Clary opened her eyes, only to find endless darkness. Where am i? Panicked, she quickly snapped her fingers to light the dark, only to find that her magic was so low she could not even make sparks, even less light her fingers. Suddenly and without warning, the shadows around her started moving, circling her like predators. Clary, now without her magic, was as vulnerable as anyone, and just as frightened as anyone would be when faced with such things.
"Clary…." They whispered, and Clary had to clear her thoughts and lean in to hear them as they whispered her name over and over again. And then, just as suddenly as they had come, they left, and the air started to get thick. Clary suddenly felt the ground beneath her shake and clear, leaving her to fall into an endless pit.

Sarah cradled her head in her hands, breathing heavily as she watched Yuki struggle on the floor, thrashing about as if in pain. She felt the same pain, as the cord that kept them together was being pulled and torn. Sarah soon started screaming and having seizures, while Yuki was only half awake, his thrashing calming to a stop as his chest silently stopped going up and down. Sarah started sobbing and cradled him and kissed his fur, but it was no use; for he was not able to be revived. Sarah felt the emptiness take over her and fell on the ground herself, drenched in cold sweat.

Ash sat on his bed, when suddenly there came screams from the room near his. He knew immediately whose it was, and scrambled to his feet, clutching his sword tightly. Starting to walk, Ash started to sprint towards where the noise was coming from, and then came another scream. Ash flinched and sped up; however he felt something dreadful had happened already. And so when he reached the Queen's room, there came the stench of iron, belonging to the crimson liquid that ran under her door. Drenched in sweat, Ash creaked open the door and something sprang at him. It was a blur, and therefore he could not identify the creature, but it went right over him and bolted out of the got up, and the sight he saw would be etched forever in his mind; Victoria lay on the ground, out cold, with blood around her like a badly made dress.

Will woke with a gasp and glanced around widely, when he saw Sarah smiling at him from the window of his bedroom back in his own world, and for a moment he thought that perhaps it was all a dream, and stood up, throwing the window open to reveal the familiar blond hair which gleamed in the moonlight, and the shining blue eyes. But when Will took a look closer, he noticed something off, as if a black dot on a white sheet.
She was slowly crumbling from reach, small pieces starting to fall from her as if she were dust in the wind. Will reached for her hand, and Sarah gave him a distant smile, as if she really was far away, and her hand started to crumble as well, and then the rest of her was gone before Will could have done anything more. Will felt a tear roll down his pale cheek, which was white as a sheet, and that was all he felt as the world went dark.

"This is not the end, so fear not. This is, my friends, only the horrifying beginning of our story. Some things may be illusions and may not, so look for the clues necessary to find the answers you seek."