Nagala- Chapter 1: Imaginary Friend

Genre: Dark Romance, action, fantasy and slice of life.

Warning! This story will contain possible swearing, some abuse, verbal abuse, temptations of suicide and bullying. Please turn back now if you're sensitive towards this kind of thing.


"Til' death do us part... That's a line I clearly remember, when my parents got married. That line is supposed to mean 'To never leave each other's side and will love each other forever, even after death.'; That means they're stuck together, even if they fight and hate one another, right...? Why don't they just get a divorce, I'm tired of hearing all the yelling..." A girl's voice echoed in her own mind, as she wrote on some lined paper. She was sitting at a desk that seemed to have gained some years, due to its chipped form and dented spots. Her wavy, dark brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and her green eyes held stress, while her mental voice sounded agitated.

"Abigail, get down her right now and eat! I didn't make this super, just so you could let it get old and moldy!" Just hearing the mother's voice screaming, Abigail groaned and rolled her eyes before standing from her seat. Her pencil took a rough impact after she let it fall on her desk and rushed out of her room. She wore a black jacket made of cloth and had a thumb hole on both sleeves, they seemed rather ripped as if the cuffs were tattered on purpose. She had a black T-shirt on and some tight black jeans.

"Coming!" Her voice was risen and a bit annoyed; She really hated her mother for various reasons... Their house was a two story mansion made of dark gray stone and crows usually likes to sit at the tips of the roof. In side, the flooring was stone as well; So no matter who's feet walked upon the floor, anyone could hear the patting of their shoes and they would echo through the halls. Luckily for Abigail, her bedroom was close to the stairs that led down into the main entrance hall. She wore socks, so the tapping of her bare feet wouldn't make any noise. There was a staircase in her view as soon as she left her room and to her left was another flight of stairs that lead up into the attic. "Why did they have to get such a huge house...?" She mumbled to herself and groaned a bit, before scaling the stairs in front of her. Down the steps, she turned and walked through an arch way that separated the flight of stairs and the platform that resided in the main entrance hall. Her legs fast walked across the platform and past the main staircase that lead down to main entrance. The main entrance hall being the first floor and the kitchen being on the platform above the stairs, made it easy for both her and her parents to eat together... Although most of the time when they do eat together, she has to deal with a lot of arguments between her mom and dad... Now that she was in the kitchen, she seen her parents sitting at the table already eating in silence. She was relieved that it was quiet, because she's tired of hearing them two bicker constantly.

"About time you got down here, we're already going to be late! Why didn't you come down here to help with super?" Her mom asked with anger filling her voice, not once even taking a peek at her own daughter. Her husband was too busy eating to even care what she was asking, he barely paid any mind when Abigail walked in the kitchen...

"I just got done cleaning up my room mom... I told you it was going to take me a bit to do it, since I had dirty clothes all over the floor and crumbled up paper." Abby explained with a bit of irritation in her tone and sat down in her chair. Grabbing for a bowl of mashed potatoes, her hand gripped a big spoon and started to scoop some on to her plate.


"Mom, how am I supposed to do that, when you don't even take care of me?! I don't have hardly anything of my own in my room! All I have is a rotted desk, a poor excuse of a closet that was crafted out of wood that can barely hold all of my hung up clothes and some lined paper to write on! You won't even let me have a journal!" Abigail was upset, she hardly received anything growing up and never had a memorable childhood. She hated her room, it was always cold and had hard wood flooring that could freeze anyone's feet into ice cubes.

"YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR MOUTH! JUST BE GLAD I EVEN GAVE YOU A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD, FOOD, WATER AND A PLACE TO SLEEP!" Her mother stood from her chair, took up her plate and paced over to the sink that was behind the table.

Abigail's lip began to quiver, she didn't want to cry though so she stuffed her face with the potatoes she scooped on to her plate. Her dad took a quick glance up at her, before shaking his head and leaning in for another bite of his food. "Stop crying and acting like we're treating you badly... If you get a job, then maybe you will be able to get what you want...MAYBE... Because once you get a job girl, you're going to help us pay off the bills." Hearing her father speak in a muffled voice, the protagonist simply stood from her seat and ran out the door.

"I don't even feel like eating anymore...I'd rather starve..." Abigail mumbled in her mind with a few tears down her face and an angry feature plastered. Her long, dark brown hair bounced as she ran up the one flight of stairs that went up to her room. Once she got up to her bedroom, she slammed the door shut and fell face first, on her bed. Arms to her sides, being flat on her stomach and face buried within the blanket; You could hear muffled 'hics' from her silent crying. Just seeing her curl up and lay on her side, her tears got exposed and a distant look engulfed her green eyes. "I hate my life...I hate my mom, my dad...I hate it... I hate it..." She mumbled and hugged herself, before burying her face in the blanket again. "It's so cold in here..." She said in her mind and gripped lightly on the sleeves of her jacket.

After about a minute of sobbing, she rose from her bed and sat there on the end of it. Her hand that was hidden within the cuff of her sleeve, wiped the tears away when she rose it to her eyes. The thought of drawing right now sounded good to her, so with that, she stood to her feet and sat down at that old desk of hers. She dragged a sheet of lined paper from the stack to her right and a pencil that was above them. "Drawing, one of the many things that helps me express myself..." She mentally stated and held the pencil above the paper, thinking. She didn't have any stuffed animals or anything she can rely on to talk to or relieve her from her discomfort, distress, loneliness or pain; So the thought of making an imaginary friend, made her smile a tiny bit and start to contemplate on the appearance. She slowly drew out a figure of a guy, making his base look slim but really fit with healthy muscle and then began to draw the details. She messed around with the hair until it was to her liking, it was shoulder length and trailed down to the middle of his neck. It was straight too and his face looked a little rough but not so rough to where he looks like he fought all his life. He wore a black cloak with a hood over his head and his attire consisted of black leather. A tight, black leather shirt that had buckles going all the way down the sides of his arms and black leather gloves. His pants was kind of loose but not entirely, it tightened around his thighs a bit while a short black, cloth wrapping cut across one side of his hip to the other side of his right thigh. The shoes she gave him, was shining leather heelless boots with grooves underneath. She sat back in her chair and looked up at the ceiling, pondering on what color to make his hair. Her pencil's eraser tapped against her chin as she contemplated, making her free arm rest in her lap. "No I don't want blonde...or brown..." She sat there thinking, not liking blonde, brown, red or even reddish orange. "I don't want him to stand out much, he's a dark person and a different species." She mumbled to herself and leaned over her paper again, with her arms on both sides of her sheet. "Don't want dark brown, I already have that..." She mumbled again and sighed. Her head moved over to look at her window, it was to her left and she could see gray clouds looming over the dead trees in the forest whilst fog masked the outdoor environment. "I'd use a color that reminds me of fog or ash, if it didn't make him look old..." She said and pouted, then puckered her lips in reaction to her deep contemplation. Her eyes drifted back down to her picture and viewed the uncolored hair strands that peeked out of his hood. "Black, a lighter black that looks similar to black ash. The kind of ash that would fall from the sky or come off of coal." She said to no one in particular and kept her green eyes upon the paper. "Yeah, I like that.~" She sung in delight, smiled slightly and began to color in with her pencil. Her pencil was pressed down lighter than usual, to get the tint she wanted from a lighter black.

Finally, her drawing was finished and Abigail leaned back to view her work. The sheet was lifted up from her desk and she cocked her head to one side to view it in another angle. "That looks good. Gotta touch it up a bit more next time I draw him again. Need to work on his face more, he looks too rugged around his jaw and his hair looks too feminine. I wanna keep his hair shoulder length and straight but, make it less...'girly'." With her thinking on 'what to improve on' next time, her dad's voice boomed from downstairs and made her roll her eyes again.

"We're heading out now so when we get back, the chores had better be done!" Just hearing him say that made her groan and upon feeling the vibrations of when the front doors shut, gave her enough information that they were already leaving when he called out to her.

"I've been doing chores, ever since I picked up a rag to do dishes for the first time!; And that was when I was seven years old!" She mentally raged and whined, she hardly ever gets time to herself and when she does get it, she's either writing on some paper or drawing pictures. "I swear, they only pin the chores on me so 'they' don't have to do the dirty work themselves..." She added in her mind and stood up. Out the door she went and walked downstairs to the main hall. In the kitchen was a pile of dishes and cups littered the table, even the stove was messy... When she went to clean up, she used a rag that was tattered and had soap in it.

The counters got cleaned up, the stove was scrubbed down now and the dishes finally got done after an hour. The fridge with spoiled food in it sat next to the stove, it was cleaned out too and the kitchen floor got mopped. The floor was made of black and white tile, whilst the walls remained its dark gray stoned color. With her wrist wiping the sweat from her forehead, she exhaled out of relief and turned to leave the kitchen. Next was her parent's bedroom, then it was the pantry down in the basement. The clothes got cleaned up in her parent's room, carried a big basket of laundry across the main entrance hall and to the other side. Just before the door that lead to the basement, was the personal library filled with years of collected books from other book stores. Her parents loved to read when they could and she often used that library for studies, when she had homework from school or when her mom hired a private tutor. During the day when her mom gets home from her six o'clock to twelve o' clock shift, or has time off from work, she hires a private teacher so Abigail didn't have to go to school.

Her parents disliked the idea of her getting a boyfriend or a friend at all. Reason being, they didn't want them to find out how poor they were treating their daughter and didn't want to put up with the drama. Abigail marched down the two flights of stairs that lead down into the basement and to the right was the pantry. "Alright, so now with so much dirty clothes...laundry gets added to my list... Just dandy..." She groaned and carried the basket over to the washer. About literally five steps away from the washer, was the water tank. There was a pip on it and it went up to the ceiling of the basement, going through it. Leaning down, she opened the door to the washer and stuffed white clothes in it. This went on for another good hour and in between loads, she cleaned out the pantry of molded boxes that held canned goods and threw them in a trash bag that she got. The trash bags were stashed up on top the pantry next to the laundry soap, scented sheets that are used to make drying clothes smell nice and other cleaning supplies. Being done now, she rose her wrist and checked the digital time; It said, 'eleven o' clock' and just by seeing that made relief hit her. "Well, I get an hour to myself now..." She said. Exhaust was clear in her voice and her hand went up to rub her aching neck.

She carried the basket back up the stairs and walked all the way to the other end of the main entrance hall, where her parent's bedroom was. Next to their room though, was a small storage room. She opened it, paced inside and put the basket down next to other chore related items. "Oh my word, I completely forgot about the dead leaves at the front door!" She groaned and rushed out of the storage room with a broom in hand. Fortunately she has tight black jeans on, because other wise...she'd trip and fall. When she stood before the double doors in the entrance, she sighed and opened one of them with one hand. There the leaves were, scattered all over the gravel walk way. The walk way lead down to a curved road made of small rocks and saw a liquor bottle in the grass nearby. "He's gonna get pulled over some day...Wished he'd stop drinking before work, for pete sake..." Her voice spoke up barely and she began to sweep off the leaves into the grass. She was told not to rake the leaves until fall was over, so that way no more leaves would fall and ruin the lawn all over again. That literally took no time at all; So with that done, she trotted on over to the bottle and picked it up before heading back inside.

It was hard to see in the distance, the fog was thick and dead trees were everywhere. Though from watching horror movies that her dad played on the television in her parent's room, she couldn't help but to feel a bit freaked out or paranoid from her surroundings; Especially when there was crows cawing up on top the mansion...that really didn't help the atmosphere... "Does it 'look' like there are any corpses or carcasses here?! Why are they up there everyday...?" She grew annoyed a little and pondered on that question, as she made her way back to the double doors.

Since she was back in her room now, she was practicing that male figure again. Constantly changing his body build and trying to get some of the points right this time. Soon she decided to take a break, then began to write on the lined paper again. "Why did my parents have to pick such a creepy place to live...? Why do they always give me a crappy room and hardly ever let me have anything? Why? Why do they treat me like trash all the time?! I'm treated like some servant for pete sake and I never get anything in return of my house work! No allowance, too far away for me to walk to any 'hiring' places so I could get a part time job and yet they still expect me to work my rear off?! I wished I could just get away from all this... I'm nineteen years old, I want my own place, I want someone who actually cares about me..." She wrote down, paused and held her pencil above the paper. She looked up at the better drawn picture of her created friend and hesitated. The picture was hung up on the wall, in front of her desk and let go of her pencil. "Rov...that's a nice name..." She mentally spoke and smiled sadly. "Rov, you and I are a lot a like...huh...? Both having no real future, living in a dark world, hardly ever happy... Have you ever had parents, or ones that treated you like this...?" She questioned, even though she knew no answer will be given. She treated her picture like a person she could talk to, since she had no friends...

Leaning back in her chair and relaxing, she sat there for a minute before standing back up and heading back downstairs. Just down the flight of stairs and to her left, was the bathroom. She went in to do her business, took a shower and came out with a towel around her body. She wasn't really fit but certainly wasn't plump, she had curves in all the right places. Marching back upstairs, she changed into some fresh clothes which consisted of a long sleeved, white and baggy shirt, her jacket back on and night pants that she can wear to bed. "Mom and dad should be on their way back now." She said and looked at the black foggy sky, out the window. Her dad and mom come home from work at the same time and leave at night at the same time, which is from seven p.m to twelve p.m. Her dad working as a bouncer at a night club and her mom a cop at the local mall, though she knows her mom has it rougher... She has to work during morning until after noon, which is from six a.m to twelve p.m, has about six hours and thirty minutes to herself then has to go back to work at seven o' clock. She usually takes a four hour nap before doing her own stuff and her night shift.

Sighing, the nineteen year old fell backwards on to her back and out stretched her arms. "Well, I suppose I can head to bed... I really wished they'd just hire a maid or something...this is tiring me out. No point in getting a job really, if this much work during the day takes up most of my energy and hours..." She stated and slowly closed her eyes. "I hate my life...I hate it... I just wished...that some day...I could it..." She added before passing out into slumber.