Heroes Legion: "Year One"

The Dark Elite

By Maskedhero100


Scavenger Hunt for M-50

Channel 5 News, August 29th 2013, 9:10 AM

"This is Charles Kayden, with a special exclusive update for the viewers tuned in wanting to know more about the events that rocked our city yesterday. S.L.E.E.T has released a statement that an unknown Terrorist group had indeed weeks ago managed to hijack one of their prototype Flying Battle-ships and this was the true reason for their presence in the city these past few months. The Terrorists who gave their threating video before they began their strafing run on both New York and Washington were brought down by a combined effort of S.L.E.E.T and Army forces before they could commence bombing on our nation's capital. But there might have been a secondary force at play that aided in the downing of the Terrorists and their renegade Air battleship. Our own intrepid Street Reporter, Stephanie Walker, while taking refuge from the riots that engulfed the city in response to the Terrorists threats, managed to get brief but effective footage of what we believe to be the "Vigilantes" that have been the talk of this town for most of this summer. They can be seen getting onto what experts have identified as one of S.L.E.E.T's "Bird of prey" stealth fighter jets before flying off and engaging the Terrorists vehicle. With this revelation given regarding the Vigilantes who now can no longer be considered an urban myth, one has to wonder. Where did they get an S.L.E.E.T jet from, and does this mean they are a part of the S.L.E.E.T counter-terrorism organization? Time will tell, if these "Vigilantes" are truly friend or foe as public opinion is divided on them, as you can hear from these snippets we recorded from random people around New York".

Street rapster: "well dog, I think it's real chilling that we Yorkers have people like them out on the street. Cops can't always be there for y'all, and they don't need to stop for no procedures, warrants, procedures or doughnut's either. My hood has never been this safe at night because the creeps are scared!"

Officer Daniel Jennings of the East Side Police department: "look, these vigilantes may have their hearts in the Right place, but their doing the wrong things to achieve their goals. Vigilantism is illegal, no ifs and buts about it, it's written in the law. If they want to help law and order then they should drop the Halloween masks and register up with the cops or any other law firm like everyone else."

Cantankerous old Lady: "My front veranda in my apartment was damaged by that bombing yesterday and you're going to expect me to "Thank" these vigilantes because they supposedly helped stop a terrorist attack? They're hooligans that should be locked up, like all these other young yahoos running around the city like it's their personal playground! I should sue, as should the city of New York for the damage they didn't stop or caused."

Average Citizen on the Street: "Look I can't really say I condone what they're doing, but I can be grateful that they are out there doing what they do as well. My kids feel safer at night, our neighbourhood used to have thugs at every corner. Has anyone been jumped in the last few weeks? But still, if they are out there I want to know if they are sanctioned by our government. They can't go out and about doing what they are doing without any form of legislation that allows for them to liable for damages or any other things that could and will go wrong just like any cop, fireman or any other service bureau of the city"

"And there you have it, New Yorkers are divided on the pros and Cons of having a secret group of "Vigilantes" in the city. Time will tell if these opinions are fiction or truth about these "watchful protectors", now back to the weather…"

Stephanie Walker who had been watching the News report on the "Bombing of New York" story smiled secretly and closed the window on her computer at her desk in her windowless cubicle office.

She had been allowed by Marcus to present that video footage to her boss Jason S. Harris and now she in response to the "Captured" footage of the Vigilantes had been given both leeway and a salary raise due to her "Relentless pursuit of a story no one believed to be real".

She wondered about how crazy it was going to become around her when the real strange stuff began to happen in New York, whenever that happened that is.

Marcus had told her that the exact amount of Meta-humans that could be activated by the M-radiation in M-50 crystals, if they and their genes had already soaked up enough of the Harmless M-Radiation that blanketed the city AND the country already, the number could range from three to ten Metahumans activated from one blast of just one of those crystals…and they had accidentally dropped hundreds of them.

She just shook her head and stopped worrying, she…and the Legion would have to just cross those bridges when they showed.

Maybe if they were lucky, most would turn out to be just like them and not like the Dark Elite.

The Dark Elite.

S.L.E.E.T had searched the area that the Demeter had gone down in the ocean outside Washington DC with a fine toothed comb, but they didn't find anything.

No bodies and no wreckage…meaning that they were still out there, planning god knew what.

Meta-Master had been proven to be a cunning planner, this time the Legion had out gambitted him by playing dead just long enough to topple his plans.

Marcus had come close to restoring his father back to sanity…the next time he and the Legion meet with Meta-Master, things wouldn't be so simple.

"THERE YOU ARE WALKER!" roared the voice of Beatrice Fuller, who brazenly entered Stephanie's cubicle and stood over her like a vulture eyeing a piece of dead meat.

Stephanie didn't even turn to face her, Beatrice was a red faced as the vegetable that started the first part of her name "you! I know it was you. You and those freaky friends of yours humiliated me on live television yesterday, if there wasn't all these workers around here I'd take it out of your ass!"

"No…" Stephanie said turning to look at her, "YOU humiliated yourself when you decided to break into my apartment, go behind the boss's back and forge a "special new bulletin" and tried to Slander the "Vigilantes" with your perjury. Did you think they would stand for it".

"You lousy B^$#*!, You helped them humiliate me! I know you did, you disgraced me with that fake video stunt yesterday!" Beatrice Fuller snapped.

"You still kept you job! Because Mr. Harris figured that the video of you naked as a playboy bunny in the middle of an act was part of the terrorist calling himself Meta-Master's threat video, a spam video to get people's attention before the real one came up. You should consider yourself lucky." Stephanie said cautiously.

"Lucky!?" Beatrice fuller asked in shocked disbelief at the "Audacity" of what Stephanie Walker had just said.

"Yes, "Lucky"! This may come as a shock to you, but the vigilantes are as human as the rest of us. They have friends and family that they keep protected by staying anonymous, your video and attempt to expose them as menaces could have potentially endangered them and their loved ones. Did you not think they would act? They know what kind of person you are, you may not care about them or their loved ones safety but they do…and so do I! You'd better be careful, and drop your vendetta because they won't hesitate to do something like this again. They will do what they must to protect the people they care about…And I won't hesitate to help them either!" Stephanie Walker glared, "breaking into my apartment was an all-time low for you…you won't be getting the drop on me like that ever again, I promise you that!"

"This isn't over Walker" Beatrice glared, "I'll get even with you and your freaky Vigilantes someday, you'll see! People will see your vigilantes for what they really are, freaks and monsters and when they do, it will be your turn to be embarrassed in the News Media world!"

And with that, Beatrice Fuller turned around and left the cubicle in a huff.

"And I pray every day that that day never comes…" Stephanie muttered to herself, and then went to work on her assigned story for the day "S.L.E.E.T searches city for hazardous materials dumped by Terrorist attack".

Undersea area, five miles off the coast of Long Beach: August 29th,2013, 9:30 AM

Down in the murky depths of the drop off area of the New York underwater land shelf, rested the damaged but still intact HMS Damocles.

A steady maelstrom supplying the ship with fresh air from the surface running into one of the open bulkhead doors.

Depth Charge who was supplying the air to the ship, and who had used his Hydrokinetic power to move the ship here to this spot, stood amongst the rest of the Dark Elite on the bridge of "The Sanctum" as Meta-Master called the HMS Demeter.

They were all embarrassed and angry that they had all been beaten by a bunch of kids, twice!

But none was more embarrassed or as furious as Meta-Master who stood there leaning on the front railing, looking out through the window at the ocean floor outside the ship.

"They found us somehow" Meta-Master said in deep thought, "I could feel something, some kind of electric energy field stretch itself around the city, scanning for something for the past two months. That's how they found the ship! Marcus must have upgraded his Meta-gene scanner…where could he have possibly hidden it? Where was it that the blasted Heroes Legion could be hiding in within the city?"

They ruined his Master plan, he would need to make up another. But as long as the Legion was around and had access to the Meta-gene scanner he would have to do it from this area outside the city…outside the Scanners "field of view". He could sense it now, just a few feet away from the ship.

They were undetectable as long as they remained here, until Marcus upgrade its power to sense M-genes to make its detection field wider.

No doubt he would do just that eventually, him and that sniveling techno-boy genius called "Silicon".

He didn't know where the M-gene detection field was coming from, but he was going to find out!

He looked back over his shoulder at his Dark Elite.

They grew nervous as he looked at them.

As well they should have been nervous as he looked at them.

He had warned them that they had better bring their A-game in the next bout, because if not, he would be looking to "replace" a few members with any of the new Metahumans that would appear in New York after the events of yesterday.

And the severance package he had for expulsion of his Dark Elite, was more "Severance" than package.

"They invade our lair, our home and humiliated us" Meta-Master finally spoke again, "we'll take this opportunity of them not being able to find us as long as the M-Gene detection field is only so big and wide over the New York Area. Lick our wounds, and then we will wait until more of our brothers and sisters come to rebirth as one of our kind. We will also in the process scour the city, till we find where the Heroes Legion is hiding…and then repay them for this humiliation from them invading OUR place of Refuge!"

Meta-Master then began to laugh evilly, slowly joined by the Dark Elite in unison as they thought about the irony of attacking the Legion where they lived if and when they found it.

It would be so sweet!

On the outside of the ship, fish that were swimming turned and swam away in fear when they heard that laughter.

The laughter of a league of Villains called "The Dark Elite".

Heroes Legion mansion, August 29th, 2013, 10:04 AM

The Heroes Legion were seated around the common room, watching the same News report as Stephanie Walker had been.

They weren't really concerned with the public's opinion of them at the moment, not when there was the problem of the M-50 in the city at hand.

And the fact that with this event and all the others that came before it, the veil of Metahumans existing as an urban myth was deteriorating rapidly.

M-Leader had already told them that because of the possibility of more Metahumans popping up in new due to yesterday, he had been in conversation with General Arcane, and had scheduled a meeting with some dignitaries to explain to them about "Metahumans" and what they could do for and to their country, the good and the bad.

Metahumans wouldn't be a secret for much longer, so General Arcane had decided its better they gave the people in charge of the country a heads up and an incentive not to get all paranoid about it.

With all the good that his Legion had done, he hoped it would be enough to curb the xenophobia and the paranoia that was ever a part of the "Human condition".

Especially if and when the secret got out…the good relations might be enough to keep the witch hunts from occurring.

M-Leader wasn't so sure, after seeing what already what government officials would do if they knew about Metahumans and the Meta-gene he wasn't too keen about General Arcane's plan.

It was a long shot, but M-Leader didn't see much choice.

Then there was the scattered M-50, the ones that didn't explode and release the Mutagenic M-Radiation onto the populace.

They could still present a danger and the Legion had to find them before they went off, or someone set them off as well!

"So how are we going to find all of them?" Velocity asked in regards to the spilled M-50 crystals, "we couldn't even find that stuff when it was still in the second cargo bay of the Demeter"

"We'll just have use the M-radiation scanners on the Battle-Falcon when it's repaired" Silicon explained, "but in the meantime, we've got ourselves a little scavenger hunt"

"Oh joy!" Velocity said in an unexcited tone.

Even with his super speed powers this was going to be a chore, and he wasn't very fond of doing "Chores".

"You know I still can't figure it out" Raven said, holding her gaurdemon Murdoch in her lap with her cat celeste beside him, "how did you break M-Leader free of Black Knights mind control gas, he was such a mess when we found him?"

"Actually Raven…" Murdoch said looking over at M-Leader who was still wearing his chest cast "I didn't. When I broke him free, he shook off the effects of the gas all on his own".

"He's right…" M-Leader said, "But I didn't really break free of the Black Knight's gas, not until we had landed back here at the Mansion"

"But then how… how did you manage to overcome its effects?" Atlanta wondered.

"Willpower" M-Leader answered, "the mind is a powerful tool. While I still had the urge to subconsciously obey the command I had been given by Meta-Master to mind wipe the city, even though we didn't get that far…I found a solution to temporarily fend off the influence of the gas"

"Which was?" Shadow Knight asked, curiously.

"thinking about you all, dead by my feet, killed by Meta-Master" M-Leader said solemnly, "that one thought drove me to put all of my will into getting down there and saving you, even against the effects of the gas itself…that one image drove me. I lost someone…someone I had great care and feelings for a while back. Someone who if circumstances had been different might have been the one who might have become my second wife. Meta-Master killed her, and I sure as hell wasn't going to stand by and watch him do it again…not when I had the power to stop him this time"

"Sounds familiar" Shadow Knight mused solemnly.

"He killed two people I cared about too" Silicon said sadly, "the woman that M-Leader is talking about who I saw as a mother back in the orphanage, and my best friend Alex Rivers"

Raven and Atlanta put a sympathetic arm on Silicon's shoulders, Velocity winced in pain when he heard Silicon say that.

He had come to see Silicon as a "little buddy" after all they had been through with the Heroes Legion together, to hear Silicon say that Meta-Master had killed his best friend and a woman he saw as a mother…he really felt for him.

"I'm Sorry to hear that Jason" Robo-Warrior said, "we both are"

"It's alright guys…" Silicon said, wiping away a tear from his eye that had sprung when he thought about Sarah McLane and Alex Rivers, "it hurts when I think about them, all this time and I still am mourning for them. But lately I have noticed that there's one thing I have now that makes the pain of their deaths more bearable"

"What's that?" asked Velocity.

Silicon smiled, "I have friends, seven of them"

The Legion was touched by this statement, and Shadow Knight strolled up behind the couch and ruffled up the young Meta-humans hair, showing a silly side of him he rarely showed "that you do shorty, that you do"

"That was a nice move you did back there yesterday" velocity complemented to Atlanta "you took Depth Charge down in one strike"

"Not exactly but…" Atlanta smiled prideful "yeah!"

"You had some good moves as well" Robo-Warrior added, "spinning Judas Black around in one spot like the Tasmanian devil. That was funny!"

"Not as funny as that creeps spell being sent back at him after insulting Raven" Shadow Knight smirked, "I bet THAT felt good"

Raven just blushed.

"Did you really go "Ole?" when you were facing Brawl on Ellis Island, Knight?" Silicon asked.

"It was a spur of the moment thing…" Shadow Knights eyes flashed "just because I take our job seriously, doesn't mean I DON'T have a sense of humor"

"So does this mean we should expect to see you on the late night comedy talk show?" Velocity quipped.

"Don't push your luck Speed trap!" Shadow Knight warned, but smiled underneath his mask.

As the Heroes Legion began to bond again over the events of last night, M-leader watched with pride.

Confident now more than ever that he had indeed this time had succeeded in his original goal. The one he had when he set out to create a "cure all" for mankind's sicknesses and weaknesses. In finding these kids, bringing them together and training them to work as a team he had created something that would potentially change, and better the world far more than his M-radiation experiments ever would have.

He had no idea what trials and perils lay before him and his team in the near future.

But now he knew that without a doubt, that he and they would handle them as a team…as well as with their allies, Stephanie Walker and General Arcane.

As a legion of Heroes, the likes the world has never seen before.

This was going to be a long and interesting road to travel down, sure to be fraught with danger.

But the best part of being a part of the team he had made, he wouldn't have to face it alone…and neither would they.

They were now, Legion!