Chapter 02: the presence.

For a few seconds I also froze from shock and become one of them but I soon returned to my sense and I started to look around me.

What I saw made me shocked even more everyone was frozen in place even the game that Rika was playing was frozen.

I stood snakingly and I looked through the window.

From the window you can see the street next to our school.

I saw that everything was frozen the cars the trucks the passerby even the smoke coming from the cars was frozen in midair.

What made me even more shocked us a pigeon that was flying by the window it was frozen there just a few feet's away.

I don't know form how long I stood there for staring at everything with a confused and shocked gaze.

I finally returned to my senses I walked with an unsteady steps I made it to the door and as I was going to open the door I heard a furious voice from behind me:

"Anna walker what do you think you are doing"

That voice surprised me and I jumped in my place from shock I turned around suddenly and I saw old Cannon's raging eyes and the other student's confused expression.

"Anna what are you standing there frozen for hurry up say something" Rika's voice suddenly returned me to my senses as I looked at old Cannon and said:

"I...I'm not feeling well I...I was going to the bathroom sorry I'm kind of s...sick" even though I was surprised I know that the worst thing that can happened is me saying that everyone froze and I was the only one that could move.

I know that they will think of me as a crazy girl so The best of what I could do is act sick for the time being and try finding out about what will happened to me later.

"you are sick hmm even if you are going to die you have to take my permission to move when you are in my class how can you just move like you want what are you zoning out for lis..n t. i.. sa..."

Suddenly old Cannon's voice started to sound far and unnoticed and the classroom started spinning and after that everything started turning blurry till at the end everything turned black.

I opened my eyes and I saw a familiar bright whit sealing and feeling the bad under me I know that I'm home.

I tried to stand up but I felt every muscle hurting as if I did a great manual labor and even just moving my head hurt when I try moving it my nerves start hurting and my movement felt mechanical.

"don't try moving, for some reason all your muscle are fatigued and the pain won't disappear that easily so just rest for now" a male's voice sounded next to my bad.

as soon as I heard it I know that it was my father's then I remembered that my mother said that my father was coming that morning as I was thinking about that I felt a hand on my forehead.

"Your fever has gone down, and there's nothing wrong with you just rest and you will be better soon" he said.

"Ok thanks'" I said

"well can you tell me what happened to you your teacher said that you suddenly get up and wanted to leave saying that you were not feeling well and were going to the bathroom and as he was talking to you, you suddenly fainted so can you tell me what happened to you"

"no it's just as you said I felt unwell so I wanted to go to the bathroom but suddenly everything started going blurry and then it became dark after that waking up here that's all" I told him.

I was not going to tell my dad anything about everyone except me freezing because even I couldn't believe what happened so I wasn't going to tell anyone about it.

"Ok rest for now it's night already so after a while your mom will bring you something to eat» my father stood up as he said that and when he get to the door and wanted to leave he said:

"You should now that your mom and I are always here for you so don't worry about telling us anything" as he said that he closed the door and left.

I know that my dad must have felt something because even thou I spend most of my time with my mom and my relationship with him is not that great he actually understand me more than my mom does, for many times he knew that something is wrong with me as soon as he returned from work while my mom didn't even notice a thing.

sometimes mom say that I'm just as my father and that it's hard to see through me but I think that it's her that's bad in that aspect.

After my dad left I looked at my phone that was put next to my pillow and saw that it was 20:14.

I set on my bed after struggling for a while and then I started thinking about all what happened to me I suddenly had the feeling that I might have gone crazy.

That was the only conclusion that I came up with I've turned crazy and it seemed to be a new type of mantel illness.

'will this illness have my name will it be Anna's syndrome or walker's...'

I stopped myself from thinking silly things and I tried to think of another path for my thoughts but I didn't find any.

just as I almost started believing the thought of me being crazy my mom entered the room with a plate on her hand's.

"hi honey how are you feeling now"

"I'm alright you don't need to worry" I said with a smile on my face.

Putting the plate form she looked at me in the eyes and said:

"Anna there's nothing wrong with you right"

"did my dad say something to you" I asked her while smiling.

"hey what are you talking about I also can see what's in the mind of my child" she shouted and then she smiled.

Seeing that smile I smiled back 'I know it'

"yeah you know that I might not be as bright as your dad but you can depend on me but first you have to tel..."my mother was speaking with her soft voice and she was holding my hand while looking at me straight to the eyes but suddenly her voice stopped and her face froze.

I was surprised and I started panicking.

"Mom mom talk to me please, what's happening mom mom..." I started shouting at her and shaking her.

I really lost it then, the first time it happened I still had a little bit of reason on me that helped me try to lie to old Cannon but then I didn't know what to do just a few seconds before my mom was talking with me and even

holding my hands while I was looking at her straight in the eyes yet in front of me and in the middle of her sentence she froze no matter how much I shouted no matter how much I shook she didn't response I just could not stop myself from panicking.

after a while I calmed down and started thinking normally.

it was the second time that it happened so I get a little calmer after I put my emotion under control.

the first thing I did after having my emotion under control was trying to get my phone what I wanted to do is to see if I can take a video so I can show it to my mom when she wakes up but what I found was that even thou I could move it and all it didn't work no matter how mush I pressed the buttons and even when I touched the screen nothing happened then I noticed it.

I usually use my phone for reading books that's why the screen's time out is turned off which means that if I don't lock the screen it will stay on and it won't turn off I seemed to have forgotten to turn it off after I saw the time so it stayed on and since my mom froze and I held the phone in my hand the time didn't change at all I was sure that I haled the phone for more than a minute but the time on the screen didn't change which lead me to believe that it's not that mom froze or something but the time stopped.

"time stopped..." I murmured to myself as I clutched my phone.

I stayed like that for a while and my thoughts were a mass.

"..l me what's wrong... Anna what's wrong what happened" suddenly my mom started moving again at first she was finishing her words but seeing my hand not in here's anymore and seeing me absent minded there she asked me with a worried voice.

"mom you are I'm alright don't worry mom I will tell you if anything happened don't worry" I was happy seeing her move but I stopped myself and tried to act normal.

"are you sure honey you really need to know that you can depend on me and you father you really need to know that"

I nodded my head to her but I didn't say anything.

"ok honey good night" my mom said and then she left the room.

seeing her leave I looked at the meal but I didn't have any appetite so I left it as it is.

I looked at the phone and I saw that time is moving again, then u saw a some massages from some of my friend (most of them were from Rika) I sent all of them massages saying that I was alright and that I won't be able to come to school tomorrow after chatting with them for a while I sighed and I put my phone down.

as I was setting there with an absent mind, for some reason, I suddenly thought about john I don't know why but I wanted to know if he was at his usual place that day and if he waited for me there.

lying back in bed I kept thinking about random things till I fall asleep.

next day I suddenly heard the sound of my phone and I remembered that I forget to turn of the alarm, I usually put my alarm in repeat for each day of the school days so if I want turned it off before I go to sleep the alarm will go on.

I throw my hand while half asleep trying to hold the phone but the alarm stopped.

I heled my phone and looked at the screen what I saw was that the screen showed that the alarm was still going on but there was no sound.

"not again..." I sighed.

it was the third time that that happened so I was not as worried and surprised as the first two times as I was lying there in my bed I suddenly thought about something:

'this ability is really great if I could control it, I would have all the time in the world even in morning when I don't have enough sleep I can just stop time and sleep as much as I ca...' in the middle of my thought's I remembered something.

"yesterday when I wake up because of the alarm and turned it off thinking that my mom will wake later I returned to sleep and after having enough I finally wake up but found that only three minutes had passed since the alarm stopped and after that I waked up and did my morning activates till I get down to the kitchen where my mom was standing without moving ... does that mean that that at school was not the first time that time stopped but the second"

that thought made me wonder when this all started and many other things like what is this time stopping ability and where did it come from.

I thought about that for a while but still time didn't return to normal so I just laid there in the bed till I slept, I don't know how much I slept but after a while I reheard the voice of the alarm so I know that the time has returned to normal, I turned the alarm off and returned to sleep, I didn't have school anyway and I did fella little fatigue so I slept more.

"Anna walker" I murmured the name of the only girl that I get interested in since my childhood as I was moving to school, it's not like I liked her or something it's just that she's not normal she might even be the same as me so of course I was interested in her.

I'm not sure if me noticing her something to do with her or if it is just my ability that involved, anyway she was the first one that made my ability react like that so I wanted to know more about her.

two weeks ago I didn't even know her name no it should be that I didn't care about her at all we were from two different worlds, but all that changed when my ability reacted that way.

even thou I wake up at the usual time (as always) but because my home is far from the school and I don't like taking the bus but I prefer walking there with a cigarette in my mouth I was late (as always), but that was not a problem for me.

I was walking at my own pace, thinking about many thing than I looked at my phone I saw that classes has just started and that I was late I returned my phone to my packet and then I stopped time.

that is actually my daily routine I sleep late and then I wake up when the alarm starts I then get up stop time and then return to sleep after sleeping till I wake up on my own I release time.

after that I walk to school of cours walking to school from my home take a long time so I'm usually late so I stop time on my way to school I walked slowly to school and as I made it to school

I didn't go to my class but left to Anna's class unfortunately I didn't see her there so I turned around and left.

yesterday I heard that she fainted in old Cannon's class so not seeing her there was normal, as soon as I get close to class I released time and continued walking.

"hi bro how are you doing today" someone suddenly said to me as I entered class.

I lifted my head and I saw a giant mountain of meat, that mountain of meat is one of my friends Alex he was known for being a bully before I came to this school I remember beating him till he fainted, but he really did put a good fight after that we became friends.

"how can you ask how his doing his's going thru the best period of his life didn't you know, yesterday he asked me about a girl to think that he finally started paying attention to the true meaning of life" even before I had the chance to speak another voice come from behind me.

just from what he said I know who he was, I turned my head and as I expected I saw another one of my friends, his name is Adam with a blond bleached hair, when I heard what he said and saw that smile on his face I wandered why I asked him of all people about her.

"what bro you didn't tell me about this and you tolled this bastard"

"don't talk nonsense" I said to Adam and then set in my set.

" my bro you need to tell me everything you can't keep this important part of your life from your friends" Alex said with while pushing one of the student from his chair and pulling it to

next to me.

"I said it's nothing I just was a little interested in her that's all" as soon as I said that I know that I've said the wrong thing.

"don't worry my friend relationships always start with one part having an interest in the other so I say my friend you are in the right path" Adam said while pulling a chair to set next to me.

"I two really need to stop or we are going to have an interesting conversation after school" I said with a smile on my face.

" come on bro don't be like this, we all know that you totally need our help, someone like you can't possibly be good at talking with girls and she will reject you for sure if you try getting close to her" Alex said with a sneer.

both me and Adam looked at Alex as if looking at an idiot and then Adam said with scornful tone:

"if it was me who said that it would have been acceptable but for a meatball like you to talk about getting girls that's just..."

Alex luck with girls is simply nonexistent till now he can't even talk with a girl without getting all frustrated and nervous but here he was acting like some playboy.

"hey hey hey what are you saying it's not like I don't know how to deal with girls it's just that they are not able to see what a true man look like" Alex said with confident.

"yeah totally" Adam said scornfully.

"cough..cough..anyway that's not important what's important is that our friend here is interested in a girl and he needs all the help that he can get" Alex coughed and said with while looking at me.

"ok let's stop this the teacher is here" I said as I looked at the teacher entering the class.

"Tsk...To think that john is caring about the teacher entering the class" Adam murmured.

I didn't pay him any attention and just set there thinking about what those two idiots said.

I never payed attention to girls in my life because of my ability I'm not good at talking with other people, when I was a kid I used to go as far as to stop time and run away from some of the teachers when they were shouting at me of course that did put me in a lot of trouble but let leave that for now, anyway talking with girls was a big no no.

Classes were boring as usual. But stopping time and going for a walk for a while helped me go through them; just as I on one of my walks I felt another presence through my ability.

I looked at the house to my left as I felt that presence from there.