"Well it seems that all three bachelors have introduced themselves. As you all know, our bachelorette is kept backstage in an isolated soundproof room. She's a restless one, so let's meet her before she dies of excitement!"

The live audience broke into applause as an attractive and modestly dressed young woman stepped out on to the stage. She took care not to reveal herself to the contestants by keeping to the wall that separated them from her.

"You may recognize her as the star of several Rinse Off commercials. On top of that, she's a student at Willow Creek School of Performing Arts and quite the adventurous chef. Her interests include candid photography, pet grooming and observing the American male in his natural habitat. Let's welcome Julie Fontana!"

Julie Fontana turned to the host with a wide grin before giving a slight curtsey and batting eyes that wore an excessive amount of mascara.

He guided her to a plain white chair and she sat down with a toss of her professionally curled hair.

"Okay, Bachelor Number One..." She began in a rather saccharine tone whilst producing a set of cards. "If you could be any animal at night, which would you choose?"

"I can't believe this." Tony muttered with wide eyes while he watched television alongside Patricia and their two year old son David. "I knew she looked familiar..."

"You know her? Isn't that just another girl trying to take a stab at fame before she gets thrown aside for the next pretty face?"

Tony turned to stare at his wife somewhat cynically while she cradled David in her lap.

"You just described your modelling career."

"I'll have you know I wasn't just a flash in the pan. I lasted two years and my agent still speaks with me..."

"I spent most of that time in mourning, you know."

"Well, so did I. But it's all in the past now." Patricia remarked as a sadness sprung up in her eyes. "And you still haven't told me who that is."

"I taught her two years ago. She kept to herself and didn't talk much at all about show business. I guess it was supposed to be a secret."

"Mike, I just got off the phone with Rita." Sharon said urgently upon striding into the living room to confront her ten year old brother. "Her sister's on 'Are You Mr Right?'. You have to change the channel now!"

"I'm on it." Michael replied without hesitation. He grabbed the remote control and followed her request in one of the rare moments that something trumped Battlestar Galactica in terms of intrigue.

The house was filled minutes later with the sound of them cheering at everything Julie Fontana said and betting on who the winning bachelor would be.

Their mother Judith heard the racket from upstairs and came down to see what they were getting so excited over. She stopped right by the living room entrance and soon enough, also recognized the young woman on television.

"How on earth did Angela's daughter get a spot on there? I must be dreaming..."

In the year that they'd known each other, Karen never thought she'd see her quietly handsome roommate so focused on a mere dating show.

It was a strange sight indeed and despite impulse telling her to bombard him with questions, she realized Steve was better left alone until he felt ready to talk about what was on his mind.

As such, she headed off to take a shower and fantasize about making love to him.

He finally turned his head when the bathroom door slammed shut. A look of guilt became apparent on his face and he got up to turn off the television.

"What am I doing? I can't just keep ignoring her..."