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Aria's POV

The first thing on my mind was confusion. How did I end up in my bed? Then I realized what happened. "OLIVIA!" I panicked again. Okay, chill. It's all okay. "She's alive!" I said with a forced smile. Another 30 minutes passed with me trying to trick myself into thinking that there was nothing to worry about. Then I heard the annoying ringtone of my phone. I looked at who was calling me. "hmm. Don't know him or her." I murmured to no-one. I picked up the phone and heard a crazy voice coming from the other side. I almost threw the phone away out of shock. "ARIA! …. 'S Y... OU!" The connection was terrible! Though I did realize who was on the other side. I could recognize that voice anywhere! "OLIVIA?!" I shouted back. "WH...T? CAN... EAR Y... O!" That had me thinking for a moment. "What about my ears?" I responded. "I... N …. AND... BAD …. CTION!" Olivia tried to respond. A moment later the connection was lost. I just sat on my bed, staring. Olivia was alive! "OLIVIA IS ALIVE!" But... Where was she? I needed some help. Let's call the police... Okay, scratch that. Last time I called the police for something urgent they just didn't believe me. Why do grown-ups never take teenagers seriously?! I do know some parents who would believe me... I quickly dialled the number of Matthew and Camila. About a minute later a soft male voice came out of the phone. "Hello?" I thought they would never answer! "THANK GOD SOMEONE ANSWERED!" I shouted into the phone, freaking out. "Who is this?" The male known as Matthew responded. "I AM OLIVIA'S BEST FRIEND ARIA! SHE. JUST. CALLED. ME!" I heard a gasp coming from the other side. "I am coming over to you right now!" He said, a little bit of excitement in his voice. It was like he tried to hide it. I hung up and sighed. I really hope we will find Olivia...

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