A life so tragic,
a mind so rare,
beautiful pain engulfed in a flare,
a light shining so bright that nobody cares,
it could all burn out in one day but who would really notice,
friendship with the night enmity with the day,
lines blurring together in a constant mistake of pain,
if the light were to burn out who would really care,
a replacement is cheap yet would be different, but maybe better for all, being so replaceable, yet aren't we all?
Building a life on foundations that just crumble and fall,
they say we have free will but in reality all choices are made and taken away,
decisions I should have are practically preordained by this brain,
everyone's happiness comes first, the one rule I can never break,
so I can always be played and turned to do what I must and people will say I made a choice but I really just obey,
maybe no more than a robot living in a body made of clay,
a life made of sand, and mind full of pain,
who the hell cares if it was all too fade,
maybe if nothing else the pain could cease,
the stains would fade,
everyone else could finally be free of one last player of this tortured game.