Frontier Privateer: Heir to the Company

To those of you who are new to the Frontier Cluster and know nothing of its history; I have composed a timeline of events leading up to the Third Cluster War

2047: Following the post-World War III events of the near-collapse of the United States, the United Nations reforms itself to the detriment of several major religious and numerous nationalist organizations. The newly renamed 'United Nations of Earth' decides to focus on key issues at hand, namely interplanetary colonization, population control, and world hunger as well as other medical issues of the time

2059: the International Colony of Ares City is founded on Mars, marking the first colony in the Solar System's history. A wave of colonization of Mars, the Moon (Luna) and several major asteroids are also founded. However, the population of Earth begins to decline

2079: NGC-2903920394209 is sighted at the galactic eastern edge of the Milkey Way Galaxy. It is marked for future colonization efforts. Colonies on Ganymede, Europa, Titan, and several other moons of Outer Planets are founded.

2110: The first interstellar colony ships are sent out, their passengers and crew are what are now-called "Sleepers' as they hibernate during the voyage.

2230: The colonies of Alpha Centauri bIIc, Sirius c, Wolf-359c, and several other systems that are within a ten or fifteen light year radius of the Solar system.

2255: The Alcuiberre warp drive is finally realized with space travel going farther and faster than before. New colonies made up of non-sleepers are founded. Non-sleepers also emigrate to Sleeper colonies, making tensions rise

2332: The first Interstellar Rebellion occurs, with outlying colonies rebelling against the United Nations of Earth. The resulting war devastates the frontier colonies that lead to lasting anger at the Earth-loyal government.

2351: New religious colonies are founded as persecutions arise from secular core worlds. The UNE forces the religious organizations and Churches to sign the Non-Aggression Pact, discouraging rebellion against the government.

2404: The War of Secular Aggression/Second War of Religion occurs with Judeo-Christian-Islamist militants forming a temporary alliance against the secular government. After decades of war, the rebellions are forced to a cease-fire after the religious colonies of New Hope, New Masada, and New Medina are all brutally purged. Colonization efforts stagnate for the next century, though religious organizations eyeing NGC-2903920394209 as a new potential candidate for religious colonies.

2528: The aforementioned cluster is renamed the Frontier Cluster and the first colony in New Antioch, further colonies are founded and expeditions are sent. The Cluster is now revealed to be expansive numbering tens of thousands of systems. Uninhibited colonization occurs for the next century

2633: The UNE Naval Star Ship Gaussling encounters the Ana'halesh colony of Ranashalon'adan. The UNE once again barges into regional affairs and takes over diplomacy with the newfound and only alien race in the galaxy. The two species engage in trade for the next fifty years.

2689: The Ana'halesh suddenly deport all humans from its borders for an unknown reason and demand that humanity withdraws from the Frontier Cluster and never return. After days of failed negotiations, Ana'halesh military vessels begin attacking human colonies. Initial casualties are in the millions.

The UNE sends most of its military into the Cluster to halt the Ana'halesh advance, fearing a push towards the core worlds themselves. The UNE-Ana'halesh (AKA the Human-Alien/Ana'halesh War) occurs for the next few years. Worlds deemed strategically unimportant are left abandoned by the UNE military.

2694: The last known contact with the outside galaxy or anyone from the outside galaxy (Further referred to as the Outside) is between the refugee vessel Exodus and the UNE cruiser Pericles before a miscalculated warp jump to out of the cluster. Like dozens of refugee ships and convoys, the Exodus is lost in space, finally settling on a habitable world. Other lost vessels were left behind as the Ana'halesh advanced. 2694 is regarded as the last year of the Anno Domini/ Common Era age of the Outside Galaxy. All worlds now colonized in the Cluster, as well as the Frontier Rite of the Catholic Church, is unable to correctly calculate what year it is in the AD timeline. The current hypothesis is that it is close to the 47th or 48th century.

Frontier Cluster Date Year 1: Widely regarded as the first year occurring some months after the events of 2694 by certain scholars from both the Church and the secular universities of the Cluster, various refugee ships and convoys journey for months before settling down on worlds. Other worlds abandoned by the UNE military are surprisingly spared by the Ana'halesh. The last recorded sighting of the Ana'halesh in FCD 3. For the next five hundred years, worlds struggle to establish themselves and speculate if there are survivors. The Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Churches, various Jewish congregations, and other religious authorities try to hold things together on the older colonies that were founded for religious reasons. Others are more morally loose with a few also religious as well. Various advanced technologies are lost including the Alcuiberre drive.

FCD 557: First official contact between six worlds both old and new. Contact occurs when the worlds of New Antioch and New Aksum send expeditions to explore the Cluster and reconnect with other colonies. Afterwards, twelve more are rediscovered. The maps of the Cluster made by UNE cartographers have now degraded and been corrupted over time. No one is sure of the exact boundary of human-alien space, or the boundaries of the Cluster itself anymore.

FCD 588: The Synod of the Frontier Cluster happens with the Christian denominations forced to combine into the Frontier Rite of the Catholic Church, much to the detriment of non-Catholic clergymen.

FCD 601: After years of trade, the eighteen inhabited systems form the Systems Union with the goal or reuniting human colonies in the Frontier Cluster, reconnect with Earth or any successor state to the UNE and to form a defensive pact against any potential alien threats that still exist.

FCD 624: The Systems Union regains a limited amount of technology. Over the next few centuries, the old conflicts between Church and State occur and the various colonies are rediscovered or founded on habitable planets.

FCD 905: The Aldernon Drive is created to serve as a replacement for the Alcuiberre drive. The Aldernon drive is inefficient and is slower than the Alcuiberre drive. Travel time with the advanced version of the Alcuiberre drive would take a day for a distance of five light years. The Aldernon drive takes two weeks.

FCD 1000: The Systems Union, every year, sends an exploration vessel to reconnect with Earth. Over the years, the vessels are never seen or heard from again.

FCD 1598: The centuries-old colonies of the region in the Cluster known as the Greadion sector begin grumbling against the Systems Union, seeing it as oppressive. After tensions rise with several atrocities committed by pro-Cluster and pro-System Union sides, the Frontier Confederated Alliance is formed by a group of seventeen systems. The heroes of that new nation include the FCA Navy's first Commander in Chief Jackson P. Harper, a former pirate who enlisted the help of old pirate friends for the FCA Navy. The semi-mythical Wolf-Mother Lupa-445 appears during this time, founding the Wolfpack Brigades, the FCA Frontier Guard's special operations and military exploration branch. The Frontier Rite and various independent systems recognize the FCA's independence with reluctance from the Union.

FCD 1785: An FCA expedition rediscovers the lost data library of Schola in the God's Eye system. The Systems Union claims it in competition to the FCA. The two factions' negotiations break down into the God's Eye war for control of the system and adjacent systems. The war ends after ten years of fighting with deaths in the hundreds of thousands to millions. Both sides agree to joint custody of the station

FCD 2025: among the tattered remains of data from before the cataclysmic war between man and alien, Systems Union researchers discover a corrupted map of the Cluster.

FCD 2040: The Systems Union discovers evidence that the FCA is expanding into old Ana'halesh space, though there is no evidence of alien habitation in those systems already colonized. The Union demands that the FCA withdraw its colonists. The FCA adamantly refuses. A year later, the FCA, under a pretence to prevent another human-alien war invades the FCA.

2041- Present: the Third Cluster War occurs.