A little ways back, a friend told me to go watch an anime called "In a Different World with a Smartphone" (Or something along those lines). Well, maybe I shouldn't say friend. Some guy from a Discord server that I'm in. I wasn't sure what to expect since I don't watch anime, but he said it was an interesting premise and I like interesting things so I gave it a go.

On account of its writing, it was absolutely terrible. Not even in a good way, it was just really bland. Like the story had no real motive or direction, and the characters were as flat as a pancake. I didn't hate the show, sure I enjoyed it at parts, but it's not something I'd ever consider seeing myself unless recommended.

Thence I decided, 'hey maybe the way it was originally written was more interesting.' The anime was originally a light novel, which is sort of like a book but written for young adults. I'm not sure if it counts as 'young adult fiction,' that doesn't really matter here.

Now I don't know if it was the English translation, or the writing of the original author, but I failed to see how that story could catch on. It was written so poorly that at times I had trouble continuing. I had high hopes, because I like the idea of 'Isekai' and I like the tropes explored by the novel, but the writing, tone, everything just fell flat.

I did a bit of research on the tropes of the genre, read a little about the criticisms. 'Isekai' is essentially about a character who is thrust into a new world, usually fantastical in nature, and in that new world he can do whatever the hell he wants, I s'pose. I think that 'Isekai' could be a great genre! Except, what I've seen is just not entertaining to me and it's not thought provoking.

What is the solution? Be the change you want to see in the world! I am by no means a 'good' or 'adequate' writer, but I do enjoy the craft and that's enough for me. This is my love-letter to the 'Isekai' genre, something I think is fun, something I hope to continue for as long as the story lends me plot. My goal is to explore and give my take on all the tropes associated with the genre, both the good and the bad, to frame them up as a good story. Stuff like a powerful protagonist, medieval-but-not-really, cute girls, completing quests, etc. If I can make an entertaining story out of all this, then I'll consider it a success! Regardless, I'm going to have fun.