Author's Note: Hey guys, it's back! I'm rewriting this, and posting this on here for you to enjoy. I doubt I will ever publish it, or even finish it, but here we go.

My Nine Lives: Reality or Illusion:


Once there was a boy. When he was born, his mother loved him, but his father didn't even care. In spite of his mother's love, his father made her put the boy up for adoption when he was only one day old.

After the boy was adopted, his father came back into his life, and made him, his sister, and his mother miserable. Then, just before the boy turned five, his father left them, and took all the money, which left them in great debt.

When the boy was nine, his grandfather died, which made the boy very depressed. Soon after that, he started getting into trouble by lying, stealing, and disrespecting people.

In July of 2008, he went to a program, and left all of his friends and family behind, and came back the first day of 2010.

Now, he is done with the program, is back with his mother, who is a recovering alcoholic, and their dogs, and is now in love with Kim Williams, a girl he knows since he was born.

He knows little about the myth of the Nine Hallways, so little does he know how much they affect him. Nor does he know about the powers he has. Powers, that even knowing about them, he could save the universe from evil, or in the twinkling of an eye, destroy it, wiping billions of people off of Earth alone.

The boy's name is Michael, and this is his story. A story of mystery, power, hate, romance, history, drama, good, evil, fate, family, friends, battles, wars, and the search for his mother, and the truth. But most of all, it's about love. This is his story.

"Wait a second, this is my story!"

This is his story in the words of Bacardi Storm, his dog, who took his and his friends' diaries, and made a book with him. This is their story.