It's time for bed, my bonny child,
My little cookie-snatcher.
There are no monsters under your bed,
Neither of great or small stature.

Let me be your dreamcatcher
As you go to sleep.
I will screen your dreams,
Your nightmares I will keep.

As you fall out of consciousness,
Counting your sheep,
Fear not the monsters 'neath your bed
As you slumber deep.

Frolic and play freely,
In the realm of your dreams.
Run through the meadows,
Swim through the streams.

Enjoy your childhood, love,
Let your young countenance beam.
Dream of anything you wish,
Even your favorite ice cream.

Have your adventures,
Let the stars be your guide,
As you journey hither and yon,
Dream of wings so you can glide.

Over the hills and the meadows,
Over the ocean tides,
Lies a magnificent castle
For you to reside.

Dream on, my child,
Throughout the night.
Dream dreams in safety,
For I'll be here tonight.

Do not awaken, love,
Till tomorrow's in sight.
Do not stir yourself
Till the sun is shining bright.

Now sleep, sleep, my love,
Let me be your dreamcatcher;
I will safeguard your dreams,
And your nightmares will be captured.

Author's Note: So this is my first lullaby poem. I've always loved lullabies and bedtime stories as a kid, and I enjoyed doing the same when my sister was growing up. If you've enjoyed it, send a like or a review and tell me how I did and what you liked about it. As well as any suggestions or tips of advice. I'm always eager for feedback. ^_^

I hope you enjoyed this lullaby. If you wish to use this for your kids or to use it as an example, by all means, do so!

- Caleb Ryan Woods