Aiyo you'll never go far

If you don't be smart

And go to school

Quit playin the fool

You got to learn or get burned

Otherwise you won't have the tools

To make it in life

You can't just fake it in life

So yo go to college

Gain some knowledge

If you wish to break it in life

And by break it

I mean make it in the big leagues

But if you don't get an education

You might find yourself in a situation

Where you're livin in the streets with nothin to eat

Holes in your shoes

Can't pay your dues

Plus blisters on your feet

Now how come

You find yourself in the slums?

Cuz you didn't educate yourself

So yo now you situate yourself

With fellow bums

Packin guns

You're mad dumb

A poor slob

With no job

Oh man you can't even afford

A corn on the cob

So you start to sob

Askin yourself

"How did I get here?"

After landin in prison cuz you robbed

Many homes

Cuz you lack brains in your dome

They found a gun made of chrome

With your fingerprints on it

Yo if only you could've paid your loans

But you can't now that you're locked up

If you only had got stocked up

On knowledge and went to college

You wouldn't be in that cell

Beggin for bail

Yo you're excuses are stale

Learn or get burned

Or you're doomed to fail