In one of the large Classrooms of Oak Hills University as where Samuel Alex Grimshaw is sitting on the desks, surrounded by other twenty to twenty-five-year-old students listening and taking notes to the Professor who stands on a stage like a platform lecturing to the class about the Meta-Universe.

"So the Multiverse, we all heard of it, we should I know it. So, What is it?" the Professor asked the class. On the students below the slope of the room raised his hand, the Professor raised his hand out to the Student. The Student puts his hand down.

"It something from Sci-fi TV Shows and Movies uses." The Student replied.

"Well yes, that is correct for a reply from a high schooler." The Professor said. "But this College, and answer like that will give you nowhere."

"The Multiverse is a theoretical concept which believes that there could be more than one universe outside from the main," Samuel said unenthusiastic voice as his head rested against his hand as using his arm for support.

"Thank you, Sam, next time raise your hand." The Professor said as he adjusted his round spectacles that is resting on his nose, suddenly the bells rings which immediately all the Students including sam began to gather their things, getting up from their seats and leaving out of the classroom.

It is the end of the School day, Samuel sitting on the edge of a large water fountain looking his smartphone looking through social media, Twitter then Facebook, then he turns off his phone and let out a sigh.

"Do you have a moment?" A Voice asked that came from the Left of Samuel, he turned his head to the direction of where the voice came from to only see the Professor.

"Oh Professor Wolsey, um sure you can," Samuel said as he scoots to the right a bit but he knew it won't be necessary, Wolsey sits next to him about three feet away, he folded his hands together.

"You seem to be out of it today, Sam." He said Samuel inhale then exhale.

"It was just one of those days. I swear they should call it the Monday Effect." Samuel said. "Trademark, you can't steal it now."

Wolsey began to chuckle softly. "This is why you're my favorite Student, always know how to make me smile, but I know what you mean, the Effect you called it and Trademarked it." Samuel began to grin softly. "Been taking a toll on me like every day, but you have three days to yourself, use it, I think you deserve it."

Samuel meets his eyes with Wolsey's. "Thank you, Professor."

"Please, just call me Wolsey." He said.