Heroes Legion: "Year One": Book Three

"Atlantean Dawn"

Written by: Maskedhero100


Invasion From The Deep

Seafoam Island, Caribbean Islands: December 19th, 2013:6:00 AM

Charles Danvers woke up from his bed at his home on Seafoam Island, and got up and dressed himself for the new day that was just beginning to start.

The sun wasn't up yet, but it was light enough to see outside his window and see the beach and tropical scenery of the island that was his home.

He also could smell the familiar smell of breakfast coming from downstairs in the kitchen, and he figured that his daughter Leanne must have gotten up earlier and made him breakfast before he went off to the town to do his off-rig job that he worked at until he got called away to work on the next oil rig off shore.

He had been working this job ever since the oil rig disaster at the beginning of summer that had occurred while he was working the rig, waiting for a call.

The side job wasn't bad but, it didn't pay as much as oil rig work did.

But ever since Atlanta left, Leanne had stepped up to the plate and had been doing things like this, just to help him out.


Never once since the day he and Leanne had found Atlanta washed ashore did he ever believe or even think that Leanne was right about her, that she was some kind of…"Mer-woman" or whatever.

But when she saw her, in the form that Leanne had first seen her in before she went to go and get him to help drag her out of the water. All of his doubt was shattered.

When he returned home via the Rescue response helicopter, he confronted Atlanta and Leanne about this fact.

He discovered that Atlanta could transform into a humanoid/fish like form, communicate with sea wildlife, and she could also swim VERY fast through the water and even freaking fly….and this only happened when her skin made contact with the salt water of the ocean.

Not only that, but apparently she got most of her memories back and it turned out she was an Atlantean warrior princess.

To make a strange story even weirder, the man in the hood showed up the following four hours later.

He was wary around the cloaked man, but something in the back of his head told him to relax and that he wasn't here to harm them.

When the man revealed that he was here to talk to Atlanta, that he had "Seen" her acts of bravery during the Oil Rig disaster (which according to Atlanta was really an attack done by some guy in black armor), and had come to ask her to join some kind of "Team" that he was making.

He explained to them who he was, and now Charles knew he now lived in a place that didn't just have the existence of Atlantis revealed to him, but also that some egghead scientist at S.L.E.E.T's experiment blew up in his face and now people with superpowers were starting to pop up…and that this guy in the cloak, was that same egghead who's experiment blew up in his face.

And to add more strangeness to this, apparently there was some nutcase superhuman running around trying to do the same thing he did, only for a less than savory or altruistic reason.

World Domination for the superhuman "Species", straight out of a comic book….only this was real and now that "comic book" stuff was their world, possibly forever.

When the man in the cloak told Atlanta about this, Atlanta was very hesitant.

Because in a sense, the man was asking her to basically join in a secret war against a super powered menace.

But he had promised that he wasn't going to force her to join like Meta-Master would, this was her choice and her choice alone.

A few days later, Atlanta left with him.

And they haven't seen her since, but that didn't mean he and Leanne haven't had any contact with her since.

She had been either emailing or skyping them.

It sounded like she was doing well.

But despite that, he and Leanne did miss her…but Leanne missed Atlanta the most.

She had been gone for about four and a half months now, she had been like a sister to Leanne during the two years she had stayed with them, and so the adjustment was a bit rough on her.

That's why when Charles Danvers came down to the kitchen, he wasn't surprised when he saw that the door was open onto the front porch, and he could see Leanne out there sitting on the steps with her surfboard beside her….looking out upon the ocean.

He sighed, and decided to check on his daughter before he grabbed his breakfast and went off to work.

He walked out onto the porch, and sat down beside her.

"Tide doesn't look high enough for a bout of surfing" Charles opened up the conversation regarding the presence of her surfboard sitting beside his daughter.

Leanne didn't look at him, she just kept looking out at the ocean beyond the Island shore.

"I wasn't going to go out surfing today dad" she answered.

Charles was shocked, "really? Honey you surf like you breathe air….what's the matter"

"Nothing" Leanne shrugged.

"This is about Atlanta leaving isn't it?" Charles correctly guessed, then he placed a comforting hand on his daughter's right shoulder, "I miss her too, when your mom died….it was hard. Finding Atlanta was probably the best thing that ever happened to us, because she in her own way helped us…didn't she?"

Leanne reflected on the time Atlanta had lived with them, and the after effects that occurred when she had left.

Charles had become less surly as he had managed to stop mourning his late wife, and after a few weeks after the oil rig disaster had decided to respect his wife's dying wish to have her ashes spread across the waters outside their home.

She scattered her mother's ashes into the ocean water, and afterward things got better.

It was almost like it had been before, except just like her mother…one important thing was still missing.

"I miss her dad" Leanne said, "every day that you were away on business helping with digging up oil somewhere out there, I at least had Atlanta to keep me company. I had something with her that I didn't have or do have with my friends at school: A big sister bond. I could talk to her about things, and….I just…wish she'd come back home"

"Honey…" Charles said, "You know Atlanta would come back here if she could, but she's…"

"Yes I know" Leanne nodded in understanding, "She's out there saving the world from Supervillians and who knows what else. I read the emails she sends me….but that's just it dad. Skype and emails aren't the same as her actually and psychically being here"

"Well honey, you never know…" Charles said being optimistic, "it's the beginning of the Christmas holidays, maybe Atlanta will surprise you"

"Wouldn't that be a great Christmas surprise?" Leanne smirked, and then looked back out at the ocean "you think she knows I miss her?"

"I'm pretty sure she knows" Charles said stroking her hair soothingly, "and she thinks about us as well"

He then got up off the porch steps, "come on, let's have this breakfast you've made and then I'll drive you somewhere, anywhere you'd like"

"Dragons Crest Lake?" Leanne asked with a raised eyebrow, wondering if her father was serious about it since it was an hour drive and an hour hike up the mountain to the Lake of Dragons Crest Lake.

Hers and Atlanta's favorite swimming spot on the island.

"If that's where you want to go" Charles said.

Leanne smiled, confirming her wishes to her father doing so.

She began to get up when she and her father heard a strange sound coming from the beach a few feet away from the front porch of the house.

The sound of retreating water.

Both Leanne and her father turned their attention back towards the beach, and saw that the water was rapidly retreating out to sea from where it had previously been during low tide.

Charles recognised the signs immediately and his heart stopped for few seconds before he grabbed Leanne and tore off into the house heading for the Garage where his car was parked.

Leanne managed to grab her cellphone before they went out of the door, she knew what was coming as well, she had to try and warn her friends about the tsunami.

As she and her father peeled right out of the Garage in her father's car, speeding up the road heading for higher ground before it hit, she couldn't help but think about her mom during this.

Her mother had been killed in one of the tsunami's that Depth Charge had created with his power (She knew this after Atlanta had told her upon learning herself), and now she was afraid she and her dad were going to die the same way.

It was only when she saw they had passed the Tsunami zone marker that she knew they were safe, and then she kept on trying to contact her friends.

Strangely, she couldn't get any of them on her cellphone.

She tried again, but then she and her father were taken aback by a sight that caused Charles to stop the car and both of them to step out and look out at the sight they saw up on the Cliffside perch road they had been driving down like mad a second ago.

There was the tsunami wave, but it wasn't like any tsunami wave she had ever seen in any documentaries or YouTube videos.

This wave was concave, and it circled the Whole Island….and among other things, it was also over or about 100 ft. high!

It also wasn't moving, like those tsunami waves in the director's cut of that movie "The Abyss", but why?

That was when she and her father saw an even stranger sight down below.

As the water receded to join with the massive wall of water that now without a doubt had encircled the entire island, it left behind and revealed an entire platoon of….Atlanteans!

Over about a hundred, maybe two hundred Atlantean soldiers, they looked just like how Atlanta had described them.

But what on earth where they doing here, on Seafoam island?

Had they been down there under the ocean water surrounding their home and the town of Seafoam Bay the whole time?

That was when the army of Atlantean soldiers began either marching forward onto the receded shores of Seafoam Island or took off flying to places all over Seafoam Island.

She and Her father saw to their horror a squad of those flying/non-flying Atlantean soldiers lay siege to Seafoam Bay from up here on the highest roadway on the Island.

A few small explosions were going off in the street from some kind of spikey crystal thing the flying squadrons had dropped onto the streets in an attempt to scare people out of their homes, while the ground troops restrained the ones who did just that while also breaking in and subduing every person in Seafoam Bay that they could find.

The ones that attempted to fight back were severely beaten before being taken away, whatever they were doing….it was clear that they wanted the people of Seafoam Island taken alive, and held hostage.

It was terrible, like some kind of paranoid nightmare playing before hers and her father's eyes.

In Leanne's personal opinion it looked like the videos and pictures from documentaries about the Pearl Harbor attack in W.W. II!

They heard the screams of people as they attacked the whole town from way up here.

Why were the Atlanteans attacking them?

She and her father ducked behind the car as a flying squadron flew over, dropping more of those Atlantean "Cherry bomb" things onto the Radio/cellular tower in an attempt to take it down, cut off the islands cellular and wireless commination's to the outside world.

Realizing just what was going on, and that she had to do something quickly to inform Atlanta about this invasion of Seafoam island by what was hopefully rogue Atlantean soldiers.

Leanne reached for her cellphone and tried to contact Atlanta.

Unfortunately, that was also when one of the Flying squads came towards where they were parked.

They had seen them.

Charles told Leanne to get back in the car, but Leanne knew that the car wouldn't keep them safe.

She then turned on her phones recording function.

"Atlanta, if you get this. Help! Were under attack!" before she could even send the video link to Atlanta at the Heroes Legion Mansion via its secure internet line and her secret email address she had given them via the phone so she and Leanne could stay in contact….the Car suddenly lurched to the side and rested on its top upside down.

Leanne was left dazed from the sudden overturning of her father's car, and before the Atlantean solider that had done the deed managed to pry the door open in an attempt to get at her and her father as they lay there pinned upside down in their overturned car.

Leanne managed to press the "Send" button….and sighed in relief when the phone then responded "Video message sent", before a pair of Atlantean hands grabbed her.

He then pried the cell phone from her hands, and crushed it with ease in his own.

"Take these two with the rest of this islands citizens and lock them up in the pen that squad three is setting up" the Atlantean who had destroyed Leanne's cellphone said to the others who just landed beside him, "but don't hurt them, yet…the King of Atlantis hasn't given us any orders beyond capture and contain. But knowing the king, once the target shows up, he will"

With that the Atlantean soldiers took Leanne and Charles Danvers away to these "pens" that they had just talked about, leaving behind the overturned car and the cellphone.

Completely unaware that Leanne had managed to send out a call for help right before the invading Atlanteans completely destroyed the Islands communications network , and it was already on its way to be received by the only people in the world who could help them now.

The Heroes Legion.