August 10, 1956 at the Gayettey Theater in Detroit.

A baggy pants comedian had just finished his routine. The audience clapped politely, and the host came back onstage.

"And now, folks, we have a very special treat for you. This girl is appearing for the first time anywhere. Please welcome Miss May Budd!"

A blond came onstage. She wore a red skirt and matching top, black stockings, and black pumps. The audience clapped with more enthusiasm than they did the comedian.

"Hello," she said. She had a thick Brooklyn accent. "Last night, I discovered I have a special talent: I can walk on water! You wanna see it?"

"Yes," murmured the audience.

The curtain opened. There was a large tank of water. On the left side was a ladder and a platform.

She took her shoes off and walked to the tank. She climbed up the ladder and stood on the platform.

"Well, here goes."

She stuck her left foot in the water. "It's cold!"

Then she walked off the platform—and fell into the water! It was about 3" deep.

The audience laughed, and the drummer did a rim shot.

She stood up in the water. "That's funny; it worked last night!"

She got out of the tank.

"Perhaps I'm wearing too many clothes."

She took off her top. The band played "stripper" music, while she did this. She wore a bra underneath.

"Maybe this'll work."

Once again, she climbed onto the platform and walked off of it.


The audience laughed again. And there was another rim shot.

"This isn't going too good!"

She got out.

"I need to be lighter."

This time, she stripped off her stockings. Then she climbed onto the platform.


More laughter. Once again, she got out.

"Perhaps it's this skirt."

She took it off, leaving on panties. Once again, she climbed onto the platform.



"This is gettin' redundant!"

She got out.

"I'm running out of things to take off!"

She removed her bra. This left her wearing just panties. Once more, she climbed onto the platform.


Suddenly, she opened her mouth, as if she was remembering something:

"I almost forgot: I need a special magic dust for this trick to work! Silly me!"

The band did a "Ta da!" Still in the water, she waved her hand at the audience, who cheered wildly. The curtain closed.