I've looked at the sky for sometime now, it's rays are starting to turn turquoise

I can see all of Chicago from this rooftop. OH BEAUTIFUL CHICAGO

I was chased before they started punching

me into the ground. Man do i feel like trashy garbage.

Like some low life loser

It's so unappealing when i think about it, so very unappealing

The cussing was also unappealing

Those bastards! I can swear too. Fuck those turquoise waves. I fuckin hate turquoise!

Fuck that color! I just got my ass beat for no reason. a couple of fuckin coins! Those losers

How dark they beat me like that! How dare they leave me to stare at the turquoise sky in chicago

Chicago's sky isn't supposed to be turquoise! Chicago isn't supposed to be garbage

All i can remember is the punching

I hate teenagers despite myself being one! I also hate the after effects of punching

it so unappealing. so very unappealing

Im garbage? Fuck the garbage! you treated me like garbage

Red stars and turquoise! SCREW THE STARS AND TURQUOISE!

Also fuck you Chicago

You are the most unappealing loser of all, you chicago are a loser

As i stand for a awhile, the sky above starts to become a dark shadow of Turquoise all i can see is losers

I should feel pride that i didn't give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I should laugh at that failed attempt of boy band punching

Isn't it just bullshit! I shouldn't be feeling like this because some kids couldn't afford their shoes, i shouldn't be afraid to live where i walk. SHould i chicago

Don't you find it unappealing?

All the suffering, all the homeless and all the people that just want to be in a warm bed with full tummies, they all see the bullshit turquoise.

These people who live through bullshit are treated like absolute shit! It's garbage.

I should just jump off this roof. I already live in garbage

I can't live my life because gang members need money for their drugs and alcohol! The losers.

This is a pitiful town down casted by the rays of turquoise.

I should not have to feel the after effect of some boy band punching

me into the ground. Those boys who couldn't have been over twenty are utterly unappealing

I feel bad for them. They live in chicago, they breath chicago, yet they suffer chicago.

And YOU! THE BIGGEST farce of all… You windy piece of shit chicago

You take the happiness that kids hold and put a gun in their hand, there's no opportunity in this city when kids don't know what to do except garbage

You are the unappealing towers surrounding these unappealing specimens, you're unappealing

you treat your own citizens in the middle class to down class like losers

At the same time you are beautiful, along with your people, things change. I won't feel these punching

Effects eventually, i'll remember them, but they'll make me stronger. Hell i'm not mad anymore. Man those stars look beautiful in that turquoise

Turquoise chicago

Punching Garbage

Loser Unappealing