"Ah, h-here, Alister, I'll get the door for you." Saoto hurried ahead of him, seeing his struggle trying to reach the far too tall handle of the door.

"Thank you." Alister smiled as his best friend held the door for him and he slipped through.

"Gosh, what took you guys so long?" Ayano questioned from farther down, beckoning the two sixth-graders over. It was lunchtime and they were planning to sit on a grass in the shade of a forest green, sizable tree at their elementary school.

"Don't be so im-impatient Brother. The o-others aren't here yet." Saoto frowned, taking a seat next to his twin. However, Ayano stood up right afterwards, taking Alister by his underarms and gently lowering him on the grass, before he returned. The handicapped boy learned backwards into the grass and let out a contented sigh. Before, he had barely even gotten outside, now he could lay down here with no concerns. He felt like a normal kid and he loved every part of it, and relished in it.

"Hey, Brother, did you hear?" Ayano leaned in and whispered to his twin, acting conspiracy-like. "About Len's sister…?" He nodded but shushed his other. They didn't even know if that was true yet, they shouldn't be spreading rumors. It was too awful to think about. Saoto didn't want to believe it unless he had concrete evidence it was true, the worries were already beginning to eat him up. Before Ayano could respond, their two female companions came up to them.

As Flora and Rosie were already beginning the journey into adulthood, Flora had certain… feelings blossom recently; an attachment to her blond friend that she was pretty sure wasn't just normally platonic. It made sense though; she had thought for years that he was extremely attractive, with his wavy blond hair and those light sapphire orbs; he was actually pretty popular among the other students. He was wearing a semi fancy blue and black suit-like outfit. He was never seen without his necklace with a silver and gold box locket with an X in front of it and his star silver stud earrings. He was also, so tiny, and so sweet how could you not be attached to him? The fact that he was kinda needy because of his wheelchair just emphasized the point. Not to mention, he was flipping rich.

At their approach, Alister sat up and waved at them, a smile wide on his face. Flora's heart skipped a beat for just a moment before she greeted them. Rosie mentally shook her head, they were all so clueless. To her, it was plainly obvious. Though, they were all pretty young to be thinking about romance… As the two girls sat down, Alister glanced around and sighed, frowning. "Is Len avoiding me again?"

"No, he wasn't here today." Rosie spoke, voice flat. "I heard a rumor that-"

"Stop!" Saoto exclaimed abruptly, clutching his shoulders as if a cold wind has blown by. Ayano wrapped an arm around his shoulder to ease him up. Alister's eyebrows knit together in confusion, but he didn't press further, for consideration of his best friend. The brunette presses up her glasses anxiously as she fumbled to change the subject in Rosie's stead.

"So, how are you all doing?" She wondered. "Al, your brother hasn't neglected you at all, has he?"

The boy shook his head. "Please, you don't need to worry about me. Like I've said before, my brother has always made time for me, even though he's so busy. I worry about him; he never gets enough sleep… I tell him that it's okay if he doesn't help me and play with me for a few days, but he wouldn't hear of it, he said he was fine."

Tilting his head sideways, Ayano commented. "It really is kinda strange. A lot of businessmen seem to not give enough time to their families."

"Well, my Big Bro is amazing at multitasking. I'll be talking to him and he's on the computer, but he still listens intently. I could never do that."

Sighing, Saoto couldn't focus on their conversation at all. At the reminder, his anxiousness for Len was horrid. Maybe if he called him, they could know- But what if it was true? Saoto was terrified to even ask! Silently, he tugged on his twin's sleeve and whispered. "Brother, we should call Len, to see if it's true or not…"

"Good idea," Ayano agreed, swallowing a bit as his feelings caught in his throat. He didn't want to call him either, but if it was to settle his and his brother's heart… Alister was currently in conversation with Flora and Rosie, but mostly Flora, since Rosie didn't talk much. "Al, do you mind if I borrow your phone for a minute?"

"Not at all." Alister smiled, but frowned when he remembered that it was in his backpack loaded on the back of his wheelchair. Seeing him staring at his backpack, Ayano stood up and handed him his backpack. "Thank you." Alister fished around his bag, soon producing his cell phone.

"You're calling Len." Rosie stated. "He's not going to answer a call from Alister."

"I-I know. But I still have to try."

"Is something wrong with Len…?" Alister worried, his mouth tipped in a frown.

"We heard a rumor that something… Erm, happened to Len's sister and that's why he's not here today." Flora explained gently, glancing to a pale Saoto.

"Ugh, dangit Len! Pick up!" Ayano growled, having called a few times already. "I'm leaving a voice message-"

"What do you want?"

Ayano jumped a little as the voice of his bespectacled friend came in loud and clear. He sounded irritated at the disturbance. "We just wanted to know if everything is alright?"

"If everything is alright?" His voice was filled with emotion, a melting pot of anger, bitterness and grief. "No, it's not! So leave me alone!"

Flinching, Ayano heard the sharp click as the call ended. His heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach as he swallowed hoarsely. So, it was true… Seeing the expression on his face, they all realized it as well. There was a collective silence of shock and horror, Saoto even started sniffling as tears filled his eyes. "P-poor Len…"

"I… I need to call my brother! We have to go to him…!" Alister announced.

"Uh… No offense Alister, but if you go, you'll probably just work him up more…" Rosie frowned, shaking her head.


Ayano cleared his throat to catch their attention. "Could and would your brother even do that?"

Alister nodded vehemently. "My brother is his own boss, so he can leave when he wants. And he does almost everything I ask for. Here, let me call him."

"If you say so." Ayano handed him the phone before wrapping his arms gently around Saoto, whose frame was shaking lightly with sobs. Taking the initiative, Alister dialed his Big Bro.

On the other line, Mr. Tallis was in the middle of a meeting. However as soon as his phone rang, he, not a fan of being polite, interrupted the current speaker.

At twenty-three, Hershel Tallis's appearance was nothing short of attractive. Hershel's wavy dark creamy blond locks brushed his shoulders. He had three piercings in each ear, one on the earlobe and two further up in his ear, each displaying his wealth but not overly showy. He also had a necklace that was a silver and gold box locket with an X shape in the front of the box and he had several rings on each hand. Hershel's outfit was an extensive trench coat suit with a dark blue and black design and his dress shirt contained a blue and black striped tie. Many of the businesswomen would have considered him appealing and he was… before he opened his mouth. He was shred in his dealing, hardly with any mercy, and was snobby and arrogant. However, there was a reason he was so young and yet so successful: he was dang amazing at his craft, even better than his parents are. So, unfortunately, they simply were forced to put up with his antics.

"I need to take this." He demanded, before swiftly standing up to take the call, huddling over to a corner. He couldn't afford to leave the room at the moment, even if personal details were spilled.

"Gotta check up on your son, right Mr. Tallis?" One of the more jovial ones called and he sent a piercing glare in his general direction. Some teasing was bound to happen when you're in your twenties and literally everyone in the room was at least ten years older, and usually more. Besides, they all knew his past and that he is unmarried and childless. Actually, he never had ever been interested in dating and hadn't any time to do so. Taking care of his brother was his pride and joy, and he refused to neglect him at all like their parents had done to them. His little brother would get the life that he was cruelly denied. With work and Alister, he didn't even take care of himself as well as he should, having a girl friend was out of the question.

"Hersh! Please you have to come and pick me up right away, it's an emergency!"

A jolt of cold rushed through Hershel's veins and his voice portrayed his barely contained concern. "Why, what happened? Are you hurt, Al?"

"Well, no, but one of my friends' sister… Something horrible happened to her!"

"Which friend?" Hershel's voice was now completely composed; he didn't have nearly as much care for his brother's friends than for his brother.

"Erm…" The tiny handicapped boy on the line hesitated for a long while before Hershel spoke up, taking a silence for an answer.

"…It's Len isn't it? Why are you concerned about that boy? He was never kind to you, he never you like a friend. All he did was take your kindness and absorb it, and treat you the same. That's not a friend, at least not a healthy one. I'm not going to assist you in making horrible decisions, Brother."

"B-but… Big Bro you have to…!"

"No." There was a click as he ended the call. On the other side, he heard his brother's voice breaking, close to tears if he wasn't already crying. But he didn't care, he wasn't going to change his mind. If it had been any of his other friends, he wouldn't have minded, but that boy was horrid. He was also biased in his distaste for him. As he sat back down, he ignored the vibration of his phone as he resumed with his business.