Bound to You

There are fleeting moments

Where your presence takes hold,

My mind becomes a palace of dreams

And I find you in every corner,

See you through every window,

Hear your dulcet tones whispering

For me to join with you again.


Yet, these visions are mist upon awakening;

Dissipate as smoke from every crevice of my conscious.

Pale fingers reaching out,

Chasing their latest echoes,

Not willing to part from their imprint.


Nothing I do ties them to me,

For you see, you are that smoke,

That fickle, wispy thing

That crawls into my bed at night

To breathlessly leak into my bones,

Pulling and pushing me past all knowing

And then gone till there is nothing more.


It gently fades for a day, a month,

The minutes and hours ticking on by,

With me none the wiser

To the chains still tethering us together;

Our existence merely a dance

We no longer know the steps to.


I tell myself over and over again

To let you go,

To finally break these damned chains

And leave your memory to ash,

To no longer haunt my waking

And finally know true rest.


Still, it lingers,

An ache that never leaves, never dies.

Hoping there will come a day

When I am strong enough

To resist and belong only to myself.