Best Friends and Boyfriends Don't Keep Secrets


Lillith was roughly pushed into a room and made to kneel down. She was blindfolded and tied up she hit the floor quite hard. Her head throbbed and lips bled from the beating she had already received before being manhandled into a new room. Her captors made noises in a foreign tongue she knew none of and thus was completely ignorant of what was happening. She heard some scuffling and then her hands were being untied by one of the guards. Once she removed her bonds she flexed her wrists trying to get back circulation. Her wrists were chapped and bleeding from the roughness of the rope grating on her soft skin. She went to remove the blindfold but the guard violently ripped it from her head before she had a chance. She blinked hard temporarily blinded by the glaring fluorescent lights above her head. After her eyes adjusted to the harsh lighting she looked at her surroundings.

She was in a sterile white room the walls clearly whitewashed. It was completely bare except for cameras in the Ceiling corners, a speaker mounted on the wall, and surprisingly a table full of various weapons, from a tiny stiletto to a full range rifle. It mystified why her captors would ever give her weapons. Her abductors gave her a final kick before going out slamming the door shut, a door that was at least two feet of solid steel. With nothing else to do but wait Lillith sat down in a comfortable and bided her time till she could figure where the actual heck she was and what exactly was going on.

Before she could delve too deep in her thoughts however the door squeaked signaling that someone was entering. Lillith watched as three people were roughly shoved into the room, still blindfolded and tied up by their captors. The door slammed shut once again and the only noise was the sounds of groans issuing from the three bodies on the floor. Lillith tentatively made her way over to the people and tried to untie there bonds. They were all still groggy from whatever drug they had been given so they didn't struggle. After she untied them, she rolled them all onto their backs and took off their blindfolds. As soon as she took off the blindfolds she gasped in shock. How...why...where!? Why of all people were these three here?