Hi my name is Mackenzie and this is my love story, now it isn't going to be an amazing tale of star-crossed lovers or a tragedy like the famous Romeo & Juliet oh no this is more like a comedy. If you are reading this you will most likely think this is fiction but what I am about to tell you is all true. It all started when I was studying for exams.

"AAAAHHHHHH", I bang my head against the many textbooks that lie on my desk, "Why do I have to do this, I am smart enough, I can get by without studying right?", I stop banging my head and just lay there. Whoever made exams is evil, they want us to worry. Jeez after this I wouldn't be surprised if a few gray hairs showed up. I glance over at the clock... WHAT THE HELL. It is already midnight, what I thought it was at least two in the afternoon. Have I been studying all day well at least it is Saturday. Wait it is Saturday right... I reach for my phone to check the date. Well isn't this great it is Sunday and I have school tomorrow. Great just great, I am going to look like an old crazy lady with these bags under my eyes and knowing my hair it will look like a mess. Sighing I put all my textbooks up and get into bed well tomorrow is tomorrow, I will deal with it when it comes. I get in bed for a long awaited sleep.

WHAT IS THAT NOISE! It has been at least an hour since I tried to sleep but some sort of noise is keeping me up. It sounds like a suction plus Whirling noise. I seems to be coming from my bathroom. Now I am tired and my brain is half asleep so I am not thinking properly. Before I even realize what I am doing I am headed towards the noise. Yup that is right I AM GOING TOWARDS THE NOISE. I open my bathroom door and see just a blinding light right in the middle of the doorway. Now seeing that is a red flag CODE RED CODE RED! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! TURN AROUND CLOSE THE DOOR AND IF POSSIBLE NEVER OPEN IT AGAIN! But my brain is delayed on getting that message to the rest of my body and I walk INTO THE LIGHT. Well here we go