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The young lady, Cang Xi has many manual labor duties. She sweeps in the mornings, does laundry in the afternoons, and at each meal helps in the kitchen.

The second young is also quite busy, after all he was the prodigious son of a powerful official.

In the mornings he wakes early to take a look at his beloved and recharge his energy for the rest of the day. By mid-morning he is off to learn his lessons, by afternoon he is helping his father with official duties, and at night he takes care of some businesses passed to him by his father, so he may earn experience and money.

So, only in the mornings can he really see his beloved.

This day though is different.

The young master has caught a cold and has been dismissed early by his father to return and rest.

So immediately the young master seeks out his little servant girl.

Cang Xi is taking a short break and chatting with a nice guard about his small children. She has always been soft-spoken, so the guard stands very close to hear her well.

"How was your daughter's second birthday? Did your son start school yet? Is your lady wife still taking care of her sick mother?" Were among the questions she asked.

Normally males and females would interact as little as possible, but for a servant like her and for a guard like him, having harmless conversations relieved the constant boredom of being servants without much talent or rank.

Unfortunately for Cang Xi, she was far too soft spoken. The young master could not hear her words at all. Though he could not hear, he could see, and all he saw from his hiding spot was the guard leaning in closely to stand beside the soft body of the lady he dearly loved.

A fury developed in his heart, but he did not act on it. He restrained himself thinking that he should not overreact. He might scare her if he did.

But when Cang Xi moved her little feet and fell forward, what he saw was different from reality. She was, in fact, a clumsy lady and tripping on air happened frequently, but he misread the situation, thinking she threw herself into the guard's arms.

Seeing their actions, he saw red. He had been watching her for two long years, yet he had never spoken to her more than a few words. But now, a lowly guard was hugging her, touching her, smelling her scent!

Earlier he had been sent home due to a fever, and what he saw now only caused his fever to rise to a boiling point. Perhaps because of his slight fever, he was foolish as his mind distorted the facts. Perhaps that was why he foolishly, finally, left his silent corner and ran out to hold her hand and pull her away.

The dumbfounded guard could only watch and scratch his head while pretending to see nothing.

A master dragging a little female servant away, what could he as a simple guard do.