Chapter Two:

The Mysteries Revealed:

"So, you want me to tell him," said Mary, talking to Joanne.

The humans were sitting in the den, and I, Abbie, was roaming around, but stopped, and lay down in front of Mary. She picked me up, and held me. I am a silver mitt ferret, who came to this house, with Jack, two years ago, in December of 2008, after a ferret named Taz had died.

Michael was sitting on the couch; Kim was sitting next to him, and next to her, was Mark. Jon was sitting in Mike's chair, Mary in her own chair, Joanne in the chair next to the TV, while Charlotte sat on a stool. Bacardi was sitting in Mike's lap.

"I was just making sure that you told him," she replied innocently.

"Well, I hope you're happy," Mary began, "because now he knows something's up."

"Just tell me what's going on," Mike demanded.

"Well, Michael," Mary started, "it all began long ago. Just like the Bible says, in the beginning, there was nothing. Then God created a huge planet, called Eden. The whole planet was a garden, and was more beautiful than imagination could produce.

"On Eden, there were humans, and two types of animals. One type was the kind we see every day, like the dog. The other type was called Elementals. A few years passed, and all was well.

"But one day, there was a disagreement. The Elementals had feelings, and did not want to do the human's work, but the humans did not want to do their work themselves. So the humans decided that if the Elementals would not do their work, then they should get rid of them.

"So the humans made a cloning machine, cloned the Elementals, and moved them to a different part of the planet. This was known as the "Animal Movement".

"The originals could speak, but the clones could not. Since the clones could not speak, they were misunderstood, and over time, underestimated.

"Many more years passed, and one day, Dracula was born. He was an ordinary human, until Satan, who decided that peace had lasted too long, turned Dracula into the first vampire. He terrorized the planet, and recruited many more in his wake.

"Over time, half of them settled down, and led peaceful lives. These were the real vampires. The rowdy ones were Vamparata."

"That sounds very familiar," Mike said. He still had Bacardi in his lap, and Mary was still petting me.

"It should," Joanne agreed.

"Let me finish!" Mary growled angrily. "As I was saying, one by one, the years passed, and one day, one man, whose name was Luke, found a flute, which took him to another land, which was called Haidyth.

"At the time though, he didn't know the use of the flute, and dropped it, and has been lost since. So because of that, he never went back to Eden. Instead, he found a palace, and married the beautiful princess, Selena. They had twins, and gave the boy to an old couple, and named the girl Selena, after the queen, while the old couple named the boy Luke, after the king. This happened over and over, repeating the same thing for generations.

"Back on Eden, many years had passed. One day, there was a girl born, who turned out to be a witch. That was why people were scared of her, and the reason she couldn't keep a husband, even though she had many kids. Over time, they became able to use powers.

"More time passed, and one day, two brothers, who were plumbers, were working on a pipeline when they found a magical kingdom. Their names were Matthew-"

"And Victor," Mike finished. "It's the Kingdom of Light, isn't it?"

"Yes," she replied. "Now, as I was saying, they found the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air Kingdoms, along with the Graveyard. Matthew married Persephone, while Victor married Danielle. Matthew ruled the Earth Kingdom, and was called King Apple, while Victor ruled the Water Kingdom, and was called King Pear.

"By this time, people thought that Eden was getting too populated much too fast, but in reality, only one percent of the planet was populated. But even though they didn't know that, they still built spaceships and found a planet in another galaxy. This planet was near the center of it, and the galaxy was near Eden's. They named the planet Crescent, and the first thing they built there, was called the Mundai Temple. In the temple, was a giant Topaz. Over time, the temple became the center of that galaxy.

"Time passed, and one day, Satan let loose his demons: Cronus, Loki, Poseidon, Gaea, Spirit, Draco, Froggert, Big Red, Dark Luke, Gunther, Vito, Set's Angels, Zeus, the Vamparata, Xeon, and Ra, who was the most feared of all. They went to Eden and proclaimed to the people in the territory of Earth that they were not safe.

"They instructed the people to build a wall to block out the other territories, which resulted in The War.

"The Fall, which the war was known as, took place for decades, and neither side was winning. During that time, Leona was created. People, who wanted to escape from the real world, would go to the computerized world of Leona and live there.

"But one day, Satan sent Xeon to destroy the world of Leona, and he almost succeeded. He killed all of the people living there, except for one female. When people die there, sometimes they die in real life.

"God was the one who ended the stalemate. He split the nations of Eden into different galaxies and planets. He kept the Mundai Galaxy together, and put Set's Angels there. He put the Handimon clones on Kantoen. He put the Four Kingdoms and the Graveyard with Spirit, Draco, Froggert, and Big Red, on Beam. He put Dark Luke, Gunther, Vito, and the land of Haidyth, on the planet of Haidyth. He put the original Elementals on Watice. He put the Vamparata and Vampires on Thare. He put a computer on Haiven, which led to Leona, and left Xeon to guard it. And he put the witches and wizards on Heart.

"Every planet, except for Watice and Leona, had humans on it. He did all of this to keep the universe in order. Every generation there is someone born. When he or she comes of age, they find this out, and become the next Protector of the Universe. You are the next, Michael, and hopefully the last. I'm done now."

"Why did you tell me all of this?" Mike asked.

"Because," Mary replied, "my time is coming soon.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Mary just hung her head.

"No," he said, finally understanding. "You can't! I'm just sixteen!" I brought my head up, knowing. I connected with his heart, and could feel his pain. It was so much, it hurt.

"My time is limited, Michael," she said with tears in her eyes.

"Do you mean you'll die?" Kim asked.

"Yes," Mary answered. "Either that or vanish."

"When?" asked Mark.

"I don't know," she admitted. "Possibly within the next week. By the way, all of that which I just told you is true."

"I thought there was something going on," Mike said.

"What do you mean?" Mary asked.

"The crystal flower," Mike said, "it burst into full bloom, and I saw something from the past."

Joanne's and Mary's eyes grew wide. "Mary!" Joanne gasped, "you know it's soon!"

"What do you mean?" asked Charlotte.

"When the Time Flower opens in the presence of the next Protector, and he or she has just come of age, then the last Protector will die or vanish within the next week," Joanne explained.

"What did you see?" Mary questioned.

"I saw myself before the program," Mike replied softly.

"That's why you had that look on your face," Mark observed.

"Yes," Mike agreed.

"Michael," Mary began, "I still have to tell you a few certain things. First off, I have to give you this." She pulled out from behind her chair, a brown sphere that was about the size of a baseball. I noticed it had a rock in the center, and Michael noticed it too, since he asked why the rock was in it.

"This is called the Orb of Rock," Mary told him. "There are eight other, one for each element. Rock, Fire, Light, Earth, Water, Magic, Life, Metal, and Dreams."

"What do I do with it?" he asked. I could feel the power radiating from the Orb.

"You will find out later," she answered as he took it from her. "But for now, just know that if you drop it, the connection to that place will be lost forever if it breaks. Then the universe would be in chaos."

"Is that all?" he asked.

"No," Mary replied. "There is also the matter of the Time Flower. It shows everything that happened in the past, no matter where you are. Also, if you die, the universe will be doomed. That crystal is on you to prevent that from happening." She referred to the emerald on his neck. "I have also split your body, soul, and spirit into separate parts. The emerald, if held, can take you anywhere, if you are in front of a doorway. You hold it, and think about where you want to go in your mind, and then step through.

"Michael," she had tears in her eyes again. "Whatever happens, whether I try to kill you, or anything else like that, know one thing. I love you." With that, she ran out of the room. We could hear her sobs as she ran to her room, and heard the door slam shut. Silence followed.

A few minutes passed, and Joanne said, "I'll check to see if she's okay," and left the room.

I jumped off the chair, where Mary put me, and climbed onto the table next to it. It knocked over the wine glass and it toppled over and fell to the floor, spilling what was left.

"Abbie!" Mike exclaimed, picking up the glass. He went to the kitchen, put the glass in the dishwasher, and got a rag from under the sink. Then he came back and cleaned up the mess.

"Abbie," Mike continued, "I can never stay mad at you."

You should see the mess I made in the kitchen, I thought.

As if he read my thoughts, Mike went back to the kitchen and saw the mess he had missed the first time he was in there. Bacardi was rooting around in the cereal that had been spilled on the floor, and was eating it.

"Bacardi! Abbie! Jack!" Mike cried out. With that, Jack, the black-eyed white ferret, came bounding up to the chair, and onto the table I was on. I made the noise all we ferrets made when we are happy.

I was thrilled!


It was seven-o-clock, and I had finished cleaning up the mess that Abbie and Bacardi had made. All my friends, except for Kim, had gone home by now.

We were sitting on the couch, twisted around each other, kissing, and talking between each one.

"Fine," I said, "you know how much I care about you."

"Just say it for once," she replied just before our lips met again.

"Why don't you?" I teased her.

"Michael Storm!" Joanne exclaimed, coming into the room. The sound of her voice made us both jump, and we flew apart. "Kim Williams! It is way past time for you to go!"

"Grandma!" I was shocked. "She's my girlfriend!"

"She needs to leave!" Joanne replied.

"She's right," Kim agreed. "My mom's expecting me."

"Don't go," I whined.

"You need to go now!" Joanne said.

Kim picked up her purse and went to the front door. She opened it, and went out. Just before she closed the door, she blew me a kiss.

"Why did you do that?" I almost yelled.

"You love her," Joanne mused, "don't you?"

I was shocked. "Yes, why? I still want to know why you did that."

"Go to bed," she said, avoiding the question. "We need to go to the Saint Patrick's Day Fair tomorrow, and you need to be rested."

Grumbling, I got up, went to my room, got dressed for bed, and did my health habits. Then I wrote in my diary about what had happened that day, turned out the lights, and went to bed.


She went out the back door, and slipped under the gate. She passed many houses before she found the right one.

She went in, and found his sitting in a chair.

What do you want? He asked when their minds touched.

The truth has been told, she said.

So he knows, he replied.

Yes, she answered. Mary has told him, and he believes her.

Thanks, he said.

I did what you asked. Now give me what you said you would, she told him.

Here. He held out his arm, and she pounced on it. When she was done, he was asleep. Her kind's saliva did that to the victim.

She left the house, and went back to her own, and fell asleep, never realizing what he was.

She only knew that she needed what she had gotten. She had needed it so badly, that she would betray her family without even knowing it.