Do you know what it is like
To be loved by he
Who is said to hold no love for anything?

They said I was taken.
Forced, abducted, even raped
Some claim.
My mother screamed and cried
My father roared and rumbled
Even the others disagreed and wailed.
But nobody
Asked me.

All they saw was death and grief
But nobody saw my
Hades, who loved and cared
As deep and wide
As his realm.
He never played me,
Never cheated or betrayed me.

I am Lady Death.
To me, you pray.
With me, you plead.
It's me who you ask to carry out your curses.
My love
May be bolstering
Loud and fearsome.
But I
Will creep into your
Child's room
And take them with me.
I will drain the air from your lungs,
Fill your head with the hellish creatures
From my husband's realm.

People remember me as helpful
Kind and bringer or gifts.
Never forget
I am

Lady Death.