Now hear ye, hear ye, United People

in solidarity we take a stand

With their blood, our founding fathers

paid today's shared freedom

No foreign power shall we allow

invade this majestic scenic land

We've engaged in numerous battles

and with insight crippled

their devious plans

A patriotic soldier is emerging

from the soil of this

discovered wonderous land

The spirit to valiantly fight

all wrong is mounting

The hero within ourselves

will once again, reveal its might

Let us openly defy and boldly

challenge those who'd try

to excorticate our dignity

Who'd impair our essential judgement

that would cause a clash of cultures

which create a great divide

Let us face all foes

who would persecute our racial differences,

religious believes or our sexual preferences

Our endurance will never falter

Our resolve will never be outmatched

With new technology and innovation

American minds are thriving

Statistics tell the truth

on the magnitude of its rise

With jubilant acclamation

we'll always celebrate

our nation's unprecedented history

By never ever letting us

forget her legendary past

Liberty will always stand

forever, vigilant

at the harbor in New York City

Her lid-up torch with pride

glows, brightly as a symbol of

a triumphant friendship pact

For all of us, who've reached her shores

fleeing our own native lands' repressions

A heroic harbor maiden

stands alert, guiding the way

to her safe shores and ports

with open arms

She'll protect our civil rights

and inspire us to strive

for a profitable tomorrow

Let us bow our heads and pray

the red, white and blue

does forever indeed, wave on

The United States might just be

the paradise, or Eden

the one spoken of in holy scriptures

It's the immigrants from

each and every nation

that form this successful melting pot

No other place on earth has ever been

bestowed such gifts

like the ones granted to our nation

May God always empower us

to live as free men

and expose injustice

wherever, it's been done

God truly shed his grace

on thee, America

Now hear ye, hear ye

The United States, for all

Poem by: Lissette Garcia

written on: July 12, 2017