Silence runs through the hallway into the bedrooms that follow

Everything is so still where you'd to be placed

There are no sounds of pages turning nor your pen scribbling away

You would take slow steps travelling from place to place whilst i wait behind to follow your path

Yet the chair you sit in is empty and your walking stick stands close by awaiting your grasp

While water in the kettle remains cold, for there's no need for coffee to be made

Glass on the cabinets miss your reflection and pictures on the walls miss your gaze

A house full of furniture and decorations seem so empty with its most precious ornament missing

You are the missing masterpiece that makes this house full, just like you fill our hearts

I look around and see so many pretty objects residing within, yet they are worthless without your smile

these walls wont echo your stories anymore, nor our laughter filling the house to the roof

Although it hasn't been long since you left on your 'holiday' each second, minute, hour and day is long enough

I would toddle around expecting you to be around the corner, now I can only imagine you there through my memories

Now the lullaby of the radio playing through the night, that would give everyone a restless sleep, suddenly becomes quiet.