Chapter 1

When I woke up, I was in my room, And it was dark, I was waking up to my alarm. "uhhhhh" I groaned. I had a weird dream and i just wanted to get that stupid dream out of my head. I went to the bathroom to start to freshen up. "Honey, are you Up?" I heard my mom yell up to me."Yeah" I yelled back. When I looked in the mirror, I saw my usual self, but I had a darker aura. "I see you're up." I heard behind me. I jumped. "its okay, I won't hurt you." When I turned around, I gasped. It was the boy from my dream."B-but... Who are you?" I was so confused. "and how did you get in?". "I am Jayden Smith. But my friends call me Jay-jay, and I came in through the window." wow. straight to the point. "So why are you in my house." I was starting to get annoyed " because what happened last night was not a dream."he said seriously. "Okay, well why don't you run back to Cinderella." oh come on, he doesn't even know what my dream was. "look, I being serious, see?" Then his hand burst into blue flames, like from my dream. "Just imagine what you looked like in your dream, and you'll see what'll happen." okay then. so I did what he said, and then i could feel myself changing. "look in the mirror." he said, sounding amused. So I looked in the mirror. I looked scary. My eyes were glowing, and my hair was black, my ears were pointed and my teeth were fangs, not teeth. Black leathery wings came out of my back. and finally, A tail and small horns popped out."AHHHHHHH" I yelled. What happened? "its okay. That's completely normal. You see, you've always been a demon. But your demon side has been dormant, until now." he told me. "don't you have to, like go to school, or something?" oh shit. I was soooo late."Oh Shit, thanks for reminding me." "Um, your welcome?" So, I got ready for school as fast as I could. I grabbed an apple for breakfast and then got in my car.

/Line break\

When I got to school, I had to go to art class, and i thought something. 'I wonder if I could summon stuff.' So I tried to summon a new sleek maroon I phone 8. It worked! Then I thought about getting matching apple earbuds. I worked again. So I unlocked the phone, and went to the music to see Panic! at the disco and My Chemical Romance. I turned on Crazy=Genius ( A/N Youtube it if you don't know it) and started walking to my locker.

After 3rd period, I walked to my locker, when I saw my mortal enemy, Alyssa, bullying a freshman. "Hey, what are you doing?!" I asked her with courage I didn't know I had. Maybe it was cause I was a demon now. "Mind your own Business Shakia" she said my name with venom. I was getting angry. My gums started to ache. I could feel my fangs come out. You could see her physically pale. "I-I'm S-s-sorry." she. stuttered I grabbed her and took her to the back door of the school."you will walk out side, walk to the highway and run in front of a semi. (A/N I know its dark, but I'm a dark person.) I seemed to be out of my daze. Then sirens were heard. "Oh shit!" it had just to me what I just did. I scarily liked it. I then walked to lunch.