Heroes Legion: "Year One": Book Two

"The Hive"

By Maskedhero100


Atlantean Parole

Heroes Legion Mansion/Clubhouse Infirmary: December 3rd, 2013: 9:18 AM

Silicon couldn't quite remember the last time he had been thrashed and tossed around so violently before, but if he could…this….would be the top worst in worst times he had ever awoken from one of those times and wasn't dead.

Thank you Metahuman physiology!

Still hurt like hell to breath though, but that's what happens when your body gets stabbed and has a ton of heavy ice fall onto it, liquid metal or not…it hurts.

He must have went unconscious when the Cryo-Pack's leaking Cryo-Fluid caused the Hive-Beast construct that Hive-Queen had been using to attack him to instantly freeze, and then big pieces of snow and ice fell upon both him and Hive-Queen hard.

Hard enough to knock him out somehow, he couldn't remember how…because whenever he tried his head hurt.

He felt his head with his left hand and found that there were indeed medical bandages wrapped around his head.

He must have really taken a hit to the head.

But beside the fact he couldn't remember anything beyond defeating The Hive-Beast, but everything else in his attic seemed fine.

He then noticed he wasn't alone in the room, all around him in chairs, sleeping bags or cots were his teammates, and M-Leader.

They were all sleeping, but Silicon was touched when he realised that they all were here in the infirmary with him because they were greatly concerned for his well-being.

Even Shadow Knight who didn't have a normal sleep cycle like the rest of them was sleeping on a cot in the far corner of the room near the door.

He wondered how long he had been out, and how many hours that they all had stayed up keeping vigil over him.

He smiled as he looked around the room at the Sleeping form of the people who had become a surrogate family to him, The Heroes Legion, tears of happiness began to well up in his eyes.

He had never felt so blessed to have friends like them.

That was when his stomach growled loudly.

It was so quiet in that infirmary room that you could have heard a dust mite sneeze, a growling stomach was almost like the roar of some kind of primal animal.

The Heroes Legion all stirred or shot right up from their sleep, and after rubbing the sleep dust out of their eyes, all turned to look in his direction.

"He's Awake!" Raven Ducard declared getting up from her sleeping bag in an attempt to get up off the floor of the Infirmary to embrace young Silicon.

Murdoch beat her to it, his black cat agility allowed him to scramble and leap up onto the infirmary bed Silicon was confined to, and was soon rubbing his cat head up against young silicon's chin like any normal cat would have done when they were glad to see someone.

"You gave us all a scare kid" Murdoch said.

"You do that again…" Atlanta said sitting down on a chair nearby his bedside, rubbing her hand through the young Metahuman hero's hair, "and I'm going to have to pound you. You had all us worried. We thought you might not wake up"

Silicon then saw Andrew griffin in his usual Robo-Warrior armor, then that meant that he had succeeded!

"Cyber-29, Andrew…" Silicon asked warily, "Is that really you both in there?"

The helmet section of the Robo-Warrior suit retracted, revealing the kind and smiling face of his friend Andrew Griffin, and then he heard the electronic voice of Cyber-29 speak through the suits speakers "yep, it's me kiddo. I'm me again….Raven Ducard and Murdoch reversed the petrification spell Raven had cast onto the suit a few nights ago. I just simply reattached the disc back into the suit and re-uploaded myself back into my familiar accommodations here in The Robo-Warrior suit."

"A few Nights ago?" Silicon said surprised, "how long was I out? What happened to Hive-Queen?"

"A few days" M-Leader said putting a comforting hand on his adopted son's shoulders reassuringly, "And don't worry about Hive-Queen. She's been taken care off"

M-Leader then used his psychic powers to show Silicon and the rest of The Heroes Legion the sight of Hive-Queen locked up in a cell in Ryker's Island's "Special Cases" wing, no longer looking like a threat to them or anyone anymore.

The cell they had her in was airtight and pressurised with food, water and other accommodations sent into the cell via a one way pneumatic system, with a M-Ray inhibitor collar around her neck supressing her Metahuman powers.

She still had the changed appearance, but her body wasn't manufacturing the Tar that could assimilate people and their minds into becoming a part of hers anymore due to the collar.

Also as a precaution just in case by some way or another she managed to keep producing her Tar again despite the Collar, the Cell floor was fitted with hundreds of tiny water strainer like holes.

If the tar was ever reproduced by her in her cell, it would fall down through the strainer floor, down a tube leading to an incinerator.

This was another precaution to keep her from using her elemental shapeshifting ability to merge with the Tar her body produced and use it to escape, and Silicon had to admit, it was a good cell for someone as dangerously insane as Hive-Queen was.

Hopefully she stayed there, at least until either her rehabilitation occurred or a way to neutralize her powers permanently.

That night alone had proven her to be a dangerous menace to more than just New York City alone.

Silicon leaned back in his infirmary bed, breathing a sigh of relief upon taking in the sight of the Captured and neutralised supervillianess Hive-Queen.

"So I take it you all know what I did back there, huh?" Silicon said as he looked around at the rest of The Heroes Legion.

"Yeah, we know…" Velocity smirked, "you and Cyber-29 managed to find and use a Radio transmitter/Transceiver to send out a radio signal strong enough to reach M-Leader since Heroes Links: One was trashed…"

"Sorry about that though" grimaced Murdoch, but Silicon just stroked the fur on the Black Cat's head, assuring him that Silicon didn't hold him responsible for what he did to the supercomputer while under The Hive's control.

"After you managed to contact him and General Arcane" Velocity continued, "and brief him on the situation. You told him to get the Night Hawk over to New York's Central park at an allotted time, and then drop a missile filled with that green stasis gunk that we used on Brawl a while back. Then the rest, well, is history as they say"

"Wow Velocity" said Silicon sarcastically, "That was really in depth. Did you really figure that all out or did you take notes during the de-briefing that I was absent for like you usually do?"

"Well, actually…." Velocity smiled sheepishly as he held up a notebook in his hand, "M-Leader and Cyber-29 explained it, and I just took notes so I could remember it enough to tell you about how much I appreciated the full scope of what you did later"

Silicon laughed along with the rest of the legion at Velocities expense, Velocity just shrugged casually with his own amused smirk on his face as he did.

"I'm just glad it all worked. I designed that missile as a countermeasure against Brawl, just in case we ever needed it. The Night-Hawk is always going to be in need of some countermeasures, so I decided to work on installing the one we knew already worked against one of The Dark Elite. I just never figured it would be used on someone else for the same purpose" Silicon shrugged modestly.

"Well it worked kiddo" Raven Ducard said, pointing to Silicon's bandaged injuries "but that was a very risky move you did, taking her on all on your own. You could have been killed Jason!"

"I can't believe you let that crazy woman swallow you like a dog with a Denta-styx bone!" Shadow Knight said sternly, "what were you thinking?"

"I was thinking….what would all of you have done if you were me" Silicon said, "and when I came up with the plan to let her "Swallow" me with the damaged Cryo-Packing tow, I was taking a lesson I learned from two pragmatic strategists"

Shadow Knight and Atlanta seemed to blush in embarrassed flattery when they both realised that Silicon was referring to the two of them.

"Fine….it was a spur of the moment decision in a dangerous situation, I'll grant that." Shadow Knight sighed, "Just don't do it again. I've got no intention of ever seeing anyone on this team end up six feet under, especially when I was in close proximity to them during the fight that was their last and could have helped out"

"I guess that's fair" Silicon said rubbing his bandaged chest as he did before he recoiled in pain as he had touched the severely cut and bruised area of his injuries.

"You know General Arcane said that he was so impressed by what you did Silicon, he's going to come and present you with one of his medals of honor for "courage under fire", once he gets back from cleaning up the reservoir water of Hive-Queen's tar" M-Leader said with a proud look on his face.

"You know kid" Agent Smith said with admiration, "the General doesn't give those medals out lightly. You really impressed him with what you did a few days ago during that night of Crisis"

"Wait a second!" Silicon said with a worried look on his face, "what about Stephanie? Is she okay?"

Robo-Warrior smirked, and then held out his armored palm, and Silicon watched as a small hologram recording of a News Report from Channel 5 News began to play before the young Metahuman.

To his relief, there was Stephanie Walker.

She was okay, and she was reporting on the situation with the New York Central Park Reservoir….and giving out the cover-story that S.L.E.E.T had made up to cover up the Metahuman presence that had occurred there.

"A few days ago, a series of Mass hysteria, and sickness resulting in severe hallucinations regarding "living Tar" and "zombies" rocked the city for a whole night. After a few days of investigation, S.L.E.E.T and Water & Power agents discovered the source of the mass hallucinogen and how it was distributed over such a wide area. Apparently, a foreign but natural contaminant got into the Recover through its underground spring source and filtered it way through the city's water system. Crews are working round the clock to remove the contamination from the city's water supply, as the city is forced to go on a forced water fast. S.L.E.E.T commanding Director General Arcane promises to have the city's Water up and running by tomorrow at the least. This is Stephanie Walker for Channel 5 News, now back to you Beatrice"

The Hologram recording stopped there, and silicon looked at the others with a raised eyebrow "let me guess? Beatrice tried to pin it all on "The Vigilantes of New York" again?"

"What do you think?" Agent Smith scoffed, "the lady should be in the tabloid business with the libel she spiels"

"And, how was Stephanie?" Silicon asked them, "Was she traumatised?"

"No, she wasn't." M-Leader assured, "She's a strong woman. Besides when asked her, she assured me that she had seen "worse" when she was just starting out as a Street Reporter way before the rise of Metahumans ever occurred. She's okay. She's also very worried about you, so I should call her after and tell her you're awake and are all right. I'm proud of you Silicon, I'm proud of all of you. You all did good protecting this city while I was away"

"We got assimilated" Atlanta looked at her team leader in disbelief at his praise for their efforts in defeating Hive-Queen and her Hive-Infected.

"Yes, you may have. But when disaster struck, you all dealt with it the very way that I've trained you all to do to deal with situations like that one whenever they occur. As a team, you may have all fell under Hive-Queens influence, but you didn't hesitate to do the right thing. Hive-Queen found out the hard way that you shouldn't underestimate all of or even one member of The Heroes Legion. That the ties you've all made with each other as a team has made even just one of you as a danger to any supervillians plans if any off you are messed with or taken down for whatever reason. That's something to proud off, not ashamed off."

"What about the new Metahumans?" Silicon asked, "The ones you went to look for?"

"urban myths, and people looking for attention" M-Leader explained, "and the others who were the real deal weren't exactly people who would be targets of Meta-Masters "Recruitment Drive" for his army…but that doesn't mean the ground isn't still shrinking beneath our feet regarding Metahumans remaining a secret before were ready to reveal this secret to the world. Eventually the M-50 radiation is going to produce Metahumans who are on the same level as us, maybe even higher."

"We'll take care of them" Velocity said giving his leaded a thumbs up, "just like we have so far"

Shadow Knight rolled his eyes at Velocity's brash optimistic statement, "you mean "hopefully we take care of the next situation BETTER than we have so far" don't you?"

Silicon's stomach then began to growl again.

"So…" Murdoch chuckled, "THAT'S what we all heard. You've been out for a while, I shouldn't be surprised that that things growling so loudly"

"Come on guys" Raven Ducard said to the others, "let's go up and whip something up for brave little Silicon here?"

Silicon blushed at Raven.

"You should be out of here in a few days Jason" M-Leader assured him, "so just relax and take it easy, okay? We'll get you some food and water"

"Good" Silicon said, "because I have some work I need to do on Heroes Links: One after that night"

M-Leader nodded in understanding, and then followed the others out of the infirmary on their way to the Mansion Kitchen up above.

As they left, Silicon looked up at the ceiling.

He then thought to himself, "I did it Sarah, I saved them. How did I do?"

He couldn't explain this, but a feeling told him that Sarah Harding was up there and she had heard his thought.

And she was smiling proudly down at him with motherly pride in what he had done.

Proud of the young Metahuman Hero he had become under M-leaders tutelage and care.

Kingdom of Atlantis, December 4th, 2013: 4:30 AM

The Penal Colony of Atlantis, the intended place of punishment for its worst murderers, criminals or traitors to the crown or the City of Atlantis and her people.

Located in an underground Cave a thousand miles away from the city only accessible via the Maelstrom portal, this place is a one way trip for people who earn this sentence, guarded by an army of Atlantean gaurds and its relatively isolate location it is the most used prison in the Atlantean Kingdom due to how hard it is to escape.

It is for this reason that no one ever expected anyone breaking IN to ever happen to this penal colony.

The gaurds had all been busy guarding the prisoners as they mined for gold an ore, joking about rumours they had heard from the gaurds in the Atlantean Royal Guard that princess Atlanta had told her brother that in the prisons up on the surface world, one of the things the surface dwellers do to their prisoners is make them sew clothes or stamp license plates…to make them more productive to society while imprisoned or something.

How ridiculous it all sounded, it made the gaurds laugh just thinking about prisoners using a hammer like a blacksmith and stamping some meaningless numbers onto a sheet of iron.

But their laughter soon turned sour when suddenly the one thing they had never been ready for occurred on their shift.

A break in.

The gaurds tried their best to fight against the lone figure who had broken in via the Maelstrom portal, leaving said gateway between subjugation and freedom open as he entered but also using the water of said portal to attack and kill every one of the gaurds in the penal colony.

The prisoners recognised the figure in the Black Armor, and while most cowered away in fear, the majority of the prisoners called to him, begging for him to free them from their well-deserved imprisonment.

Their cries fell on deaf ears, the figure in the black armor just walked past the mining pits heading for a lone cell.

He stopped in front of it and eyed the prisoner inside the cells.

The prisoner recognized the black clad armored figure and got up from his cell bed in surprise.

He then got angry and was about to say something when the figure shot out his hand, and using the water in the prisoners water dish, he created a gag around the prisoners mouth and nose.

As the prisoner started to choke on the water gag and also begin to drown, the dark figure spoke.

"You're a lucky man Sarkly" Depth Charge said, "if I didn't need you for my plan I would leave you to rot in here. But like you, we both have a similar problem: Atlanta. You hate her almost as much as I do, but you got off easy from last time…I had to have my bones reset and healed after Atlanta dropped that whale on me that day. So if you're a smart man, you'll shut up and listen to what I have to say. I have a plan that will not only hand both of us Atlantis, but also allow us to finally take revenge upon Atlanta. But if you agree to do your part…you will keep your mouth shut when I tell you too this time, and will do exactly what I tell you…or this will be exactly how you will die. Understand?"

The prisoner, now revealed to be the traitor Sarkly himself nodded and Depth Charge released his grip on the water molecules of the gag he had created from Sarkly's prisoner water dish.

Sarkly coughed up the water he had choked on, and then looked at Depth Charge with a glare.

He didn't like Depth Charge, the bastard had cost him everything when he got defeated by Atlanta and her surface dweller friends…but he hatted Atlanta, and he wanted her to pay for everything she had done to him.

"Alright…" Sarkly said, "I'm listening. What's your plan?"