I'm back on the attack

With that hardcore rap

You best step back

Or you might get smacked

Get off the crack

Fore you get jacked

I cuts no slack

I ain't the mack

But here's a fact

I got these rhymes intact

You claim to have skills

Yet you lack

Even mediocre skills

How did you get a deal

For real

It blows my mind

Dr Suess and Mother Goose had better rhymes

When I flow yo I stay on time

I never drop the dime

When I go for mine

Come on get wit it

Get your tickets

And watch me kick it.


I kick them funky rhymes.

Just kick it (4x)


Yo I go psycho

When I'm on the mic bro

Always flow so smooth

To improve is my goal

I aim to get better

With every line every rhyme

With every letter

Just witty words and puns

I'm doin this for fun

Not to make mad cheddar

Suckers couldn't rap even with phonics

But when I rap I always stay on it

I got more rhymes than sonnets

I go boom and bloom like bonnets

My rhymes ain't just ill and dope

Yo it's chronic

It lasts long

With every song

My name is Mr Rhyme

Cuz my love for it is strong

Ding dong

Listen as I get wicked

The best rhymes I pick it

Now watch me kick it


I kick them funky rhymes.

Just kick it (4x)


Aiyo I always stay funky and spunky

When I rhyme yo you can't punk me

Or try to stump me

Cuz I ain't the best lyricist

But I put my heart to this heart

You can feel my spirit in this

Yeah it's The Double B

Bein all I can be

Just bein me

A person who loves to R-H-Y-M-E

So yo when I grab an M-I-C

You better run as fast as you can

Cuz when I rock a funky jam

You'll know that I'm the man

Cuz I conquer the competition

Like Alexander The Great

And Genghis Khan conquered lands

Cuz with every step

I'll build my rep

Build my respect

With rhymes you never heard yet

Aiyo the show must go on

Gotta keep the flow on

So get your tickets

Get wit it

Watch me kick it


I kick them funky rhymes.

Just kick it (4x)