Chapter 3

Point of View 2

The strange words from the speaker took a few seconds to settle in but when they did it sent a delighted shiver than ran through my veins. I quickly masked my feelings as to not alert my companions to my desires. Boy 1 and 2 started shuddering slightly as the implications of the words sank in. The girl, my target, started sobbing which almost had me salivating at the mouth. Her pain fueled my pleasure and soon I would be drowning in it. I had spent years biding my time waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Years of cultivating trust and acceptance so that I could take my time in taking my victim apart piece by piece.

My original plan had been to get her to fall in love with me and then when we were married, she would be completely stuck in my thrall and I could do whatever I wanted with her. The implications of this statement always gave me a rush of pure pleasure and adrenaline. It was the moment I lived for when I broke my sweet, innocent, adoring Lillith into screaming and writhing pieces. However now that this opportunity had been given gift wrapped on a silver platter to me, I was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I would take this opportunity to break her and kill her before her adoring acolyte very eyes tripling my pleasure in the process. Then I could take my time killing the heart broken saps before I would be let go, presumably scotch free to go find my next tasty victim.

But first I couldn't let the others know of my unorthodox desires. I had almost blew it when I moaned at the sight of Lillith's bruises, she looked so good in purple after all, the other had looked at me strangely till I masked the sound with a weak cough. Lillith's suspicious look had morphed immediately morphed into motherly concern and the incident was completely forgotten. I always found her mother hen instincts patronizing but I keep that to myself. Anyway now that that glorious speaker has finished speaking it's time to make my move.

Once everyone had sufficiently calmed down, they brainstormed as to what they could do. Luke thought so hard Lillith jokingly said she could see smoke rising out of his ears. They all chuckled a little until the reality of their grim situation took hold of their consciousness. Lillith sniffled a little while Grayson patted her on the arm comfortingly. After an hour or so of discussion, they all agreed to just wait it out for now and come back with new ideas after some sleep. Luke patted his lap and Lillith came over and lay over his legs. Grayson settled against a wall next to Lillith and put his hand on her shoulder rubbing it slightly. Xander sat on the other side of Luke and when Lillith stretched out her hand Xander took it. His hand was warm and soft, and helped slow Lillith's racing heart.

After a few minutes she felt her eyes grow heavy with the weight of all the days' sorrows. She allowed her eyes to fall closed and soon her breathing slowed to a whisper of sound. A steady in and out like ocean waves on a shore till she drifted off into the vast ocean of dreams. Her innocent mind conjured all sorts of happy memories, and one can only assume it was to prepare her for what reality greeted her when she awoke.