Before the other Zachary's came to be. The original Zachary In all his wisdom molded us Zackelve (Z-Ack-El-Ve) from the very lifeforce of the Zackorest (Z-Ack-Or-Est). Thus Zachunell (Z-Ach-U-Nell) our home came to be. He taught us how to be one with Zachunell and it's beauty.

We lived in peace with all the creatures and one with the magic in it. Soon the original Zachary created his human form and while he saw kindness and compassion. We saw greed and ambition. Next came the Zackorcs violent and blood crazed. They would be the first to start war with us. They hacked down the Zackorests and left destruction everywhere they went.

We ultimately triumphed in the end. King Zackberon (Z-Ack-Ber-On) fought with both genius strategy, cunning, and bravery. He used the Zackorcs slow movements and ambushed them then retreating into the Zackorest. Finally the warchiefs exhausted submitted to the Zackorest Treaty. Signed on Zacanuary (Zac-An-U-Ary) It made any signs of Zackorc warband to pay tribute to enter. The human Zachary's were different. Some we could predict others we could not. While our magic brought life.

Others of their kind practiced death and even denied many Zachary's peace. By resurrecting them. For now we are ever watchful of Zachunell and will defend our home to the death if need be.