Hello, my friend, it's nice to see you again; what's that, you've carved a cleft in my heart?
Oh, no thank you, I'd rather not- though it is small, this dent could tear me a part- Please don't leave for the night without filling that in an- oh. Goodnight then.

Good day, my chum, I'm happy you're having a good day! What this, you've left a dent in my heart that still hasn't healed yet? Well I suppose that's alright, just as long as you remember to fix it again before you leave for the- oh, ok, goodnight.

Good afternoon, my companion, yes what a lovely day! Oh... you'd like to add to your collection you've already taken away. Well... no, I don't think it's wise if this time you can- oh, you've already taken more, again.

How is your night going, my partner-in-crime oh, you've come to steal from my hollow again; like every other time. Well, I'm sorry not today, you see it's already quite hard to breath and I don't know what I'll do if you try to leave. It's started playing tricks on my mind, my world spins when you disappear, I know it shouldn't but things just aren't clear. The increasing hole in my chest is somehow thundering harder than before, sometimes, and I don't think it's wise to just let you go for these crimes. Please hear me out, I don't like what you're doing, I know you have no control and your intentions are pure but I just can't hide what's starting to stir. I am not pleased by these things, not pleased one bit, and I'm afraid if this continues; then my this could all go to-


It's true that you don't even know and for that you can't be blamed and I'm sorry that you may get the lashing but please, you really are quite distracting so if you could, find some way; I enjoy your company but...

get out of my head...please.