Chapter 01: The start

"Good bye Anna sees you tomorrow"

"Good bye" I said to the girl standing in front of me trying to sound normal.

she was Rika Smith one of my best friends we had known each other since we were young and we tell each other everything we were like sisters.

The reason why I was trying to act normal is because in the last few days I've been meeting someone suspicious in my way home.

It was not like I don't know who he is.

actually he is someone that I know a lot about from gossip I mean his name is john people talk about him a lot in school they say that he is a bully and a trouble maker sometimes he goes to other schools and make problems there, what's even more frightening is that he never lost a fight even when he was outnumbered.

what had been happening in the past few days is that whenever I get close to the bus stop and try crossing the street to get to the other side I see him standing there with a cigarette on his mouth and as soon as I get there and want to cross he start looking at me he never does anything to me he just stay there looking at me but as soon as I cross the road and turn around he disappear from where he was.

At first I didn't put in any thoughts in it thinking that it was just a coincidence but after a while I saw that every afternoon when I leave school I see him there staring at me that kept going for two weeks.

I parted ways with Rika and started heading home as I was walking I started thinking about john I said he is known as a bully but I didn't mean the type that bully normal people and student he is more of a fight lover he always goes after those that are strong and have good bodies he don't just fight them like that it is more of a bet if he win he won't take anything but if he loses he will pay but tell now he didn't lose at all and that's why he sometimes goes to other school for fight .

I didn't even notice before I found myself next to the bus stop as I was going to cross the road I saw him standing there looking at me as always he was about ten meters away from me and his eyes didn't live me for a second.

I get worried and started crossing the road but then I heard a horn.

I was moving but hearing that horn stopped me in my place all what I could do is look to my left and see the truck getting closer and closer it seemed as if time become slower and slower and I could even see the surprised and panicked expression on the truck driver as the truck was just a few seconds away from hitting me I felt a jolt come from my right arm and I was pulled.

I was surprised and my heart was beating faster and faster my knees turned soft as I fall to the ground that was the first time I felt like that I felt as if my heart was beating so fast and my breathing was hurried after a while I calmed out a bit and looked up what I saw was a cold face but instead of the indifferent expression that was usually on it what I saw was a look of curiosity and a hint of surprise deep in those black eyes.

It was john that stood next to me.

It took me a while to calm down

and when I looked up again what I saw in front of me was a group of bystanders that were asking about me and if anything bad happened to me and the truck driver that had a mix of panic and anger as he kept asking me if I was alright but I found out was that there was no trace of john.

when an old women saw that I was absent minded she asked for the people surrounding me to step away and took my hand as she pulled me up and took me to a flower shop she lead me to one of their staff room and asked about my father or mothers number I gave her my mom's because I know that my father should be at work for now he is a doctor so he spent most of his time at a hospital but my mom is a writer so she usually always at home.

A few minutes later my mom came, she seemed a little bit panicked but she was more collected then I thought she would be.

"Anna how are you are you hurt?" as soon as my mom entered the room she hugged me and after that she said while inspecting me.

"It's alright mom nothing happened to me I just get a little bit panicked at first that's all" I said while putting a smile on my face.

Even thou I said that mom still kept on asking me and then the old woman entered and said to my mom:

"You don't need to worry about her she was shocked a little at first but she calmed down soon after, she's a strong girl"

That old woman asked me to call her granny Ruby; she was an old woman with a gray hair and a warm smile in her wrinkled face and always gave the feeling of a caring elder.

"Again...thank you for taking care of her." my mom said with an apologetic smile on her face.

"No it's alright I talked with her for a while and we had fun, having a little new face is the shop is refreshing" granny Ruby said with her warm smile.

Mom thanked her once more and dragged me out of the shop.

when I left the shop with my mom I looked at the where john was standing and then I noticed it...the place where he was standing was at least ten meters away from me when I last looked at him but just a few seconds later he get next to me when I thought about that I get rooted in my place and kept looking at the place that he was standing at I was trying to make sure that I didn't remember it wrong and that he really was standing there.

"Anna what's wrong" seeing me standing there my mom asked with a worried voice.

hearing her voice returned me to my senses and I looked at her saying that I was alright but I sill looked at the place that he was in for the last time and started walking while thinking that I was not alright and I needed some rest but even then I still had that feeling that I didn't remember wrongly and that john really was standing there.

Returning home I entered my room and lied there with my headphones on and I kept on thinking about what happened that afternoon and the more I did the weirder it seemed because I found out many thing that I didn't notice at first like how john looked fine as he pulled me he didn't seem to be surprised or panicked abut he seemed calm to an unbelievable degree and he seemed more curious about me as he looked at me but the thing that confused me the most is that even if I made that mistake and he really was closer to me he made it next to me and pulled me without seeming tired and his breathing was normal I mean any normal person would have been if not a lot a little panicked at the very least if someone was almost run over by a truck next to you but all what he did is look at me with the same cold expression that he always had.

After a while my mom called me to have dinner.

I left my room and entered the dining room my mom was there she was waiting for me on the table.

"How are you feeling" when I entered my mom asked me with a concerned look on her face.

"I'm all right I think that I just needed a little rest" I said and then I asked her:

"Is my dad coming?"

"N..No he have an operation so he will came tomorrow morning you now that he really wont to be here it's just that his needed at the hospital" mom said

"It's alright mom I understand" I said with a sigh

"That's great let's began then" she said

I'm an only child and my father is a doctor so he don't come home a lot and so usually it's just me and my mom at home so we have a good relationship but my relationship with my father is kind of complicated it's not that I can't stand him or something it's just that since I was young because of my father's job many times when I needed him I didn't find him so it's more like deep in my mind I've given up on my father ever being there when I need him.

anyway we had dinner and after that I helped mom wash the dishes and left to my room I took a look at my homework and then I played some game but I couldn't fall asleep at all each time I put my head on my pillow I would remember the truck and then my thinking would lead me to john so I start thinking about him without me noticing at all that kept going tell late at night when I finally fall asleep.

at morning I think that I heard the alarm but I just turned it off and returned to sleep I was so sleepy to the point that I didn't care and I also know that my mom will come to wake me up.

I returned to sleep and I didn't feel a thing till I suddenly jolted awake the first thing I did was look at my phone and I saw that it was just three moments after the alarm that made me confused because I felt that I slept enough and I didn't feel as if I need more sleep I left my bed and headed to the bathroom I washed my face and changed my clothes and headed to the kitchen to see if I can help my mom at making breakfast usually by the time I get ready and enter the kitchen my mother would have already made breakfast all what I would have done is help with the serving and the dishes, but when I entered the kitchen what I saw in front of me was my mom standing there without doing anything just standing there.

"Good morning mom" I said while entering the kitchen but don't even mention greeting me my mom didn't even move I felt that something us weird so I called her again.


But nothing I moved toward her and just as I was going to touch her she turned around and jumped back.

"Anna don't surprise your mom like that at least say good morning" she said while putting her hand on her chest and sighting.

"I did say that but you were just standing there rooted to the ground without moving "I said with a confused look.

"Really I didn't hear anything well anyway aren't you early today" she said.

"early no it's the same as always and then I get my phone and looked at the time what I saw made me doubt my eyes because I saw that only one minute had passed since I wake up.

I just stood there with a shocked expression on my face I just didn't know what was happening and if it was just a mistake from my part and I didn't notice the time right but I'm sure of what I saw because I recheck the time many times when I woke up as I felt that I slept more than usual but there I was looking at the phone and what I saw was that it had been only a minute since I woke up.

"Anna what's wrong are you alright" my mom said with a concerned voice.

"No there's nothing I just remembered something" I said with a forced smile.

I throw that issue to the back of my mind and I tried helping my mom with breakfast usually at that time of morning I would have just waked up and inly help my mom with the dishes and serving.

After having breakfast I left home to school I was early that day so I walked slowly while thinking about what happened that morning.

"Hi Anna what are you thinking about I called you many time but you didn't answer" a voice come from behind me as I was thinking.

I turned around and I saw a thirteen or fourteen year old girl waving at me.

her name is Lilith she's a girl that I treat as a little sister I used to take care of her when her parents are not home and many times she used to come to my house to play her mom's and mine used to be classmates so we have a good relationship.

"Really? I didn't hear you how are you Lilith" I said.

"I'm good anyway how are you, my mom said that you almost get run over by a truck you didn't get hurt did you?" Lilith said with a worried tone

"No it's alright someone pulled me so all what I ended up with is a little shock nothing big so just don't worry" I said while patting her head.

"Stop that I'm not a kid any more" she said.

even though she said that Lilith is a small girl her body look like some nine or ten year old girl and she hate being teased because if it she's a great girl.

Lilith is a middle schooler so every day we talk together at the bus stop and then each of us leaves for her school.

After a while my bus came so I said good bye to Lilith and left.

In the bus I meet some of my friends we I set there talking and laughing with them, using the bus it take 30 minutes to get to closest bus stop to our school.

When we get down from the bus and walking for a while I passed by the place where I almost get run over by the truck.

I looked at the place where john used to stand I know that I won't find him because he only stand there in the evening.

I saw granny ruby and I greeted her.

"Hello granny ruby how are you"

"Oh Anna I'm good and you, how do you feel did you sleep well" she said with a smile.

"I'm good, I just wanted to thank you about yesterday thank you for helping me" I said while handing her a box of cake that my mom made.

"This is something that my mom made for you please accept it"

"Thank you honey tell you mom my thanks if you really want to thank me just come here and spend time with me" granny ruby said while smiling her warm smile.

"Ok granny I'll come when I have time" I said because I don't really have that many things to do.

I said good bye to granny ruby and left for school.

in my way I meet Rika at the usual place and we walked together and I told her about what happened to me this morning, she already know about the accident yesterday I talked with her yesterday about it when I could not sleep.

"so you said that you are sure that you wake up as usual you did everything you washed up and when you get down to have breakfast you found that only one minute had passed well I can't say that's normal I mean if what you

Is true and you really didn't see it wrong" Rika said after hearing what happened to me that morning.

"Rika I tooled you I didn't see wrong so just believe me"

"Ok ok then maybe something happened to your phone or..." she suddenly stopped.

"Or...?" I asked.

"You saw it wrong" she said and then started laughing.

I hit her on the shoulder and started walking without paying her any attention to her.

"Sorry sorry I just wanted to see the look on your face"

"Anyway let's talk about another thing hmm...ho yeah so the one that saved you is john to think that that cold and indifferent statue can help someone and he didn't even ask for anything oh no...Wait maybe..."and she stopped in the middle of her words again.

"maybe he didn't ask for anything from you because there was many people back then and he know that you are a student in our school so he may come to ask something from you now maybe he will ask from you to.." she stopped in the middle. Of her words again but I know that she won't finish her world because she simply wonted to mass with me and just as I thought as she saw that I didn't say anything she started laughing.

"hhhhh don't worry I was just massing with you that thing have a heart of stone god know how many bi***es tried getting close to him but in the end he didn't even look at them and at least all of them were prettier then you" she said

When she said that I shoot her a look I mean I'm not that beautiful but at the very least I'm better than those idiotic girls that don't know what's better for them.

Seeing me look at her she laughed even more.

Just like that we made it to the classroom, when we entered the teacher was not there yet so we talked for a while before he entered.

We had English then and the teacher was old Cannon or that what we used to call him his real name is Edward Cannon he hates people talking in his class usually we try not to get in his bad side.

The class was going normal and I was drawing in my note book old Cannon was talking about something I don't know I wasn't paying attention but then suddenly he stopped talking from experience I know that that usually mean that he saw something that he didn't like and that someone was in trouble.

Well I was drawing and didn't pay any attention to what was happening so I get that weird feeling that I will be in a big problem when I lift my head.

I lifted my head while shaking and what I saw when I did that was shocked me becauseā€¦

Everyone from old Cannon to Rika was frozen there.

Old Cannon was standing there while facing us and his mouth opened as if speaking! All the students were frozen too those that were talking with each other those that were writing and even Rika that was playing with her phone all of them were frozen.