Track #1.- laugh lines.

Spider-like fingers and a smile
too bright to hide in the dark.

I'm bitter, stop this.

I'd pretend a little bit better,
but you like to stare into my eyes.

And then I can't.

I'd like to be a bit stronger,
but you're softer than the clouds above.

And then I'd rather not.

Heart too big and a face filled by night stars,
I cradle the sun out of the way.

You're all the light.

And I count down into the night, try to
see only darkness, but you're always there.

I fall counting your laugh lines instead.

You could be there every time I'm not,
swimming through the fog with tired eyes.

And I know you know.

If I'm a lost boy looking for neverland,
you are the sign, the only star in the sky.