A boy who sits at home

Stuck to his bed like glue

Lying on his back

Staring at the apricot ceiling

Cancer stick stuck to lips

Lighting up like a flashlight

Like the light at the end of the tunnel

Inhaling it's polluting air



For a mother that's home

But never seem to be there

Everything is black

Like a starless light

Like a dark hole

A never ending hole that leaves no light

Has no exit

Has yet to bring in any light

This is inside

But even so he knows

THat when the room fills with smoke

When his mother mind is not home

Where the light blow

And the stars aren't meant to show

He knows

"It's okay'


A boy who could not speak words till 5

Curved as a straw in the straight

Yet ultimately he's blind

Blind to the motivation

Stuck on the rut of thinking

Blind to the passion that he has

Strumming the guitar blindly

Blind to his own future

Screaming out his horror

Stuck in the past

Not moving forward

He waits for someone


He waits for himself

To walk forward

Bringing his own feet along for the ride

Someone to come back to normal

Because inside their minds just died

He waits for the father that he really never knew

Waiting is a passion

He knows is unavoidable

He hates it more than anything

But knows it's all he can do

He'll stay waiting

Doesn't go home

Doesn't need to go home

He waits for someone to take him away

Away from the suffering misery that happens to be his life

So continually he runs


Disgusted with the world around him

Yet at the same time he knows

"It's okay"


A woman who waits for a sign

A sign of him

The man that used to grin goofily at her

Hugging her on whims

For he didn't need a reason

He didn't need that all

He's the one that makes her smile

She'll wait for him forever

But she knows

He won't be coming home

The world has prevented him from doing that

So she waits wallowing with this wretchedness

Grinning gives her time

Time to be herself

Time to tell herself lies

Telling herself the lies that she wants to hear

Seeing what's not there

Yet ultimately she's dying

A slow painful existence

"I hate you"

She says

Quietly to herself

Waiting for someone who can never come home again

SHe sits and laughs

SHe sits and cries

Mind long gone

Collided into another existence

Never to come back from the crash

Broken beyond repair

Like the man she waits for

At night as she lay in her misery

She asks god

She wonders to the mighty spirit of god

Why does he hate me

She just asks why

Just wants to know why

Yet never receives an answer

So she waits



"It's Okay"

They are blood, but i am me

Despite the thinking

It's always leads back

To screaming

To Crying

To combusted laughing

It all makes me feel warm

It makes me happy

My mom may be different than most

My bro may smoke

And then there's the dumb one

But their all the more happy

In my book

That's what makes it okay

Cause if i were the same as you

If you were the same as me

That's just boring

I'm me, You're you and my family's crazy


It's okay

People just need to know that

I alway tell myself that


"It's okay"