Chapter 4

The guards brought in a little girl, and she was very skinny. My father started to say something, "this girl murdered her family, and she has stolen several million dollars. She is your meal." he said. "NO! I can't eat a little girl!" I yelled, even though I was starving and wanted to eat her so badly, yet I was disgusted that I wanted to eat her as well. "If you don't eat her, then you don't eat at all. Satan types have to eat humans. So EAT!" he yelled at me.

"NO!" I yelled back.

"I didn't want to have to do this, but GUARDS TAKE HER TO THE DUNGEON!" After he said that, a separate pair of guards came in and started to reach me. before they could reach me, my father said the word ύπνος (Google it) and then I blacked out. When I woke up, I was in a pitch black room. Then the door opened, and then My father came in. "Great, your awake! Let the torture begin!"


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"What do mean torture? I started to tremble He grabbed a big blade and started to sharpen it. "Oh, you know what I mean. You WILL obey me." he said with and evil glint in his eye. Then he took the blade and started to walk towards me. I tried to back up but that was when I realized that I was chained to the wall. "Please, please, I will obey you. I swear!" I screamed. "Now, this is just a precaution sweetie" he said back.

He lifted the blade, bringing it to my face. "Let us start with the eye." he said, setting down the blade, on a tray next to me. he picked up scalpels and bring them to my face. he slowly dug into my eye. At first I didn't feel a thing, but then pain shot through my body. He scraped at it, and clawed at it. I kept closing my eye, so he got pins. They were the type you sow with. he pulled my eyelids out. I cried out as blood trickled down my face, I swallowed some of it, when my mouth was open. he nail the other one into my cheekbone. But he didn't want my eyelids open, he wanted them OFF. He grabbed a mini knife, and started cutting, roughly, making me suffer. strands of skin hung when he was done. He was smiling during it all. he picked up the scalpels and cut out my eye. It was bleeding, inside coming out. He didn't cut out my eye, but crushed it, it now being a mush. He grabbed alcohol, and gave me a chance. "Do you surrender, are you hungry."

I wanted to say yes. I did earlier. "No, you ugly goat mutant motherfu-" then he punched me. I don't know why I said no, but it angered him. He looked at my chains. he grabbed my hand, and beat it to a pulp. it was now all sorts of colors. He grabbed my pointer finger. He slowly, but painfully, pushed it back. I could hear it cracking, then a snap. I looked over to see my hand, bleeding, my finger touching the back of my hand. My skin ripped at the bottom, spurting blood. it was everywhere. He put alcohol on it, burning it. Then he put it in my eye. I wanted to die. but it wasn't over. He unchained my other hand, it was to weak to hit him. But I did flip him off. he pushed the stuff off the table, except a nail. He slowly put it in the top of my other arm, then ripped out the veins. My hand was thrashing, blood gushing. I could see the inside of my bones. He pulled my bone out, cracking it with agony. it cut my flesh as he tore it out. he stabbed my other hand in the table, since the other one had no feeling, with my own bone. Then he had clamps. He attached them on my nails. "I will make this slow and painful." he hissed. he started tearing, it slowly coming out, revealing flesh drown by blood. It was to much. I threw up, vomit spurting out of my throat. It was brown and green landing everywhere.

He still continued. I don't remember much after that, it hurt like hell. I never fessed up, but I put up one helluva fight. I remember him releasing me from my chains, me falling down in a pool of my own blood and vomit, him opening the door, light spilling in. My hair was burnt off, I had a whole in my stomach, on arm off, one arm cut up. legs fine.

(And you really should read oblivion by not-Jerry)

I will never forget what he said to me as he left the torture zone. "Demons heal faster, same time tomorrow?" then laughed manically, making me want to join in. oh one thing, my blood started to turn black.

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