First Kiss

In elementary school there was Heather.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, nice as hell.

Out of my 10 -year old league.

Each day I would find her at the playground.

Only to watch.

The swing soared high, full of giggles.

Her hair eclipsed the sun.

First angel I ever saw.

The week would start again.

Her majesty requested my presence today.

The big oak tree next to the monkey bars.

(every sixth grader knew what that meant)

An army of butterflies marched me forward.

The Promised Land in sight. I see her.

A Disney princess beneath the oak,

Silhouetted by a golden halo of sunlight.

A daisy in her hand,

Plucking yellow he loves me, he loves me nots.

Years of speaking English escape me.

Nervous smiles under the shade of the big oak.

A hug, like a warm shower after hours in the cold.

Time had stopped. Remember this feeling.

Then it was over.

In elementary school there was Justin.

My best friend. My fort building companion.

He always called the shots and I was happy to listen

As long as we were together.

Nothing could stop us.

Day turned to night as we lie on the floor of a day long, living room project.

He asks about Heather.

I don't think she likes me.

We stare into darkness.

I really wish you were Heather.

Do I?

Why did I say that?

That's not right.

It's too late,

The words drift into shadow.

His head moves.

I had never kissed anyone before.

I just copied the adults on Disney Channel.