Nagala- Chapter 10: To Render Unconscious

The next morning, Abigail woke up in her bed at the sound of distant water running. She sat up slowly and stretched her arms above her head, then her back. The blanket that covered her up and hid half of her nightwear, got thrown off. With her standing up, her feet soon patted across the wood floor and one hand rubbed one of her eyes. A big yawn escaped her mouth when she was almost there to her door. "Is Rov in the bathroom...?" She asked no one in particular and turned the nob to the door. Down the one flight of stairs, she looked at the door and saw light illuminating from the crack of it. "Rov, you in there?" She asked with a gentle knock on the door.

"Yes." His voice sounded from behind the door. Abigail nodded a couple times before turning and pressing her back against the surface. Arms folded and green eyes appearing distant, she wondered when during the day they could head out. "After you're done, I'll take my shower and we can head out. Got to find a job before my dad comes back..." she said.

"Sure." Twas all he gave for a response. It was as if on que, when the water was turned off and the sound of clothes rustling occurred. Abigail's eyes darted to the left but didn't move her head. She could hear Rov's bare feet squeaking on the slick flooring inside.

"Sounds like sneakers...haha.~" She said to herself and chuckled lightly. Thinking about basketball players at her school running around in the gym, made her smile and giggle. Soon the image of Rov playing basketball came to mind; Him running across the gymnasium, bouncing a basketball and his shoes squeaking, made her burst out laughing. Just the image of him being clad in his black attire, cloak waving behind him, dribbling the ball and other basketball players in Jerseys chasing him... Man, that thought made her day. What caught her off guard, was when the door she was leaning against, opened. "Ee-!" She squealed and nearly fell backwards, if it wasn't for Rov catching her by placing both hands on her shoulders. Her head rose up and saw that black hood over his head. She could barely see his caramel eyes within the shade of it.

"I heard you giggling..." He stated in his mid toned, clear yet quiet voice.

"Y-Yeah...I was just...thinking, about how squeaky your feet sounded from out here. Sounded like a pair of sneakers on the gymnasium floor...~" She teased, smiled and giggled.

"I've never heard of sneakers or gymnasium before but, I'm sure it's funny." He smiled and watched her stand up straighter. "You're next..." he added.

Rov stepped aside and let her through, before getting out of the door's way. "Thanks." Abigail said, entered the bathroom and smiled. Once she shut the door, the man clad in black shook his head and crossed his arms. Didn't take long until the sound of rushing water met his ears, he knew she was starting up the shower.

In midst of his little waiting game, he looked down at his stomach the moment he felt it rumble. "I can't be hungry... I ate not that long ago... I don't feel hungry either..." He mentally spoke and hummed in wonder.

About fifteen minutes, the girl herself opened the door, was in a towel and looked away. " mind...?" she asked nervously.

"Sorry.." He said and turned around. He could feel his cheeks heating up from the sight. He didn't know why, since he seen her in a towel before. "I'll wait down here, until you get changed." he added.

"Ok, I won't take long." She said and hurried up the stairs to her room. Today was the day she went out job hunting while window shopping in stores. He hopes that saving up for a whole month would do the trick, since she'd be combining her money with Rov's in the end. In her room, the wardrobe doors opened and she pulled out some black skinny jeans that appeared to be a bit ripped, a white shirt and a brown leather yet thin belt. Within three minutes her attire was put on and now she was brushing her hair. It didn't take long for her to finish, she's never really been taught how to brush her hair properly or even had her hair done. She stood to her feet and lightly felt the sides of her brown locks, making sure it wasn't real frizzy.

Her feet carried her down the steps and her green eyes saw Rov standing in the same position as when she left. His head turned and she kind of lit up in red, before averting her gaze. "R-Ready...?" Her hesitant breath didn't come unnoticed, since the man became worried.

"You alright? Your red again..." He said in a worried tone and stepped over to her.

"N-No, I'm fine... Thanks." Abigail was still hesitant and waved a hand in reassurance. She felt nervous from him asking her that. Just the thought of him finding out about her little complication, made her face get even more red out of embarrassment. "Let's go." she simply said.

"Abigail...what's wrong...?" Rov mentally asked and watched her leave downstairs. He soon followed along and now they were both heading out the door.

Out in the rocky driveway they walked, heading down to the gate and observing a few cardinals flying away off the gate. Abigail's eyes locked onto one of the birds, that one particular bird caught her interest. "Hey Rov... That bird's one wing is a different color, it's black." she said.

Rov looked up and just barely missed the bird but none the less, he saw what she was referring to. "I've never seen a red bird before...and you said that the wing wasn't normal?" He asked and looked over to her. Seeing her nod, he looked back up at the sky and hidden thoughts began to swarm his mind. After they made it past the gate and out on the road, both of them were pacing down the side of it with Abigail's attention on her own feet.

She was watching as each small rock on the side, passed her by and every now and then, she'd see a bug. Nothing but cracks in the road, some rocks littered on it, grass growing up the sides and small critters like squirrels running across or up trees. The trees were definitely getting their green leaves back, some were still dead but that meant they were still asleep. The nice, crisp air flowing through her nose and in her lungs, felt refreshing. The sounds of baby birds chirping in the trees and grown up birds communicating with each other in the blue sky, ran through her ears. The soft breeze that brushed the tree leaves around her, was so soothing and relaxing to her. She was still limping but, as said before, not as much as she used to. "Man... It's been forever since I've been able to stroll down the road, without needing to rush or do chores along the way. I almost forgot how comforting it was to surrounded by nature..." Her words were gentle and quiet, as if too content to really speak up.

Rov smiled and looked over to her. He was lucky that she wasn't looking at him, because he was so zoned in from staring at her beautiful face and softly flowing hair. She looked so content, so relaxed and he didn't want to ruin it. "I'm happy that you feel that way..." He quietly spoke, so he wouldn't disrupt her contentment. He looked forward and not a minute later, a semi truck came rushing around the corner and caught him by surprise. "ABIGAIL!" He shouted, making panic rise and made her green eyes see the barreling truck heading their way. The moment she gasped, she didn't have time to scream. Rov had already tackled her and made them both go rolling down the somewhat steep hill off the road. They rolled and ran into twigs, vines, dead leaves and tree roots. He kept one arm wrapped around her head and his other around her backside, wanting to make sure she doesn't take any damage. Finally, their roll came to a slow stop and he ended up on top. The man slowly rose up and put his hands on either side of her head, panting and worried about any possible negative conditions. His cloak just draped over his sides, hiding most of his arms and lower half. "You alright...?" he asked in between breaths.

Her green eyes squinted and opened. Her vision was blurry a bit but it soon cleared up and once it had, her gaze widened. Abby's features went ten shades of red, just seeing him on top of her made her heart race. Gradually, she gave a small nodding response. "I'm...fine... Thanks for the save." She answered in an awestruck tone. She knew their position wasn't on purpose but, dirty thoughts still roamed her mind.. "Seriously...I've never thought dirty like this before! My first time actually thinking naughty and it just so happens to be towards him... Why...?" She mentally exasperated and blushed.

He couldn't stop staring at her. His faint black lips that looked much darker from the shade, were parted in awe. She looked so beautiful, he couldn't break his stunned, hidden gaze from her and her vibrant green eyes just seemed so gorgeous from the surrounding light. Full of life and innocence; Even though he had no idea he was in love with her, he found himself enchanted by her beauty. What snapped them out of their trance, was the sound of an explosion in the distance. Rov's head perked up quickly and saw that the large truck from a moment ago had just went up in flames. Luckily it was only on the road, lest the flames causes a forest fire...

"What was that...?!" Abigail questioned in a slightly panicked tone and her head looked up, only managing to see an upside down view of the trees.

"The truck exploded somehow..." Rov stated and rose to his feet. He helped her up next and pulled her behind him. "Stay here... It feels like something's wrong. My gut's telling me that something like that, doesn't just explode without reason..." He added with caution in his voice.

"Maybe the truck swerved too hard and rammed into a tree." She said behind him and peeked around his broad shoulders. She felt safe, having her hands against the flat part of his back made her feel so secured.

Suddenly, they both saw a man pacing down the road towards their direction. He had a stained looking, old tank top on, tattered looking blue jeans that had ripped parts around the knees and worn out shoes on his feet. He looked pretty old, somewhere around his mid forties and had a scruffy beard that went past his jawline. Short but scruffy hair that looked very unhealthy and a shotgun in one hand. The man rose the hand with the shotgun in it and jerked it up and down, whilst his grip was on the barrel. "I KNOW YOU'RE OUT HERE YOU LITTLE BITCH! I HEARD YOU KILLED MY BUDDIES A WHILE BACK! I KNOW, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!" The old man shouted out and kept walking towards them with a snarl to his voice.

"What do you mean?! I never killed anyone in my life!" Abby rose her voice in a whispered tone and grew scared, I mean really...the man had a shotgun...

"This man's no laughing matter, I can tell just by how he's walking, that he's a very good combatant." Rov stated in a quiet, cautioned voice and rose his one arm up to shield her more.

The old man looked over the edge of the steep hill and saw them both standing in midst of the forest trees. He kept side stepping and trying to give taunt, his eyes were focused. He didn't act like some novice brawler or drunken man.

"How can you tell, just by him walking...?!" She exclaimed in a whisper and looked around his shoulder, up at the side of his face.

"See how the tips of his toes are pointed in the direction he's walking? His coordination is very accurate and his feet isn't lazily facing the opposite direction from each other. He's walking in a straight line and slowly coming over to us. He's not being arrogant, he's actually being careful and watching us closely. He's focused and not just coming at us recklessly, like most arrogant men would do." He answered back in a whispered voice and watched the old man closely.

"You mean, he's taking us seriously...? Rov, how in the world are you supposed to fight him, when he's got a gun in his hand?! From what I've seen in my mom's studies before she became a mall cop, a shotgun's a close quarters gun! If you're real close to him, he'll stick the tip of the gun at your stomach and kill you!" She shouted again in her whispering voice and tugged on his white buckled, leather sleeve. "Besides, the police is bound to come rushing over here from hearing and possibly seeing that explosion above the trees! Let's just run for it, I don't want you getting blamed and put in jail for self defense! They'll think 'you're' the one who was the killer!" She exclaimed in fear and worry, with her whispered voice.

"Don't worry...I won't kill him... He didn't harm you yet and not to mention...I won't even have to move a muscle... Just...cover your ears." He replied and looked down to her from behind his arm. Seeing her nod and shield her ears with her hands, he looked back at the man with a lowered face. "I'd prefer not to kill anyone, if I don't have to.. It'd be completely different though, if someone was harming her..." He said in his mind and parted his faint black lips. With a long but gentle inhale, the scene showed only his lips now. He blew out a straight, high pitched whistle that echoed all around in their environment. The scene zoomed out at an average pace and quickly showed the whistle reaching out a great distance and meeting the old man's ears.

"Damn it! eyes!" The old man cried out, dropped the shotgun and began to wipe his eyes with his balled up fists. His vision was getting blurry pretty fast and his head grew light. His stance was starting to lose its balance, feet shifting and his weight leaning from side to side. He kept trying to catch himself and keep himself from falling over, he didn't understand how in the world Rov's whistle was so loud and piercing... "S-...Stop!" He yelled out, though eventually moaned out quietly and rolled the eyes at the back of his head. Out like a light he went; Passing out and falling over on his side.

Rov knew that would work, so after the old man passed out, he let go of her and looked down. A simple nod from him, signaled that it was ok to put her hands back down. Abigail doing so, her green gaze darted between him and the old man who threatened them with a shotgun. "Did you...kill him?" she asked in surprise.

"No...just knocked him out. Come on, let's go before the police show up. They'll think he just had an accident with him being out cold like that." He added and patted her shoulder, not once looking away from the old man. Soon they both went and continued down the road.