Under normal circumstances, Judith would have left her job behind to focus solely on being a housewife and mother.

The sight of her husband Rob donning his new uniform drove home how impractical such a future was, for his departure would make her the sole caretaker of their three year old daughter.

She barely managed to suppress the tears upon seeing him emerge from the bathroom with hopelessness in his eyes.

"I...I guess it's time for..."

Rob's voice trailed off as he saw his silent wife and the bewildered young girl staring elsewhere. He felt blood draining from his face while knowing that the possibility of never returning home was something he'd have to accept instead of the hopeful belief that it could never truly happen to him.

Knowing there wasn't much else that could be changed, he swallowed his fear and put on his bravest face.

"You'll take good care of Sharon, I know it. Tell her about me whenever you can..."


Judith allowed herself to finally display some sadness by curling an arm around his shoulder in what she liked to call a 'half-hug', before letting go and wiping her eyes.

"You'll be alright. Just try to keep yourself safe, please?"

Rob didn't reply and simply allowed her to follow him outside so that they could exchange goodbyes then part ways.

The bus arrived and he avoided looking back upon boarding, out of a wish to preserve them in his memory in such a way that it wouldn't hurt as much to leave the world.