Burning, scalding, searing rage,

hot like smelted ore.

Paralyzing grief,

unbearable anguish,

curled up on the bathroom floor,

forming rivers and lakes through

strings of copper wire and bruised retinas.

Pure white fabric stained crimson,

desecrated, unclean, tainted;

flowing scarlet waterfalls,

liquid metal dripping down the curves

of ivory skin.

Sparkling ruby dewdrops

collect on blades of glass,

and marble tile,

and porcelain fountains.

No tears nor rain can wash away

the torment burrowed deep inside

the mutilated fibres

of exposed nerve endings

that send shock waves of

stabbing pain through the seams of my skull

and grey matter.

Parasitic thoughts infecting

the fractures of my mind,

infiltrating and replicating like a virus

with no antidote, no remedy, and no cure.

Glowing molten suffering

igniting fires along branches,

pathways and trails of glistening stars

reflected in the everglades of the sylvan forest.

Severing from the wretched entanglement

of my unrelenting existence;

the actuality, mortality, and reality of being–

shattered, broken, and abandoned,

wondering what I did this time

to make you disappear,

a mirage, a wraith haunting me,

as I mourn you in the constellations

of the southern sky,

and the loss

of my stolen essence.