This is by no means intended to be yaoi.

A small, wavy flop of dark cream colored hair hit the table, followed by a loud prolonged moan of agony. Another figure with similar locks approached and knelt down to his level.

"What's the matter, Al?"

"I don't want to do this anymore, Big Bro!" Alister exclaimed, his face still planted firmly on the desk as he shoved the books and papers away. However, they barely moved as the book was far too heavy. "Big Bro" rubbed his back tenderly.

"Do you want a break?"

"NO! I want to be done!" He yelled, lifting his head from the desk with fire burning in his eyes. "I… Don't want to work so much so much! I wanna play and laugh like all the other third graders in the country! This isn't… What I want to do my whole life…!"

By the time he was finished with his rant, tears were following from his eyes like waterfalls. He placed his small hands over his mouth in shame. He hadn't meant to say that much! Was Hershel going to judge him for it…? No… He couldn't even live without his brother!

The twenty year old sighed and patted him on the head. "I know."

"You… do?" The nine-year-old sniffled, shocked that his brother knew already. He hadn't told anyone! The only place he had it written was in his diary, but surely his brother wouldn't be so invasive…!

"Yes." Hershel folded his hands in front of his face, leaning his elbows on the table. Alister had usually seen him assume this position when he was about to explain to another businessman why they should sell this or that to him. "You see, though life is unpredictable, other people's reactions and feelings can often be predicted with enough knowledge and intelligence."

"What… Do you mean?"

"I mean that, do you honestly believe that I haven't noticed how depressed you've been since you entered third grade six months ago? If I can predict the actions of my competition, how much more than my little brother whom I've taken care of since you were two."

Alister flinched at the mention. That was when his personal nanny had left him alone for only a minute and he had climbed on some boxes to reach something, no one knew what. But the boxes all toppled, right on top of his lower half and they were heavy. Never had Hershel heard a more blood curdling screech and wail, and he could still hear it clearly, even though it's been seven years.

After, it was said that his legs were permanently damaged and he would be unable to walk ever again. His parents were furious to the point that they sued the nanny for everything they were worth and took Hershel out of his expensive business heavy high school. Instead, he would have a personal tutor and watch over Alister himself. He was fine with that at the time, the kids at his school were heartless snobs (he was too, honestly) and he didn't trust anyone to watch over his brother, not even his parents who only visited once or twice a year. He had so much building resentment and hatred after what happened, especially when his little brother gazed into his eyes with those light blue orbs. He was sitting on his lap with two casts encasing the entirety of each of his legs. He questioned, "Big Bro… Will I ever walk again?"

"No. I'm so sorry, Alister."

He watched the tears fill his eyes before he went on a fully fledged tantrum, lying on his side and pounding his fists on the ground. He was wailing for a long time before he ended up crying in his brother's arms. Hershel kept stroking the toddler's hair until he calmed down. "Does… That mean I can't play anymore…?"

"There are plenty of games you can still play. You'll be able to move when your casts are gone and you'll be in a wheelchair."



Alister jumped when he felt a hand on his should, snapping him out of his mental lapse. "Al, did you hear anything I just said?"

"No… I'm sorry, I spaced out when you said you were watching over me since I was two."

"It's alright." Hershel sighed and sat back in his chair, leaning back in it, before a malicious grin grew on his face. "Isn't it awful Brother?"

"Huh?" Alister flinched a little. His brother only put on that face when he was about to do something awful.

"How our parents make the legal decisions for you when they hardly even know you. They never did anything for you but gave you life and they expect the world. It was the same with me."

"B-but… Even if we're upset about it, it won't change anything…"

"That's not true, Little Brother."

"It… Isn't?"

"No. It isn't easy but it is possible. I brought you from the ground up, they don't deserve any right over you, and I'm done arguing with them, it's pointless." His voice was just getting bitterer by the second and his face just kept contorting with his emotions. It was really scaring Alister, his brother was acting far too scary for him. "So, the only thing left is to rip you right from under them. And once I've done that, I can finally escape them. I graduated from college at sixteen and have since built this business of mine out of nothing, and it yet rivals their business, they built their whole lives. To accomplish a feat at so young is remarkable." He cackled darkly, and threw something that appeared to be a dart at a photo on the wall of the two of them and it cracked and fell to the floor with a thump that seemed to rival the beating of Alister's heart. The smaller blond was tongue tied. He had seen his brother talk that way before, but never to or about him. His face was growing pale so he took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"B-b…" He swallowed, trying to choke out his words. "Brother…"

Hershel turned his head to his brother and noticed how shaken he was. "What's wrong? Has something I said alarmed you? It's supposed to be a joyous occasion Al! Once all is said and done, you'll never have to look at another business crap if you don't want o."


"Yes, because I'm going to snatch you away from our neglectful parents."

"That would be… So wonderful…" Alister smiled widely. "B-but you're still acting creepy Big Bro, it's alarming."

"Oh, I'm sorry I alarmed you." Hershel stood upright and walked out of the room.

"Big Bro, wait!" Alister exclaimed, maneuvering around with his wheelchair, until he was rolled into the next room. He stared at the empty room. 'What…? Where did my brother go…?' He thought. "Hersh, where are you?"

Alister glanced at once of the butlers and was about to ask if he had seen his brother, but he had a rather… strange, almost suspicious expression on his features. He decided to forget it and attempted to wheel in the other direction when a gasp left his lips at the man's swift movements. His face was now close to his own and the younger brother glanced down to see and glint of silver and his eyes widened into saucers and his heart began beating rapidly, fluttering. 'I-Is that a knife?!'

"You seem to know your way around here, brat. I need a specific place to go."

If he was scared by his brother, he was utterly terrified now, he was so frozen, he couldn't even speak. It felt like his heart had stopped. The man seemed to be losing patience. "What? Are you deaf as well as lame?"

"N… N… Pl-please…" He managed to allow a few letters to escape from his lips.

"What was that? You'll have to speak louder."

Before he could respond, he felt the knife removed from his throat and he opened his eyes which were clamped shut. He saw shattered glass littering the area around his feet as the man collapsed to the ground. "Are you alright?!" To his left, he saw his older brother, gazing at him with deep concern in his eyes.

"Mm, y-yes…" Alister stammered, feeling a thin cut on his throat, though it was extremely shallow. Turning away from his brother, Hershel soon saw that the security had soon subdued hi, though, a bit of blood trickled down his forehead. The elder brother had hit him in the head with something made of glass… Once the head of security rolled around, his brother glared intensely at him, so intensely, it put their earlier confrontation to shame.

"How. Did. This. Happen?" Each word was packed with fury and malicious intent that Alister had never seen him like this before. He was so relieved it wasn't directed at him. "Are you fools really so incompetent that my little brother had to suffer? I won't forget this. So, you had better come up with an excuse in the next five seconds!"

"Sir… It might be faster to ask him directly. We… have no clue how he was in here, he's not part of our hired butlers."

"That's your excuse?! What do I even pay you idiots for!? I should make you all suffer!"

All of them flinched back on his harsh words. There was no ounce lost of seriousness in his tone. Alister was feeling his throat again, needing the physical reassurance that he wasn't badly bleeding. He was still reeling from all that just happened in the last hour, this was all too crazy!

Hershel would have interrogated him how he managed to sneak in, but he had fallen unconscious so he growled under his breath. He would just have to wait until he woke up. Protecting his brother came first, before revenge. He shouldn't have to be fearful in their home. Glancing back at his brother, he noticed how pale he was and that he had his arms outstretched like a little kid begging their parent to carry them. Hershel calmed down a little, and smiled gently at him, plucking him from the wheelchair into his arms as his little bro hugged him around his shoulders and sniffled, close to tears again. "It's okay, Al, it's alright now."

"Thank you Big Bro, you're the best."

"Of course."