The two friends walked silently down the stone path that led into the forest. it was way past midnight, Clary guessed, as she watched the clouds wash over the soft glow of the moon.

"where do you reckon she has gone?"

Stella sighed softly. "who knows? that girl always tends to wander off." Picking of her pace, with annoyance written across her forehead in bold letters, Stella let out a sigh of frustration. " If i get my hands on her.." coming to a sudden halt, Clary's eyes widened.

"wait. Do you hear that?"

"what? what are you doing on about-"

A rustle was heard not far from where they stood. Putting a finger to her libs in a silent warning, she walked towards the noise. hearing Clary's gasp of surprise, Stella rushed to where she stood, hunched over a boy precisely around their age with silver hair gleaming in the moonlight, His face concealed in the dark shadows of the night. Glancing closer, she noticed a dark liquid running down his strikingly pale face. "we have to help him. Forget about Sakura now. He is badly injured, this one."

Crouching low, Clary checked the boy's wrist for a pulse. Finally, there it was, a faint uneven beat beneath his smooth skin. " He is alive. Help me take him back to the apartment."

With a hesitant nod, Stella threw the boys left hand over her shoulder, and then they two girls both lifted. He was strangely light, Clary figured, As they carried him off to the city's abandoned streets.

After a few minutes walk, Clary paused as they reached an apartment building, as it hovered over them silently, casting long shadows.

"You take him inside i will go back-"

"No. You take care of him. Your better at healing anyway, "

"So i'll go."

And with that, Stella was gone with the shadows, not even waiting for a response. Glancing at the boy momentarily, She sighed took him inside the slightly cramped apartment, laying him on the sofa like a breakable object. His fair hair, She noticed, was pasted to his face with cold sweat. She reached to touch his forehead when a hand grabbed hers.

"And just what do you think your doing?"