I stood there with an astonished expression on my face as I looked at that woman it was the first time that my ability activated on its own.

when I calmed down and started thinking about the reason why it activated on its own what I suspected was that that happened because of the woman standing in front of me, my ability sensed danger from her and activated on its own to protect me.

even though I didn't have a an evidence that that was true but it was just like the first time my ability activated I kind of understood it deep in my heart.

taking another look at the woman in front of me I saw that her eyes were deep and cold even with that smile on her face what I also saw was a look of surprise in deep in her eyes as if she know that my ability was going to activate, probably she didn't really know it was just a reflex or an instinct.

I stood there for a while not knowing what to do the biggest problem that I had was Anna's mom she was standing there just a few steps away from that woman and I know that I can't let her stay there.

I looked at that woman and then at Anna's mom and I was thinking of what to do, after thinking about it for a while I moved to that woman and started pulling her taking her outside the house and I kept on dragging her after moving like that for more than an hour I finally stopped under a bridge with water flowing under it I throw that woman there and watched her as she stayed on the surface of the water, that what usually happens because when time is stopped things don't drown but as soon as I release time she will sink.

I moved a few steps away from her but soon I had an idea as I get the knife that I get from that house and engraved o few words on a tree:

"I wish you a happy bath" after engraving that I left with a smile.

I walked for a few hours after that and when I felt that I was far enough I released time and started walking again.

I didn't know what to do and where to go so I just walked aimlessly till the sun started setting when I remembered that I left my back bag at the class room.

Remembering that, I called Adam and asked him if he took it with him but he said that he didn't notice it there and that everyone only noticed I was gone at the sport class.

My set is at the back of the class and it's not easily noticed and I even left just a little before class ended, so I wasn't surprised that no one noticed my disappearance.

I left to the school and as I made it there I stopped time and jumped over the fence.

moving to my class room and get my back bag, getting it I moved to the roof, I like going to open places and smoke so one time I asked from the boy that take care of the plants there to give me a copy of the key.

Opening the door to the roof I lighted a cigarette and stood there in the darkness of the night looking at the street below I stayed like that for a while and just as I was going to leave I heard a sound.

At first I didn't believe what I heard, time was stopped and the only one that can make any kind of sound was me but I soon heard another sound and another one it was the sound of footsteps than I become sure that the sound was getting closer and closer, hearing the sound getting closer I know that whoever or whatever was making it was coming to the roof.

hiding in a dark corner of the roof I waited for the owner of that sound to show them self and just as I expected someone entered the roof a few seconds later, from that angle I didn't see clearly but I what I saw mad me somehow relaxed the one that made that sound was a human and a girl as old as me probably from there little body.

That girl moved to the edge of the roof with her back turned to me and looked at the street below just as I did a few seconds before.

staring at her for a while I didn't feel any danger from her so I moved towered her and made some noise trying to make her know that I was there, when she heard the sound her body visibly shock and she turned to me with a frightened look and then I saw her face it was the face of someone I knew the face of...


I was standing there at the edge of the roof looking at the street, as I was thinking about all what I've been through I heard a noise coming from behind me I turned around in panic and what I saw when I did was the face of john.

he was standing there and for the first time in my life I saw a surprised expression on his face I hurriedly turned around looking at the street below and I saw that time was still stopped.

Looking at john again I didn't know what to say or do so I just stood there looking at him without saying anything, he too was looking at me without saying anything.

For a while none of us said anything we just kept looking at each other than john said to me:

"How can you move?"

I didn't know how to answer him so I just stayed there rooted and confused, because for me that question was one that I wanted the answer for but I couldn't get it so I asked him back:

"What about you how can you move" I wasn't sure if he knows an answer or not I just wanted to ask him.

"I was the one who stopped time of course I can move but how can you move?" he was silent for a while after I asked him but after that he said this and looked at me with an interested expression.

"I..I don't know one day time just stopped just like that" I said he seemed a lot calmer than me and I had that feeling that he may know more than I do so I said.

"when did it start" he asked.

"the day after the day that you saved me I think the first time it happened was when I wake up that day to go to school, that day I wake up because of the alarm I turned it off and returned to sleep but after I wake up on my own thinking that I'm late I found that only three minutes had passed since the alarm rang and then I get up and..." I told him about everything that happened to me in the last two days even about Hana and how I run from her after I finished I looked at him waiting for him to say something, after a while time started moving again but it soon stopped and then it started moving and soon after

that it stopped I found it weird thinking why is this happening but then I looked at john and saw that he wasn't surprised about what was happening but he seemed more interested in me as he kept on looking at me.

Time soon started moving again and then john said:

"You were able to move when time is stopped that's surprising" he said.

Hearing him I know that he know something so I asked:

"do you know what's happening and why time is stopping"

"I said it already I'm stopping it" he said that with an indifferent tone as if he was talking about something normal.

Before I even get a hold of my feeling that were rampaging after I heard him he added:

"But I don't know why you are able to move"

"so does this mean that when you saved me I became able to move when you stop time and that whenever you stop time I'll be able to move" after calming down for a bit I asked him what I suspected.

"yes I also think that you only become able to move when I stop time after I saved you, but from what you said I think that you can't always move when I activate my ability you see because from what you said there was one time when you didn't move and that time was when my ability activated on its own"

"Activated on its own... does that happen often" I asked him.

"No it doesn't, till now it only happened once and that was when I met that woman that you called Hana" he said after staying silent for a while.

"y..you met Hana"

"yeah I met her when I was in your house this afternoon"

"You were in my house how's mom Hana didn't do anything to her right" I asked him with a worried tone.

even though I didn't want to think about it since I ran from my house and I calmed down after Rika said that mom called her I was still worried about her thinking that Hana will do something to her.

"well she seemed more interested in me then her and I did drag her away and gave her a surprise after stopping time, but I don't know what happened after that" he said with his cold indifferent voice.

"thank you" I said I know that he wasn't obliged to help mom but he still did it, and he saved me too so I know that he's not a bad person.

"wait what were you doing in my house" after calming down I asked him this, because he said that he was in my house at that time.

then john told me about all what happened to him and how he saw his and my picture in a file that was in the hands of some people that were watching his house.

"do you mean that Hana isn't the only one that's looking for us" I asked as he finished what he said.

"that what I think"

I turned silent when he said that because I didn't know what to do or were to go I just stood there, and then john said:

"why did you come to school" his voice was still cold and indifferent as he said that.

"I..I didn't know what to do or where to go so I came here school was the only place that I thought might be safe, what about you"

"I come here for my back bag" he said while pointing at his bag.

"then where are you going to spend the night they are monitoring your home and they will go try catching you if you return"

"you came here to spend the night" he asked.

"y...yes I didn't know where to go other than here"

"I don't really know if this place is safe thus"

"w..what do you mean" I asked with trembling voice.

the school was the safest place that I could think of, actually it was the only place that I could think of, so I was really worried when he said that it's not safe.

"those people were after us so maybe they really did make someone stay here and see if we will come but because we entered here while time was stopped no one saw us, but that doesn't mean that they won't enter and see if we are here, after all both me and you disappeared in front of them" he said.

"so what should we do"

"well I have somewhere in mind if you want I can bring you there"


"I can't tell you, what if you won't come with me and you get caught you will then tell them my whereabout" he said and then seeing me about to talk he added:

"don't say that you won't tell anyone even if they caught you because like both of us know the people that are after us aren't normal people they are people with abilities they may have some kind of ability that can make you tell them whatever they want"

I really was going to say that but hearing him I turned silent and after thinking about it for a while I said:

"ok I'll go with you but are you sure that they don't know about the place that we are going to, you said it yourself they are after us which mean's that they may know all the places that we used to go to"

"don't worry I only go to this place when time is stopped and leave it when time is stopped so they can't possibly know about it except of course if they have someone with the ability to track us but then we won't be able to run no matter what we so it's better to go there" he said with a smile.

"ok I'll go with you" I said I didn't really have another choice, first I know that john didn't want to hurt me, I mean if he wanted to he would have done it when time was stopped no one will be able to stop him or help me, and what he said was really true even I know that staying at school wasn't a good idea even if they won't find me now I won't be able to hide for long when morning come and school starts.

"ok let's go" he said with the same indifferent tone.

saying that he stopped time and started moving, following him we left the school and then after walking for more than one hour we suddenly stopped in front of a house it was big and looked beautiful but it gave me a feeling of loneness.

"it's an abandoned house no on lives here and on one will come here" john said, and then added:

"Wait for me at the front door" and started moving toward the house.

When he made it to the house he get to a corner and started climbing, when he was in front of a window in the second floor he pushed it open and entered.

After a while the door was opened and he asked me to enter.

As expected when I entered it I found that the house was empty and it had that feeling of loneness in it.

"Follow me"

he said and then started moving to the second floor.

I followed him and I saw that he headed toward a room it seemed the main bed room and as he opened it I saw a bed in it wasn't that big and it seemed old, but it was clean, the room also was clean when I paid attention to it.

"You can sleep here" he said.

Seeing that there was one bed only I looked at him and said:

"No it's alright I..." I said.

"Just sleep there I won't be staying the night here I have something's to do so don't worry about where I'll sleep and just treat yourself at home" he said that and turned around and left.

I didn't know what to say but I followed him till the door and as he was leaving I said to him:

"Be careful" and added after a while:

"When will you be returning"

'good now I sound like my mom' I thought to myself.

"...tomorrow morning probably" he was silent for a while but then he said that.

"Ca...can you bring me something to eat" I said with a soft voice.

But well you can't really blame me I really didn't eat well for the last couple of days, and I was pretty hungry which made me forget even my embarrassment as I asked him that.

"...Ok" he said .

I closed the door and headed the bed room I stayed awake for thinking about all what happened to me.

What I thought about the most and what really astonished me was that John was the one with the ability to stop time while I was just someone that tag along with him when he do that.

And I also thought about that woman Hanna

and about the reason why she wanted to catch me and john, from what she said I think that she did that because we are abnormal I mean john can stop time and even though I can't do that I was still able to move when he activated it, which shows that I'm totally not normal.

And that Hana even said that I was the second awaken taking it as john being the first it mean that I'm still new in all of this and I will be discovering my ability slowly.

As I kept thinking about all of this and more I fall asleep.

An island in the pacific ocean that's not found in the map:

Inside a control room in the biggest building in the island, the room looked like the control room that NASA uses when they talk to or launch a satellite.

Suddenly a man entered he seemed uneasy and had a frown on his face; he looked at the people sitting in front of the computers and said with a loud voice:

"Is there any new information from the hunter?"

"Sir there really is new information about the targets the hunter said that she met both of them but they run sir and since then they both disappeared and she couldn't find any trace of them" a man said.

"What the target disape...wait she isn't the hunter supposed to be James since when did he became a she" the leader was first angry as he heard about losing the target but then he soon thought about what the man said.

"No si…I mean yes it was supposed to be James but then she took his place and followed the targets after finding about it" the man said weakly.

"What's with all this she she she tall me now who's this she who's the hunter" the leader roared.

"It...it's Hana sir" the man said while gulping.

"Hana which Hana our Hana" the leader seemed confused but then his face turned pale as he said that.

"Yes sir Hana woods" the man said.

"Listen call Hana right now and tell her to be careful not to hurt the target or...or...sigh...just tell her to be careful not to hurt the target" the leader said with an angry voice at first but he ended his sentence with a dispirited tone.

the man didn't leave to give her the order but stayed there as if having something to say and not knowing if he should say it, the leader seeing that get a bad feeling and asked:

"What's wrong speak"

"...sir she seemed mad when she called she was laughing and saying that she will show him what a happy bath is like when she get him, I tried asking her but she didn't answer me and just hanged up"

"Oh god please help him" the leader said, and after shaking his head he looked at his man and asked:

"Did she say anything about the targets abilities"

"She said that they seemed oddly similar both of them have something to do with space or time that's as far as she guessed because she said that one of them disappeared in front of her while the other made her teleport to another place entirely, when she first saw this she thought that both of them have space abilities but after thinking about it for a second time she found that the second time when one of the targets teleported her she found right in front of her in a tree some words engraved directed to her which made her think about the time ability" the man said.

"What did was engraved in the tree"

"Sir I...it was when I asked her about that, that she became mad and started laughing"

The leader didn't say anything more and asked him leave.

"Hana please don't be rush" the leader murmured.