"Copy that, Out"

The Sergeant switched off the radio after he received his orders from the Headquarters. His superior's plan to rescue him is that he is to travel north from his position to a lake in order to meet up with an extraction force that will return him to the base by boat. However, it will take him through a town and a small encampment, a strange castle-like structure, and another town before he could reach the safety of the task force.

"And there's this forest crawling with those elves... The south of my position is their castle, and the east and west sectors of this place is the damned forest full of those bastards, that's what aerial recon says. So the only good way to escape them is right under their noses. But I'll have to pack some firepower with me..."

The Sergeant muttered to himself as he contemplated the plan. He then took the dead radio operator's Thompson SMG. Then he went to one of the train cars that stored weapons and ammunition and found an M1903A3 Springfield rifle in crate which he took along with it's .30-06 caliber clips. He still had the bag that contained his supplies intact. Then he took a couple of satchel charges, three Mk2 hand grenades and a pair of M16 smoke grenades. Satisfied with what he have, the NCO pulled out his compass to orient himself to the direction where he is going, then he loaded a clip in his Springfield rifle and cycled the bolt to chamber a round in it before jumping out from the door of the train wagon into the forest.

The Sergeant surveyed the train wagon and its surroundings for the last time before he continued. It would be left there to be destroyed by fighter bombers later. The NCO noticed that the whole train is in a clearing of some sort. And the whole forest is around the train and the Sergeant felt that this place was watched by someone. He entered the forest, his hands held the Springfield ready in case some enemy appeared. The Sergeant eyes were peeled for hostile movement. His US Army training and fifteen years of combat service in the forests of the Philippines from the late 1920s started to take over his disoriented mental state. He however found the forest unusual. It was not like the tropical jungles that he had grown up and fought in back in his country.

"It is different. Much like those in Europe or in the US? But I'm in a large island 1000 miles east of Mindanao?" the NCO mused to himself as he walked in the forest warily.

The Sergeant then saw movement; A trio of elves moving low in the bushes. The NCO took the initiative, knowing that avoiding them would be useless. He took cover in a tree and took aim with his rifle. Then an elf emerged from the bushes at his front and the Sergeant pulled the trigger then cycled the bolt of his Springfield.