petty? I loved your brother!" She cried.

"He had the heart of a father. Something you don't...understand. You are no mother and you never will be..." Nadia warned.

"You know what? Don't worry about me coming here! And I left the rez because it's full of small minded assholes like all of you! I loved your brother that's it! Not the rest of you!" She barked.

She left the graveyard and began to drive back to the city. She stopped at McDonalds and ordered a McChicken plain and dry, a large fry and a coke. She took about twenty minutes to eat and then she was driving around. She put her phone onto music and played Ironic by Alanis Morisette. She tried to get in a better mood by listening to the 90's musician.

An old man turned ninety-eight
He won the lottery and died the next day
It's a black fly in your Chardonnay
It's a death row pardon two minutes too late
And isn't it ironic, don't you think?

It's like rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
It's the good advice that you just didn't take
And who would've thought? It figures

Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly
He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye
He waited his whole damn life to take that flight
And as the plane crashed down, he thought
"Well, isn't this nice"
And isn't it ironic, don't you think?

It's like rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
It's the good advice that you just didn't take
And who would've thought? It figures

Her eyes were red from crying but they were dry now and she was starting to feel better and her favorite part of the song was coming up where Alanis's voice started to sound a bit trippy in the next line.

Well, life has a funny way
Of sneaking up on you
When you think everything's okay
And everything's going right
And life has a funny way
Of helping you out
When you think everything's gone wrong
And everything blows up in your face

A traffic jam when you're already late
A "no smoking" sign on your cigarette break
It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
It's meeting the man of my dreams
And then meeting his beautiful wife
And isn't it ironic, don't you think?
A little too ironic, and yeah I really do think

It's like rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
It's the good advice that you just didn't take
And who would've thought? It figures

And yeah, well, life has a funny way
Of sneaking up on you
And life has a funny, funny way
Of helping you out
Helping you out

She listened to the entire album and decided to head back home. She had been driving about an hour or two. She stopped for gas and her next stop was home. She had to work in two days and she needed to go back to her dorm and study. Sudenly, she got a text from Angela. It read, Ida has a really bad fever. We may need to take her to the hospital. Can you get over here?

She called her sister in law back, "Hey...I just got there anything you want me to get for her? Does she need a ride to the hospital?"

"No...but she's asking for you..."

"I want to be there but is Jake gonna be a problem?"

"No. I'll make sure he isn't. I just called him..."

"Don't you think you should take her to the hospital?"

"I'm a nurse, Ali. i'm gonna do what I can to treat it and I don't want her around all these other sick people unless it's absolutely necessary...she has a temp of 102. If it doesn't go down within two days I'll take her. But we're gonna try and do what we can at home first Sadie had one when she was three and we dealt with it on our own."

"All right...I'm coming over..."

She got there as fast as she could. When she was about ten minutes away, she got a phone call from a number she didn't recognize. She just denied the call. "Wrong day, asshole..."

Unbeknownst to her, it was Samuel on the other line. "Shit! Goddamn it, Ali, pick up!" He heard the thing to leave a voice mail and was about to leave one when Bernie put a hand on his shoulder. "Who was that?" He asked.

"Your girlfriend, asshole...mind your fuckin business.."

"Yeah well I'm making us dinner, man. You hungry?"

"No...I'm just gonna go to bed..." Samuel stated. He then asked, "Where's grandma?"

"What do you care? You're going to bed..." Bernie stated. "I'll go pick her up. She's probably at the bingo hall..."

Ten Minutes Earlier

Jacob stood with John Abeel. "She knows your name. That's not good..." The young Seneca man stated.

"If she hasn't figured out that from my true name and that then...don't worry about it. At least for doesn't matter anyway. You need to remember what I taught you, Jacob. Family is everything Never take them for granted."

"That's easy for you to say...look you lost your family and I'm sorry...but were any of them suicides? Caused by you?"

"Dead is dead, kid. But do you want Aliquippa to die? She's still your sister."

"No I don't want her to die. I want her to get her own life. Start her own family maybe..."

"I know you well enough to know if she had kids with a Hon:io you wouldn't want to meet them."

"No, I wouldn't and she might just do that but at least she'd have her own life. It's complicated. Calvin was like a brother to me. Ali got to know what it was like to have a brother but I didn't"

"One daughter and one brother seems like even odds to me."

"Yeah but we could have had another brother and a sister..." Jacob replied. "i'm just saying..."

"You can't even seem to get along with the one you have. I get it though I fought with my own brother especially when he got to drinking."

"You did say he eventually sobered up though right?"

"Yes. And when he thought he found his purpose...that was his new addiction. I suppose we all have our smoke a lot of cigarettes. Tobacco. But you smoke like a white man. We were never supposed to smoke the way they're smoked now."

"I need the nicotine. I don't do it around my kids..."

"I'm sure your wife appreciates your smoky mouth..." John teased.

"Yeah I brush my teeth...and use breath minds. Did they even have that in your day or did your teeth just fall out?" Shot back Jake.

John shook his head. "I still got teeth, sonny. But yours will be yellow if you don't quit. Me, I'm a hundred years old. You won't make it that long if you don't stop."

"I'm not smoking a cigarette now, am I old man?" Just then, he got a call from Angela. She told him about Ida. "I'll be right there. Just tell her daddy's coming!" He panted. "My daughter has a fever. I gotta go, John..."

"Yeah, you do..." He said, "Family is everything. Don't be like me. GO!" As Jacob ran to his truck, John called out, "I'm gonna do a healing ceremony and prayers for her!"

Ten Minutes Later

Aliquippa pulled up to the house and she saw two stray black dogs were on the side of the house. They barked at her and she yelled, "Get outta here!" They barked at her and looked very intently at her and then ran. "Whose dogs are those?" She asked as Ruth came to greet her. "Rez dog strays. Don't worry about it..."

"How is she?" Asked Ali as they went in. Jacob was there too. He sighed, "She had an ibuprofen...she's gonna rest now..."

Jacob sighed. He didn't look at Aliquippa but he said, "The pullout couch is yours...she uh..she did want you here. Just for her you know?"

She nodded. She knew he couldn't admit it but in his own way he was saying he was glad she was there.

"Mama..." Stated Sadie "When Ida gets better can we get a dog?"

"Now's not the time, hon..." Angela stated.

"But Ida said she saw two black dogs. She wanted one. She said they came up to the window. I didn't see them..."

"It';s all right, baby. Just go back to bed..." When he came back, Ali asked him, "Was that the two dogs I saw outside?"

Angela remembered them too. "It must have been they were black I usually see one stray dog running around but two? Might have to call animal control or something..."

They got settled in for the night and soon the everybody bade each other goodnight. They went to sleep and Aliquippa began to as well. She woke up however around 1PM. She heard what sounded like dogs running around outside. She crept up to the window getting out of bed. She didn't see them out front but she could hear them. She slowly went out to the car. She thought she heard whispering too. She slowly walked and moved ever so slowly out and made sure the screen door made no noise. She had no shoes on.

She snuck around the side of the house and saw the two dogs. One was standing up on their hind legs staring into Sadie and Ida's room. The other one spotted her. She noticed something that was different before. The eyes of this one glowed yellow. Ali saw it getting ready to charge. They did not bark but they now both had eyes on her. They were staring at her in a way that felt more intense than how any dog would.

She ran to her car remembering she had the keys in her pocket. She started to get to the car door when the one that had spotted her pounced. She cried out as it sank its teeth into her left arm. She screamed in pain and she tried to get into the car. The dog then bit her ankle growling and she screamed punching it in the face with her right arm and she kicked it away with her right leg but it kept coming back and it bit her other leg. She grabbed the hunting knife from under the seat and she came out and slashed it across its nose. It yelped and she swung again but it backed away its nose dripping red and it snarled at her. The other dog was now after her and it cornered her. But then it ran out of sight.

"Stay back!" She warned. "HELP!" She cried out. She had her back against the car window. Just then, she fell out backwards, unsure how it was as if the door had been opened and there she was as she fell rolling over to see the other dog in her face. She swung the blade at its left leg but it tried to bite her and she held her left arm up and it bit into her while the other wounded dog came to try for her throat.

The sound of two bangs went off. Jacob was firing his Handgun and he struck the dog that had flanked Ali twice in the side. It yelped and started to run hit the dog with a third round in the back as it ran but did not get the spine. He fired a shot at the other dog as it started to take off. He helped Ali to her feet. "Ar you okay?!" He asked he then stopped himself and said, "Stupid question...sorry..."

"Jake...those dogs they were staring into their of them was upright..." Angela was now awake as was Harlan and Ruth. Angela got her first aid kid out and Ruth went into the room to try and keep the children calm and try and get them to go back to bed. As Angela began to disinfect Ali's wounds and treat them, she stated, "Never a dull moment with you around...goddamn rez dogs..."

Jacob and Harlan got their Rifles and followed the trail of blood and their tracks along the dirt road. As Ali was bandaged up, Ruth approached Angela, "I got then calmed down. I told them it was a bear but that daddy and grandpa scared it off but...Angie...Sadie feels warm to me too..."

Angela went to take her temperature. "A hundred..." Angela said looking at Ali, her dark eyes full of worry.

Meanwhile, Jacob and Harlan continued to follow the tracks. They spotted its end. "How does dog tracks just end?" Jacob asked. Harlan pointed to him, "Come here, son..." He did. "Those are human footprints. They look barefoot to me..." They began to follow it past some trees. They followed it about twenty yards before they saw blood on the side of a pine tree. They looked and saw two Eagles flying funny away from there. They heard its cry as they soared under the moonlight. "Dad..." Jacob began. "Since when do eagles fly around at night?"


The tribal police had found a dead body and it had been called in two hours ago and had been dead about three. The tribal police chief Winston Maracle was first on the scene and they knew they would have to get outside police involved. "What do we got, sir?" Asked Nathan Kruek, a half blood deputy.

"That's Nadia got a knife wound to her left arm, two gunshot wounds to the left ribcage and one in the back..." The deceased Native American lady was wearing a brown and white checkered shirt and blue jeans. "The interesting thing bullet holes in her clothes. So she bullets. She or somebody else had to have dug them out."

"I'll notify next of kin then..."

"Don't bother. I called her grandson Samuel he';ll meet us at the morgue. Her other grandson Bernie is missing though...we'll need to put out an APB for him and notify BPD as well..this could be a robbery gone wrong...I don't know her wallet isn't on her but she does have some flesh in her teeth from what I could gather. So we'll need forensics to run a test. She fought back.."

All right that's it for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to mix it up with a bit of sadness, spooky and a bit of funny with the talking horse.

Not to mention I started it off with a traditional Haudenosaunee vampire story that is our main one and I actually may do a spin off of this story that centers more around those things. The question is would you want it to also be modern or would you want it set in the old days? The farthest back I would be able to set it if old days is just after the Revolutionary War maybe so that I could have English and Mohawk and Seneca spoken I mean I am learning but I'm not fluent enough to have a whole story in just the language and then translate it. So just bear that in mind either way but that's our vampire story. With modern times the issue would be nobody believes you but you have modern weapons. Ancient times, everybody believes you but traditional weapons and shitty guns Maybe it could be both what do you think?

It seems JohnKaiiontwa'kon /Horse With No Name is willing to confide in Ali eventually but not yet. He seems to know Jacob better do you think he has already told Jacob more about his past? Also why do you think he says he has no soul? Some have suspected he is a ghost others that he is a WWII vet but do you think he is actually alive and has no soul or do you think he is just being dramatic?

Aliquippa and Jacob's argument on reproductive rights is kind of a mish mash of my own beliefs as far as that goes with me still leaning more towards Jacob's side but then Aliquippa also makes some points too. Where I stand on abortion is about where my culture stands. I'm more in favor of birth control and depending on how you look at it and how far along they are it can be the same thing. That';s the form of abortion I'm in favor of but this whole shit about going to get a vacuum sucking the fetus out or whatever they do nah if you're gonna call yourself traditional and you want an abortion I feel like you should get it the old fashioned way yeah it's your body our choice but the morals of a culture are not ours or mine or anyone's to just bend at a whim and if you don't like something about your culture you should get rid of it but that thing you on't like ou have to first show why it's not practical.

So my people had abortions to be sure this doesn't mean we weren't till against them and they weren't still frowned on. Jacob, like me isn't actually sexist and no he's not based on me though I never served in the military or voted but I'm the same as him in that I may talk shit sometimes about women just like they do about ius it doesn't mean I hate them it means the frustrate me a lot sometimes as i know we do them. It's like Louis CK joked he said racism vs sexism racism was simply a mistake where as men vs women it's like grrr men grrr women it's a primal rivalry and yet we need each other.

Also Jake is wrong about vasectomies but he doesn't know that because he would never get one but it only covers some of the cost not all as far as insurance. Stll as far as the whole thing about if men have no say in an abortion I'm ust trying to be logically consistent about it if we're gonna get thrown under the bus and our roles as fathers relegated to being little more than a sperm donor which is what the modern American woman seems to want, then they should also vote strictkly on their own power to get laws they want passed. Don't rely on white knights to help. Because if men do help vote it in that kind of defeats the purpose of self determination anyway.

And when I say white knight I don't mean a man that sticks up for women that's what a lot try and define it as. A white knight is s somebody who defends women even when they're wrong. It's kinda like how women call out their own when they have internalized chauvinism well a white knight has internalized misandry. But likewise if he to supports a woman's right to be independent he has to not speak up for her if she can defend herself there's also nothing wrong with sticking up for somebody but a person should be able to go one on one. And it shouldn't be EVERY debate that you jump in to defend somebody. That's the issue though with the woke crowd there is no debate they just try and shout down anybody that disagrees they're no better than the right and really it's us who are neither right or left who are the majority.

By the same token though I'm more on Aliquippa's side about the war I mean granted to someone like him he sees it as justified and simply revenge to just go and kill AQ members and the Taliban but he bit off more than he could chew. Prior to the shooting he did of the shapeshifters, he had thirty eight confirmed kills. She still sees it as he lost a part of himself. She sees any pro Native stances he may have as invalidated by his military service. At this point Jacob is 32 and he joined the military at 18 in 2004 and he fought a few years in it. So he was young and hotheaded as far as why he went to serve. Ali views herself as more traditional in that regard than him even despite her Christianity because she never fought in the military even though she could have.

Her opinion on his service has more impact on him than you think.

He's actually very traumatized by what he saw. He like his sister will eventually go back to being traditional but the reason why he is Gaiwio or Handsome Lake instead of traditional which is a mix of Seneca traditional and Christian is that he is drawn to it because even though aspects of it are actually made up, he has a guilt soul from his time over there and he did do things he wishes he hadn't and he carries the guilt and the feeling of a need to be punished that Christians have but he also doesn't view it as Christian. He doesn't all the way know that it it is a mix of the two but there's something he will learn about the faith that won't jive with his pro Indigenous stances so he'll go pre contact Longhouse faith. With the pre contact faith there isn't that whole punishment by hell thing or the threat of it there isn't sin.'

It's looked at like in war you do what you have to and you get cleansed in ceremony but Jacob didn't do that and even though he respects the ancestors and the warriors that fought the US cavalry, he also knows that it isn't the same as fighting for your land as what he did so if it's like his faith is halfway colonized that's because that';s how he feels as an ex soldier it's like trying to be warrior but not really being one it's a cheap imitation. We'll get more ionto the Handsom Lake cult/Gaiwiio thing though and what practicers of that believe more and despite their influence from Christian groups like the Quakers, Handsome Lake himself a man who hunted witches (Maybe our version of the Salem Witch Trials) had ancestral knowledge on how to stop a witch. Those practices will be shown later.

Ali's reasoning for turning traditional doesn't even have that much to do with guilt she has dealt with the Catholic guilt and Hail Mar;'s and penance plus because she has an open mind about other churches she has actually gone to them and gotten baptized in as many as she could all the while keeping i secret that she was a member of these different churches but at the same time this has less to do with her own faith and any guilt she ma have about aborting her child and more to do with the fact that she sees Catholicism/Christianity is ill equipped to deal with the spiritual forces in this region that are out and about. You know how you'll see these demon movies and they call in a Christian and whatever they do it isn't good enough? I was thinking of it from that perspective too

As far as the Yellow Dog Tooth Lily plant that actually is true as far as his interpretation and how if you look at traditional Iroquois women's dresses the designs that are like the glowing bulbs on the tree of life in the creation story they look either like that birth control plant or like sunflowers but most usually say it represents both.

As far as the dogs outside the house, the sick kids, the shooting of a dog and then a woman turning up dead with rounds matching that, this is something that is actually said to have happened on one of the reservations of Haudenosaunee tribes I can't remember which one but I'll get back to you. There's also another way to kill a witch that is more than shooting them. It's a way that John will show Aliquippa and Jacob later but for now, they'll have to deal with the legal ramifications. Sure, they did dig the bullets out, that is, Bernie did who is still at large but there's still the flesh between Nadia's teeth that is Ali's DNA.

If you were Aliquippa or Jacob what would you do to try and stay out of jail? Hide the wounds? Get rid of the guns? Because up until they found the trail of blood that went cold, Jacob and Harlan did assume that they were dealing with dogs so at most they would have called animal control. Anyway in the story where the man had shot the dog well the sick family member recovered after the dog witch had died.

As for Aliquippa what do you think? Should she find love again or do you think she would be more interesting as a celibate character?

As for the priest from Ali's church and his conversation with Jacob the part about checking out other priests was somewhat based on the scene from Oz where Chris Keller said something along those lines to Father Mukada it was hilarious the difference is Jacob just hates Catholicism/Christianity he isn't a bisexual/homosexual antagonizing a straight celebrate priest but what's funny is in real life BD Wong is gay and Christopher Meloni is straight and they're both on Law & Order or at least as straight as he can be. I mean look playing gay on TV and kissing a man is one thing for a role but he wore panties and a bra in one of Oz's side skits with Augustus's character thing it wasn't even relevant to the plot. And it was emotionally scarring more so than his nude scenes actually.

Also Christopher Meloni is creep as shit have you ever seen his eyes they're like creepy rapist Husky eyes lmao. Like they're truing to rape your soul and discover your darkest secrets. Maybe it's just cause I've seen him on Law & Order and Oz. Anyway also that other thing that Father Sanyu was talking about is actually true as far as the witches in Uganda that is still happening future chapters will delve more into that.

And as for introducing other characters outside the immediate ones that have been introduced like Ali's family you're gonna see more of other members of the rez plus people Ali knows from college and the city both Native and non Native alike. As well as the church. Do you think what happened here was related to the church massacre or unrelated? Let's just say though that this is all bigger than you think.

As far as Aliquippa and how she handled herself vs how her brother did she may not have fired a kill shot but she's a girl next door type where as Jacob is a veteran so he's used to killing but there will be times where she will kill also. Though if we were to liken the two of them to Star Wars as far as style while Ali can defend herself and she did against the witch dogs she would be more like a Jedi Consular like Yoda or Quigon Jinn relying on the force or in her case, orenda or white magic she will learn while Jacob would be more like a Jedi Knight. More of a fighter. Basically Ali would have a green lightsaber and Jacob would have a blue one.

And with the sick child story and the dogs plus the vampire skeleton story I mean obviously the stakes are higher cause Ali was in the dog one but still which did you enjoy more even though the vampire skeleton was told as a bedtime story? I mean which one would you rather face if you had to choose? Even if you had a favorite did you enjoy them both? Which would scare you more? There's actually another version of that story when they cave the vampires head in with the war clubs and light him on fire but that detail was left out.

Ali is probably a more relatable character but you'd probably rather be armed like Jacob is granted Ali does have a gun too she was trying to get it but could only get her blade. Still which characters are most interesting?

As far as what they discussed about the true Disney stories like Little Mermaid that is actually true as well. I had mentioned that cause of the debate about Little Mermaid and making her black. I can see different sides of it but I generally agree that if it was written by Norse people thenn Ariel should be Norse I agree with Michelle Rodrigez minorities we need to have our own heroes not take white roles and likewise whitewashing roles is also wrong. But then there's the people who say Ariel can be black because there are blacks in Norway and yeah true but that's not how the original Norwegians looked all though yes you probably do have mixed chilfdren that are part black and who have Scandinavian heritage but that's from their white side. I generally agree one should resemble what they were to start with but then there's the argument Ariel was originally green so it throws all race out the window then the Mexicans say well wait what about La Sirena and the legends about her she was Mexican so it gets skewed.

But the real Little Mermaid story was quite disturbing. Def not suitable for children. Neither was Pinocchio.

And if we're being honest probably neither is the vampire skeleton story lol.

Anyway I will be updating this much sooner than I normally do this is my longest chapter but as short as these chapters are normally they need to be updated more. And I think this chapter especially with John may have caused more questions than answers. I hope you enjoyed regardless Till next time.

Aliquippa= Chatnie Hernie

Jacob= Eddie Spears

Angela= Jessica Matten

Bernie = Zahn Mcclarnon

Samuel= Noah Watts

Harlan= Gary Farmer

Ruth=Satcheen Littlefeather

Nadia= Tantoo Cardinal