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Speech Format

English: "Meridian Lights."

Tagalog: "Meridian Lights."

Japanese: "Meridian Lights."

Inner Thoughts: Meridian Lights






The morning light softly filtered through the thin white curtains, travelling the expanse of the room before hitting the occupants of the bed.

Gradually, my eyelashes flickered as the light blinded me for a second, furrowing my brows, I reluctantly woke up from my slumber. I vaguely heard the chirping of the birds as the outside world slowly came back to life.

I stretched on the bed before turning around to my other side so as to avoid the yellowish glare from the sun. I blinked a few times to rid myself of the haziness of my vision, only to be greeted with such a sight.

And what a vision it was.

The corner of my lips involuntary lifted up in a soft smile.

Lifting my hand from beneath the blankets, I hesitated at first, before gently touching the face of the man beside me.

Gradually, I traced the outline of his features. From his defined eyebrows, down to his thin, sharp nose, before finally reaching the outline of those lips.

Lips that had slowly moved into a smile and kissed the fingers touching it.

"Sorry. Did I wake you?" I softly whispered, sheepishly.

With eyes still closed, albeit still smiling sleepily, his deceptively thin but strong arms wrapped around my waist before bringing me against him.

Warmth enveloped me, both inside and out, as he hugged me close to him.

Blushing, I smiled shyly before burrowing my face against his chest, calming down as I heard the steadiness of his heart.

Even after all these years, he still had the ability to give me such a warm and fuzzy feeling, making me giddy like a teenager.

We had been through a lot. Honestly, which couple didn't?

Through the ups and the downs.

Through the greatness and the sadness.

Through the scandals of our world.

Through my idiocy and blindness.

Yet, he didn't let go.

He never did.

I understood that now.

I understood it the moment that he laid down his side and forced me to see.

Even if I stayed away from him, he just kept on charging through my walls and decimating them. And yes, I still kicked myself for being blind for so long.

I honestly didn't know what I did in my past life in order to deserve this fine specimen of a man.

My funny, kind, loving, and loyal husband.

"You're noisy," he mumbled with his eyes still closed, stroking my head gently as he held me securely in his arms.

"What? I didn't say anything." I looked up from my position.

"You're overthinking again," he replied, slowly opening his eyes and finally looking at me. His English had become better throughout the years, there was still an accent, but I admittedly found that sexy. And he knows it.

A faint blush dusted my cheeks at his words. I didn't have a reply for that. I looked down again and laid my head on his chest.

His hand caressed my cheek before moving my face, making me look at him.

He just smiled at me in that lazy manner. His hair was messed up from sleep making him all the more attractive.

Suddenly, he turned our bodies around and climbed over me, effectively trapping me underneath that delicious body of his.

"The kids," I protested, weakly might I add, as my hands entangled through his hair as his lips sucked that sweet junction on my neck. A shiver ran down my spine.

"Still asleep," he answered shortly. He gave my neck one last peck before gradually planting light kisses behind my ear, to my chin, across my cheeks, on my nose, before giving me a sweet kiss on my lips.

"Kai," I breathed out.

"Yes?" He leaned his forehead against mine.

"Thank you." I pulled away and looked at those expressive eyes of his, trying to convey my love and sincerity. "For not giving up on me."

I placed my hand against his cheek as my vision blurred from the tears I refused to let go.

He stared at me for a moment, his gaze softening, before leaning down.


He gave me another kiss that took my breath away. He let his passions known as the soft morning light bathed our entangled forms.


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