It started out as a normal camping trip for Beau. He had arrived at camp, set up his tent, which desperately needed a little attention and was getting ready to prepare dinner when he realized that he had forgotten his food! To get back to his car would take the rest of the night so he decided just to wait until morning. Unfortunately, all he had eaten the whole day were a few stale granola bars and he was craving something to eat. He heard a stream nearby and decided to see if there were any fish in the stream or edible plants on the banks.

When Beau got to the stream, he didn't find any fish but did find some plants with some delicious looking red berries and picked as many as he could carry and ran back to his tent. When Beau tried the berries, he found that they were super sour and gross but figured that he was hungry enough to eat anything so crammed all of them in his mouth. Unfortunately for Beau, these particular plants happened to be poisonous and spent the rest of the night in misery.